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Clyde Shelton



Gender: Male

Age: 37

Private Investigator

Clyde stands 6'1" and has brown eyes.

Little is known about Clyde before a woman came into his life. It can be assumed that he was just your average joe until the love of his life was brutally raped and murdered. That court case wasn't any different from many others. The suspect was a teenager of seventeen and the prosecution had little in the way of evidence that wasn't tainted. Clyde fought for justice but the young Charles Phillips was given a plea deal. He was given eighteen months in a juvenile corrections facility and twenty four months probation.

But less than two days after Charles was released from the juvenile corrections facility he was found dead in a warehouse. Clyde had murdered the young man, it was clear to everybody from the outside looking in, it had to be. He owned the warehouse, his whereabouts were unaccounted for at the time of the crime, and he had motive, no jury could possibly find him innocent. Clyde was arrested and so began a trial nearly as publicized as the Casey Anthony case of 2011.

When he made his first appearance before a judge, he dismissed his public defender and opted to represent himself in court. To everyone's shock, Clyde was not denied bail, even though he was a flight risk. As he clearly pointed out before the judge set bail, all evidence in the case thus far was circumstantial and reminded the judge that it would be horrible if he had to sue the state for failure to abide his rights. In the end, Clyde walked a free man, but not before it was revealed that all thirteen jurors of the case The People vs Charles Phillips had died under mysterious circumstances over the course of Charles's prison sentence. It was at that point in time that the judge presiding over Clyde's case had presided over Charles's case as well. Clyde's only closing statements to the court room were directed only to the judge: “Very soon, the whole corrupt, diseased temple is going to come crashing down onto your head. It's going to be fucking biblical.”

After that, Clyde became a private investigator with the specialty of investigating violent crimes. He wanted to help make sure what happened with the trial of his fiance's murderer didn't happen to others. He has become very successful in his business but what few know is that from the clients he helped through his business he began to build the True Life church. He preached a better life, where the law enforcement and legal systems were not corrupt and lazy and vowed to make that True Life a reality.

Over time though, he withdrew from the church, choosing a mysterious figure called the Plague Doctor as his successor and choosing to run things from the background, focusing most of his efforts on his work and his own agendas.


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