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The Gifted Youth of Johnsonsville's Whimsical Academy

No, there is no set thing for what those "mysterious happenings" are... But each character experiences/witnesses one! No matter how far apart they seem... These acts are all linked. Whether it's fantasy magic, sci-fi experiments, mysterious murders, bizarre plagues, or time rifts, someone is behind it all... Or maybe, something...

More than one character may experience the same "mysterious happening", and you can use any of the above samples as well as your own ideas... Be creative!

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Onward to J.W.A.G.Y. - Pronounced "Jay-Woggy", it's the beloved abbreviation for the school, AND official roleplay page.

Username: [Elodicressida]
Character name: Yentelmithar Antumi, although she’s been trying to find a scrap of her name to use as a suitable nickname for a while.
Age/Gender: 14, Female
Physical/Visual Description: Yenar has straight pale brown hair that ends just above her shoulders that she wears either in a ponytail or just down. She got it cut a number of months ago, and misses having it in braids, which are handy but just don’t work with the current length of her hair. Yentel also has gray-blue eyes behind oval glasses. Overall, she has a sort of not-here look, even when she is paying attention.
Mental/History Description: Mithar went to elementary school, and then home schooled through middle school, during which period her family moved away and then back so she could go to Johnsonville Whimisical Youth Academy (That isn’t right. I know that isn’t right. Garlic breath! It isn’t right…) Telar was reluctant to move back, as she had made a lot of friends in their second location, and is rather sullen about Johnsonville in general, which make her withdraw more into her thoughts, which makes her zone out more, which etc.
Telmith (do you see what I mean about the nicknames yet?) is very foggy mentally; she kind of looks at something and zones out thinking without even realizing it. Despite this, she is very intelligent, and particularly loves finding out how things work. For example: the first time she learned about Moebius strips she collapsed laughing in delight.
Mysterious Happening: Recently, when Telar has been zoning out she has found herself sort of inside a dark orb. This quite delights her, because she is able to do anything she likes inside; it’s sort of a mental workshop. Sort of. Does anyone here read Diane Duane's books?
Other: Seeing as [Elodicressida] is currently busy spinning and whee-ing (something about leaving something blank...) the response to this query will, at least for now, have to be: blank.
<img0*200:> Portrait by [~Ini~] (Click for Full-Size)

Username: [KnightAngel]
Character name: D'aron Mirshann
Age/Gender: 17/Male
Physical/Visual Description: Born slim but yet with a muscular hint, shoulderlong ravenblack hair, occationly seen with glasses but mostly when he is to read for hours, otherwise normally wearing a long thin leatherjacket a dark purple t-shirt with a tribalmark on the front, regular blue jeans and white sneakers, always seen with a golden necklace with a "thule-man" dangling from it.
Mental/History Description: A rather layed back boy with considerably high intellegence, has missed school some time back due to claimed vacation with his father, otherwise not much is known about D'aron due to his liking for beeing secretive.
Mysterious Happening: Have on occations had experienced things flying around and chairs and tables moving around when he was in a room if he has been emotionly overworked.
Other: Will be added later.

Username: [kay-chan]
Character name: Jayne Smythe
Age/Gender: 17/female
Physical/Visual Description: Originally, she was a cute little Asian girl with bangs that went to about an inch below her chin, while the rest of her hair was only a few inches long, swept back with a bit of gel. However, with her condition, her appearance keeps changing, and she doesn't have a solid physical description, although her original look reappears someone often. To make sure people know who she is, Jayne continuously wears a black-and-white striped headband, although she still has to repeat "I'm Jayne" more than once.
Mental/History Description: Her 'ability' wasn't triggered until she started getting serious allergies. For about three months now, she's been having one major identity crisis after another. Thus, she is quite cynical, and was a little apprehensive about going to the new Johnsonsville's Academy. She had to leave behind a lot of good friends, and none of them know about her 'condition'-she only talks with them through the internet, due to the fact that her voice changes a lot, too.
Mysterious Happening: Whenever she sneezes, and it has to be one of her allergy sneezes, she changes appearance. It's been going on since the end of the last school year, initiating the sudden transfer to this school. She's usually the same level of attractiveness as her original form, but everything else has changes-weight, height, eye color/shape, hair... It makes buying clothes a bitch. She wears a lot of loose clothing.
Other: She's not very good at being sneaky, which makes her gift less useful. She also knows how to speak Japanese, although she prefers English-it was her first language. (Shall draw... a collage of pictures... later.)

Character name:Mayrie June
Physical/Visual Description:She is very slim and tall. She has thin, long legs (not bangly, you know), and a thin, long face. Her cheeks are somewhat sunken, but she is very, shall we say, beautiful? She has blackish-purpleish hair that goes down to about the end of her soulder blades. It is very well-kept and shiny. She always wears cute-but-different stuff. She's kind of an outsider, which would explain her lack of friends.
Mental/History Description:She has an okay history. Her parents are still together, and she has 3 siblings. She has been screaming for "no reason" latley, which is why she came to the academy.
Mysterious Happening:She has been seeing whirls of wind, just, anywhere. She'll be walking down the street, and WHOOSH! The wind usually turns into a large, looming face, contorted in pain. Which would be the reason of the screaming.
Other:Ehh...I shall update it when she has matured.

Username: [muffin_killer]
Character name: George Perkins
Age/Gender: 17/male
Physical/Visual Description: George has shaggy dark brown hair that gets in his eyes all the time (he hates getting it cut though. Hates it with a passion). He has brown soulful eyes and prominent cheek bones. The boy's nearly six foot tall and is pretty skinny. Usually wears black boots, jeans and a snug tee.
Mental/History Description: He's quiet, introverted and socially awkward who'd rather not be the center of attention. Although, given the right person and right circomstances, he could talk your ear off. His life was pretty normal. He lived with his working class parents and his three older siblings.
Mysterious Happening: In uncontrollable spurts, George can read people's minds. He managed to hide it for a while by just pretending to be really observent, but eventually he slipped up and he ended up here.
Other: George is an aspiring musician who plays the guitar.

Username: [Elodicressida]
Character name: Lorenzo Seer
Age/Gender: 15, male
Physical/Visual Description: Well, this bleeds a bit into history, but anyway:

Lorenzo's grandfather was from Italy; Lorenzo is named after him. He came to Johnsonville when he married a girl from there, who had mysterious happenings and ended up teaching. Lorenzo's father married an exchange student (also with mysterious happenings) from yet another country, so Lorenzo is only a quarter Italian, but it must be a strong quarter because he looks very distinctly Italian.

Lorenzo's father, who inherited his mother's mysterious tendency to see things in reflective surfaces, graduated from j.w.a.g.y. and ditched his Italian surname for the more power-appropriate Seer. Lorenzo would rather have the Italian surname.

Mental/History Description: Lorenzo has lived in Johnsonville all his life. He is a pretty average kid, aside from his Blinkings (see Mysterious Happenings), and was having a great time at a regular high school until they showed up. Despite his determination to like the Academy, he still resents the Blinkings for making him switch schools, and since they scare him as well, he's grown to hate the Blinkings and is hoping the Academy will get rid of them.

Mysterious Happening: Lately, creatures have been popping in and out of existence around Lorenzo. Having an analytical sort of mind, he was able to deduce they were not hallucinations, or rather, they were not limited to him, as others saw them as well. They were not merely illusions, as sometimes they touched him. They were reptilian, and frequently appeared in midair. Their sizes and shapes varied, and once there might have been one the size of a truck, although that one blinked in and out more quickly than the others. The Blinkings, as he calls them, started last year in the spring semester of his sophomore year. For a while he didn't say anything, because they may have been hallucinations, but once he realized they were not and spoke up, his father (a graduate of the Academy with Mysterious Happenings related to sight) enrolled him at the Academy, which he has decided to look forward to. Unfortunately, the delay meant he had to start at the Academy in his Junior year, and over the summer the Blinkings started sticking around longer.

Other: He hates the Blinkings, even if recently, when they started sticking around more, he’s gotten attached to the creatures. He hates that they are, but he likes them.

Username: [Elodicressida]
Character name: Derek Smith
Age/Gender: 16/Male
Physical/Visual Description: Let's see. Derek is tall and sturdily built, muscular etc. (pooh.) He has thick, short blonde hair and blue eyes. Beyond that, and possibly interfering with it, let us give him a stereotypical jock look.
Mental/History Description: Derek is the stereotypical Tough Guy. Etc. He comes from a line of people with various Mysterious Happenings, and so was very eager for his to show up, as it would make him even cooler and tougher than he is/was now. His family has a record of being popular kids with cool Mysterious Happenings: his mom can change appearances and his dad can control metal. His sister can fly, and his various aunts, uncles, and grandparents mostly have things like that as well, which make life very cool. Derek is, was, and always will be cool.
Then his Mysterious Happening showed up.
Mysterious Happening: He has cleaning magic.
Derek can clean anything by glaring at it, snapping, focusing, etc. He can put things back together. With quite a bit more effort, he could, say, hit someone with a broom or dump soapy water (with a bit of lemon juice to make it smell better... ooh, wizards...) over them, but it takes a lot of energy.

Username: [The Femme Fatale Problem]

Character name: Lotti Dorian

Age/Gender: 17/ Female

Physical/Visual Description: Long, wavy auburn hair that rests along her ribs. Her facial features are pixie-esque and her eyes are royal blue. Lotti's build is average, not skinny but she would not be considered obese. The fashion stylings of Lotti would best be described as "college bohemian," constituting mostly of jeans, shirts, sneakers, jackets and scarves. In fact, Lotti is NEVER seen without a scarf, and has a wide variety of them kept in her closet.

Mental/History Description: Lotti’s not really crazy, but she does have visions…in spilt objects. If someone spills their drink, or drops whatever their carrying, Lotti can see visions of the future in the mess. Lotti discovered this when her dog used to knock things over with his tail. Her dog, Tangles, has long since been dead, but she still claims that he is always trying to warn her of things to come She can see everything, but she cannot tell everything she saw. If Lotti sees something life-altering or horribly tragic, her mind becomes blank and she forgets where she is, and why she’s even there in the first place. Also, she forgets who the person is that she is talking to, and meets them for the “first time.” However, if the person is near and dear to her (family or close friend) her mind has residual memories, and she knows who the person is, but is unsure of how she knows him or her. Despite this idiosyncrasy, Lotti is a rather cheery individual who speaks to just about anyone, and is very aware of these memory lapses. Her parents brought here to J.W.A.G.Y. in hopes that the people here could help her with her memory problems.

Mysterious Happening: Lately, her memory keeps getting wiped clean, and she will find herself in rooms with no idea of how she got there or why she’s even there in the first place. This has an increasing occurrence, and to get to the root of the situation, Lotti goes around and knocks things over on purpose to see if Tangles may help her (though to others, she just looks like some sort of insane person shoving things over).

Other: Many times, Lotti claims she can see Tangles’ tail wagging in the peripherals of her sight.

Character name:Kita Shell
Age/Gender: 15/female
Physical/Visual Description: Kita is a rather ordinary looking teenage girl. She is pretty, but not ususually so. Her hair is short and round, just covering her ears and draped across her forehead. It usualy appears to be some strange color or even multiple colors, but that depends on her mood. Her clothes are also very colorful and slightly eccentric. She loves wearing crazy things and acts it too. She will often sit in what appears to be an extremely ackward pose. She practically defines 'whimsical.'
Mental/History Description: Kita was raised by her two parents, who were as eccentric as she. Unfortunatly, on one of their many voyages there was a mysterious accident and Kita's parents vanished, she was left without any memories. This happened when she was about 9 years old. Since than she lived with heer lonely uncle in his castle. He barely new of her existance untill her "happening" stated to make itself evident. He realized he could not handle a teenage girl so he shipped her off to the academy. She is the first in her family sent here, though her famliy does have a history of mysterious odities. 
Mysterious Happening: All her life, Kita has been an artist. A terrible artist. When she turned twelve she suddenly found that she could create all the images she imagened perfectly on whatever mediums she chose. At first she simply thought she had discovered her artistic talent, she soon realized she did not need paints to color a canvas and could even change the color of her own hair. Soon she started changeing the appearances of all kinds of things around here home. She only needs to have physical contact with somehting to alter it. she greatly enjoys 'touching up' things, but it tires her very quickly.
Other: Kita enjoys solitude as much as being with people- she is very flexible.

Username: [Lin-tastic]
Character name: Christy Chastity Chleo
Age/Gender: 14/Female
Physical/Visual Description:
Mental/History Description: Christy has run away from home because she thought her parents were plotting against her...if there would've been an investigation, anyone would've found that her parents planned to put her up for adoption, hence the 'planning against her' detail. She's uses all three of her names as her first name. She finds herself thinking of each name with a seperate personality. She has a hyper-active brain pattern which moves almost too fast for her body to follow. She enjoys working on computers mostly because they help calm her. She just recently transferred to the school because the 'doctors' said she had a mental illness. They described it as ADHD at its worst.
Mysterious Happening: Christy had found herself inside a cell on many occasions. She found then, that she could basically talk with computers. She could also become part of one if the computer was willing. So far, she couldn't find a willing computer.
Other: Christy always wanted a virtual pet.

Username:[..:TwIStEd* *EsCApE:..]
Character name:Nailah Gladiga
Physical/Visual Description: Nailah has the dark skin of an African but vividly ice blue eyes and a beautifully structured face. People in her village used to think she was a witch because of her eyes. She is tall and slender with long legs made for running which she loves to do. Usually she wears simple flowing clothes made out of a thin material but since she moved here she tends to wear more 'american' clothes. Clothes she would wear at school are faded jeans and a tanktop with a sweater over it. Her wavy dark hair is long, reaching down to her back. Most times it's up in a ponytail but sometimes it's down.
Mental/History Description:The people in her village used to call her a witch. Finding solitude in being with animals she spent most of her time with them until her parents became worried. Eventually this led her parents to decide to move and so they came here to this town. Ever since then she has missed her animals dearly and felt alone. Then her parents sent her to the school so they wouldn't have to deal with her.
Mysterious Happening: She found out after a spending a lot of time with animals that she could speak to them and take on their form if she touched them.

Username: [Figgy]
Character name: Keira Sesano
Age/Gender: 17/Female
Physical/Visual Description: Keira stands close to 6 feet, with straight white hair reaching just past her underarms. She's very slender, and quite pretty, with a perfect tone of fair skin. Her eyes, being opposite to the norm, are seen as a black iris with a white pupil. Keira is accustomed to wearing a shoulderless sweater, with a short and provocative miniskirt, legwarmers, and a pair of Converse tennis shoes to match. She likes eyeliner.
Mental/History Description: Keira and her twin brother, Kade, grew up living in the home of their loving, caring, and completely understanding adoptive parents. They never ceased to live a day without someone saying, "Hey, look at the Yin Yang twins!", or, "Demons!!" being hissed in their faces. They were shunned, to say the least. They couldn't progress in school, because their teachers consistantly refused to let them learn. Once or twice a months, people would form a mob outside their home, and threaten their lives if they didn't move. The siblings, tired of moving and afraid for their parents' safety, decided they would leave the town and attend a school where they would be accepted. They moved their elderly parents to a place close to the Whimsical Academy so that they might see them more often. They have been attending the strange school for nearly three years.
Mysterious Happening: Keira, at random moment, will find her own hands burning or heating things on contact, or even lighting a dark room. Her brother experiences the opposite.
Other: Keira and her brother are both very shy, almost depressive-like. But they really are happy people. They love each other lots. The twins also cannot hurt each other with their powers, but it's possible for them to harm others. Both are afraid to become involved in serious relationships, for fear of harming a loved one.

Username: [Figgy]
Character name: Kade Sesano
Age/Gender: 17/Female
Physical/Visual Description: Kade stands slightly under 6 feet, a small bit shorter than his twin sister, with "emo"-like black hair, swept across his forehead and hiding his right eye. Much like his sister, Kade is pretty, very much so for a boy, wearing the same facial features and skin color. Kade's eyes are the exact opposite of Keira's: Black pupils, white irises, and the normally whites of his eyes are black. Kade dresses in the "punk/emo" fashion as well. He takes a liking to wearing tight girl t-shirts, thick bracelets, tight pants decorated with chains. He also wears a pair of plain converse with each outfit. He likes eyeliner, too.
Mental/History Description: Kade and his twin sister, Keira, grew up living in the home of their loving, caring, and completely understanding adoptive parents. They never ceased to live a day without someone saying, "Hey, look at the Yin Yang twins!", or, "Demons!!" being hissed in their faces. They were shunned, to say the least. They couldn't progress in school, because their teachers consistantly refused to let them learn. Once or twice a months, people would form a mob outside their home, and threaten their lives if they didn't move. The siblings, tired of moving and afraid for their parents' safety, decided they would leave the town and attend a school where they would be accepted. They moved their elderly parents to a place close to the Whimsical Academy so that they might see them more often. They have been attending the strange school for nearly three years.
Mysterious Happening: Kade, at random moments, will find his own hands freezing or breaking things on contact, or even darkening a lit up room. His sister experiences the opposite.
Other: Kade and his sister are both very shy, almost depressive-like. But they really are happy people. They love each other lots. The twins also cannot hurt each other with their powers, but it's possible for them to harm others. Both are afraid to become involved in serious relationships, for fear of harming a loved one.

<img0*250:> By [Figgy]

Staff of the school and other people over twenty:

Username: [kay-chan]
Character name: Ms. Talnez
Age/Gender: A lady never reveals her age.
Physical/Visual Description: Her black hair is pulled up in a severe bun that rests high on the back of her head. She has almond-shaped brown eyes that set off her dark skin quite nicely. Ms. Talnez was pretty, once, but age hasn’t exactly been kind. She looks about ten years older than she actually is. Ms. Talnez always has a very strict look on her face and carries herself quite gracefully.
Mental/History Description: Ms. Talnez came to work at the academy by a special request from the principle. She had met the principle while she was still living in the Carribean, as a sort of pseudo-healer, casting spells in her free time. She’s very strict around those who have magic but don’t know how to use it, as that was how she was taught; however, her own powers are more general, rather than just one specific ability. She believes that the magic bestowed upon these kids is either a sick experiment or an accident that someone is desperately trying to cover up. Talnez teaches her class with the express purpose of educating her kids about the physical properties of magic while teaching them powerful mind tips on how to control its occurrence, and spends her free time researching local magical outbreaks, either through scrying or in the library.
Mysterious Happening: Talnez’s powers are much more varied than one mysterious happening. She grew up knowing the ways of Voudou (aka voodoo) from her grandmother on their small island in the caribbean, as the talent for magic was passed through her family. She supposedly doesn’t practice her abilities lightly, but there have been stories from older students about what happens to some people when they cross her.
Other: Even though she’s really strict and, and times, more than a little mean… she really does care about her students.

Character name: Ms. Elsabeth Tayant
Age/Gender:Female, 39
Physical/Visual Description:Ms. Tayant is of a medium height, has medium brown spiky hair, and perfect posture. Her hair is only a few inches long and stands straight out from her head. She is full of energy and almost always on her feet. Her eyes are her one remarkable feature. Though they are a plain brown color, they are always exceedingly bright and crackling with energy. She dresses in simple pants and shirts, but she is still very noticable.
Mental/History Description:Mrs. Tayant is the daughter of a former teacher. As such she practically grew up in j.w.a.g.y. and therefor knows it very well. She learned about her power at quite a late age, but is nontheless extremely powerful. Although her power can make her seem intimidating she is a pretty friendly teacher. 
Mysterious Happening: Ms. Tayant has an affinity with weather, and along with that, electricity. This is in part to explain for her very dynamic character. 

Username: [*(.Randi.)*]
Character name: Mr. David Byrd
Age/Gender: Male, 41
Physical/Visual Description: Rather pudgy, short-average height, receding hairline, glasses. Casual teacher attie. (In essence, Male Teacher) Mohawk in a rather improbable shade of orange.
Mental/History Description: Went to boarding school for some time, but after his Mysterious Happening started becoming more obvious (and he had rather unexpectedly good control, which led to many teachers snoozing off in class) various authorities around a network of schools got together and figured out they ought to send him to j.w.a.g.y. He loved it and turned right around after graduation to become a teacher. He spent some time building up his Male Teacher appearance, then developed his mohawk. He loves contradicting people's impressions of him.
Mysterious Happening: Able to calm people down, to the point of putting them to sleep or knocking them out (though these last are more difficult)
Other: Teaches history

Username: [Elodicressida]
Character name: Miss Aeladel Synkari
Age/Gender: Female, 23
Physical/Visual Description: Long and skinny with brown hair that grows extremely slowly; you can still see the helmet cut even though she's been growing it out for two years. Noticably green eyes, and a thin red star (the five-pointed kind you can draw without lifting your pencil) above the left end of her left eyebrow; not a tattoo or paint, but magic from her world which won't leave now it's in this one.
Mental/History Description: (Note: this begins in another world) Ran away from home (I'll remember why in a bit), got lost, and ended up being carried off to a castle, where she grew up and was trained in another world, and once she finished her training she was employed as Guardian of Ladies' Swimming Spot (think about it; obviously, someone has to) since she was fifteen. A few years ago the kingdom she was in started getting restless and threatened, and as she did not have the traditional loyalty ties other guardsmen (and guardswomen) did, she just left. It was dark, and she was fumbling around, and suddenly she came across a street light, which don't exist in her world, and found she'd switched to this one, near j.w.a.g.y. Because she was too old to be purely a student, she was employed as half teacher, half student of magic use.
Mysterious Happening: Able to world-hop
Other: Teaches anthropology, and skilled with a staff (adaptable to variations such as a glaive) and up to two light, short-ish swords

Character name:
Physical/Visual Description:
Mental/History Description:
Mysterious Happening:

Username (or number or email):


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