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The Tower of Seletar

The Hall of Seletar]

 As you enter this large room you spot a large table that has a map of the surrounding area on it, the room also has many weapons hung on the wall, the room has an area for practice in combat as well.
There is a sign hanging on the wall that says "To speak of combat training speak to Roke."

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2007-02-15 [Silver Moon]: "No go a head." He leads her to the hall, going toward the library.

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *looks around the room* "Very nice, I don't recall every seeing such a collection of weapons before." *notices the sign* "I may have to speak to this ROke about training with some of them."

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: "Maybe..." *Unlocks a cabinet and pulls out a scroll carefully. He unrolls it and lays it on the table.*

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *looks at the scroll, not noticing anything spectcualr about it* "This is the treaty? Doesn't look like any other treaty I've ever seen before."

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: "Any other proof you can think of?"

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *continues studying the scroll* No, no, it's not that I don't believe you, it's just there's something...odd...about it, but I can't quite tell what.

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: "it's missing his signature.They were taking it to get his signature when they were ambushed."

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *relaxes* "I see. This is all the proof I need. I will be glad to join your cause.

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: "Thank you." *carefully rolls up and puts the scroll up* "You well need to speak with lady Sestera though, but right now she is still recovering."

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: "That's alright, I know how to have fun 'till then. I suppose you guys have some kind of training ground around here? I'd like to practice my "skills." *smiles mischieviously*

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: *Laughs* On the grounds, watch out for Berkler he might challenge ya, he has been missing his kin and your the first in over a year."

2007-05-02 [Breenn]: *laughs* I doubt he's seen my skills in particular. Have a good day Alaverian. I can find my way to the grounds on my own. *holds out his hand*

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: *Shakes his hand smiling* "I better go back to work take care"

2007-05-02 [Silver Moon]: ***********************************************************

2007-11-13 [Fearathress]: K'htressa entered looking around.

2007-11-13 [Silver Moon]: *weapons lined the walls and there was a wide array of them to choose from*

2007-11-13 [Fearathress]: K'htressa takes a short sword and a bow wtih a quiver. 

Lenwe walks in and looks around the room for a sword with his new goddess symbol on it.

2007-11-13 [Silver Moon]: *Lenwe spots one that seems to hold a light glow about it*

2007-11-13 [Fearathress]: Lenwe quickly walks over to it and pulls it down.

2007-11-13 [Silver Moon]: A flash of light swirled around him and he felt calm and stronger

2007-11-13 [Fearathress]: Lenwe smiled and walked over to K'htressa. "I am already my dear. Let us go."

K'htressa nodded and walked out followed by lenwe.

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