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The Transformation of Snow White


Once upon a time, in a city where the individual was long forgotten and only the mass had appeal, there lived a girl who was a stranger in this world. She arrived to this city unaware of what would become of her, what she would eventually turn into. Sweet and innocent at the time, she enjoyed all the city lights and rare trees she could find, making friends with all creatures except one gigantic fat cat named Kitty.


Her name was Snow White, for it described her untouched soul, pure as the name would entail. 

She lived in a house that was guarded by a green wall, mesh like instead of leaf like. It's age clearly showed as it's steeple slightly leaned to the side at the tip top, but as old as the house was, the greater the character it held within it's walls. And what great way for Snow White to find some refuge in this strange world.


Sadly though, as Snow White came to be in this metal forest longer and longer, it slowly ate at her, tearing her soul into something much more darker.


Poor Snow White, she tried to fight it so well, as she was quite strong. But not strong enough to resist the change that naturally occurred in her, that was triggered when her heart was shattered a few years before she moved to the new land. Unknowing of this change inside herself, Snow White slowly changed.....


Until one day she was no longer interested in the creatures....


.......but other topics. Starting with the realization of self.


The darkness took over her, turning her evil and her heart black, thus leading to a drastic name change, Her Darkness.

It started subtly, only in appearance, not in dress. But when the realization of self introduced itself into the picture, the appearance in attire also changed.....drastically. No longer the innocent, Snow White was now part of the metal forest, part of the city. Her appearance completely changed, the transformation of mind began immediately.


And overnight, Snow White was gone....turned into someone more sultry, quick of mind, darker, sharper and sexier. 


With one look back, and only one, Snow White said goodbye...forever.


And as time progressed.....


.....she grew more and more black hearted, the evil scorching her, burning her, taking over so all she new was the evil.




Many years passed, many generations came and went, but because of the evil, Her Darkness remained. Changing looks every generation or so to remain unseen in the crowd, Her Darkness blended in with the times, taking her victims selectively and practicing her ways secretly.


"Come hither, come hither, oh tortured soul. Let me relieve you of your pain, release you from what it is to which you are bound. Close your eyes now and allow me to take it all away. Your pulse is slowing now, your eyes are heavy, your breath is slow, while mine is rapidly increasing." Without notice, Her Darkness overcomes the man, at the last moment revealing her true side.


Her Darkness was always clever with words, soothing her victim into a state of calmness, before taking what she wanted, whether it be blood or lust, either way it fed her power.

Her victims were never missed, they being lost souls before she took them. Her Darkness would never take a victim that still held the light in their souls, for that was her one soft spot. She still remembered the days when she used to be that way, to have the light in her. 

Alas, her one soft spot would end up being her undoing. 


When he finally appeared in her life, she was immediately attracted to him. A new feature was introduced to her black heart....fear. To take him as hers, she would ruin his soul, extinguish his light. Could she do that? The evil was overwhelmingly saying yes inside, but still, there was a fragment of Snow White still remaining, and it sparked to life brightly as she fought the evil. Her Darkness fought within herself, going between leaving him behind to spare his soul, or to take him as hers to satisfy her want for him.

He knew of her, but not of her true nature. Could she risk it? Could she risk having him and leaving him behind in the same motion? Or would it destroy her? Shatter her heart for a second time, thus it being her undoing.

She had made her decision.

Her Darkness lured her prey into the trap one fateful night. Letting her desire get the best of her, the witch inside came out unexpectedly, and at the most unopportune time as well....


She hadn't meant for the evil to come out. It was an accident. It had not been Her Darkness's intention to strike. 

It was however her unexpected end. With the lashing out at her love, she destroyed herself, as well as her love, and died of not a shattered heart, but a broken one. One that was unrepairable.

And so, the victims ceased. The evilness crept back into the shadows, looking for it's next innocent to turn. Her Darkness's body turned blue from the cold, no longer having blood rush through it. She was forgotten by the evil, as there were no others to speak of who would remember her.

Her body finally lay in rest, and so comes the end of the transformation of Snow White.


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2009-03-12 [smakeupfx]: an interesting take on the story :D

2009-03-12 [Skydancer]: Nicely illustrated. And the shots at a distance are really quite good too. Better and better as you practice. :)

2009-03-12 [Cillamoon]: YAY!!! Thank you Tim!! You know I'm trying :)

2009-03-12 [Cillamoon]: I wish this was mother approved so I could put it on myspace!! Grrrrr........She would kill me, for sure. lol

2009-04-27 [dimond_babe]: very interesting i have to say. i really like it

2009-04-27 [Cillamoon]: Thanks!:)

2009-04-27 [dimond_babe]: no prob so were did you come up with the idea

2009-04-27 [Cillamoon]: Well it started with I wanted to enter the ECM Witch Photo contest, so I started with witch pictures. The first batch sucked really bad, I look like Samantha from Bewitched, and I really wanted to do something that was NOT innocent. So I did a second batch of witch pictures...turned out a bit better. Then I thought, why not make it into a picture story!  Viola! I really like it, and I wrote it all off the top of my head one morning as I was making the wiki. Very spontaneous. lol

2009-04-27 [dimond_babe]: very nice. you are so photogenic

2009-05-21 [hcxz]: Is that the old--now dead-- French Cafe in Montebello???


2009-05-21 [Cillamoon]: Actually it's a house in Beverly Hills that they are going to tear down, a huge shame if you ask me. You aren't the only one who lives in the LA area :D

2009-05-21 [hcxz]: Ah, it looks JUST like this old French Cafe in montebello that they tore down last year.

Ah ;) I go to Beverly hills every now and then, I can't afford water there....hahahaha Thought I'd throw in a stereotypical pun for good, or bad measure. LA is interesting, yet disgusting, ill message you my thoughts on it if you're interested.


2009-05-21 [Cillamoon]: Lol, I like the pun. I can't afford a single thing there either, but I do live in Westwood. :) Msg me your thoughts...

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