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2005-05-04 07:02:16
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Hello and welcome to our castle.
This land is ruled by two sisters princess [~Altopia~] and princess [farawaygone] We welcome all who wish to partake in a mystical adventure. Just say what role you would like to have in this wiki and we will see what we can do.

The youngest princess on the right. Enjoys playing music, singing and warking through the gardens

The princess on the left. She is a very tallented artist and enjoys painting drawing and playing the piano.

[Sand Dragon of the East]
princess starflyy's knight his nickname is sirquackalot and he a very loyal and brave knight indeed.

Well he is just who he is a really nice guy who always has the time to talk to me...

[Iron Horse]
A white knight who protects the castle from attack.. also is part magician and can cast white healing spells.

[studwillie] The royal magician, he can to incredible magic spells... and can see the future.

Altopia's Kirby Knight.

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2005-05-10 [~Altopia~]: Good Idea...

2005-05-10 [farawaygone]: Yay what are you going to buy?

2005-06-14 [Fuck_off123]: Are you guys awake?

2005-06-15 [farawaygone]: yes hairybob hello

2005-06-15 [~Altopia~]: I'm going to buy a scarf!

2005-06-15 [Fuck_off123]: Im going to buy some greek beer, lol

2005-06-16 [farawaygone]: ewww greek beer sounds good.

2005-06-16 [~Altopia~]: No beer...Only scarfs! *grabs bobs hand and his wallet*...Come on Starflyy lets goooo!

2005-06-16 [farawaygone]: ohh yay shopping with bobs money. *evil grin*

2005-06-16 [Fuck_off123]: lol...and what product or service do i get in return?

2005-06-17 [~Altopia~]: Hmmm...lets see....I know...You can get the satisfaction of making 2 young pretty princesses smile:)

2005-06-17 [Fuck_off123]: ill hold for a better deal, lol

2005-06-18 [~Altopia~]: :(

2005-06-18 [Fuck_off123]: awww, but i cant refuse those eyes

2005-06-19 [~Altopia~]: *gives bob a kiss* (early installment) Lets go shopping!

2005-06-19 [Fuck_off123]: just as long as you promise to not to go 100 yards out of your way to feel something you'd never

2005-06-20 [~Altopia~]: Ok...50 yard cut off!*grins* Lets go [farawaygone]*

2005-06-20 [farawaygone]: Yay I need to buy an new hat for winter and a scarf and a cup of coffee and a cake and a dress and a skirt and a pair of jeans and a winter coat and some sexy underwear and some new shoes and some chocolate and some new makeup and some new clothes for josh and some new pens and pencils and a new sketch book and a new bike and a new stroller and a new cd player and a new x box and a new computer and a new drawing program and new hotplate covers for the stove and new table cloths and bed linen and fluffy towels and cds and dvd's and washing basket and bedside lamp and winter boots and more fish for my fish tank and I think thats about all i need today bob. I will have a new list tomorrow :)

2005-06-20 [~Altopia~]: I would like a scarf...And possibly a lat'e?

2005-06-21 [farawaygone]: mmmmm scarf opps I mean lat'e

2005-06-21 [~Altopia~]: hee,hee..Oh sis..You really need that late'

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