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Caution! Witch at Work! Pages May Appear Without Notice!

Merry meet, and welcome! If you are interested in the religion Wicca, or maybe just
someone looking into the art of Witchcraft, you're welcome here! I hope you can find what you're
looking for here. If you have any questions you're welcome to send them to me at any time, and
if I can't answer your question I will try to find someone who can. Thank you for visiting, again, and enjoy your stay!
Blessed be! -- [Bookwyrm]

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and I am not "always right". I am a young woman winding her way down her spiritual path.
A young woman who would like to share with others her experiences and information, in
hopes of learning of their experiences and information as well. I am a young woman searching
for others of like-minds and similar beliefs. I am a young woman who is dedicated, intelligent,
and devoutly spiritual in her own mind. I am searching for spiritual satisfaction and happiness.
I hope that this is enough for my members, friends, and family.


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2007-05-27 [Bookwyrm]: -nods- They've been bringing food in by the carload. :)

2007-05-28 [Wulf Skjaldr]: Brownieesss...

2007-05-30 [Keyurg Kirosake]: Hello Traci, how have you been, I haven't been on much, but drop me a line sometime!

2007-05-30 [Bookwyrm]: Sorry I disappeared for a few days. My grandfather finally passed away Monday, and I haven't much felt like working. Sort of lost my motivation for a while. It's trickling back, though. :)

2007-05-30 [Eloura]: Awwwww i'm sorry hun

2007-05-30 [Titus (Cammy)]: :( Aw I'm sorry.. -hugs you-

2007-06-04 [Bookwyrm]: -hugs both of you- It's all right. He's better off where he is now. It's hard not having him around...I always saw him as more of a father to me than any other father I've had...I mean, he raised me afterall. But he was just in too much pain, and the Divine decided it was time for his pain to end. I have to trust that he is safe, and that he is where he should be. :) Just wish we didn't have to miss him so much. But I suppose if we didn't, then he wouldn't have been the man that he was. ^_^ I'm better now, anyway. Had to go through some things to get here, but I'm better for it. ^_^

2007-06-07 [Wulf Skjaldr]: I'm terribly sorry... but I'm glad your better. ^_^

2007-06-09 [Keyurg Kirosake]: ~ Frowns ~ I am sorry to hear that traci, if there is anything I can do, You can always ask me

2007-06-10 [Bookwyrm]: Don't be sorry, really! He has moved on and although we'll miss him, he's enjoying true life! Or perhaps he has decided to come back in a new form! I cannot say, but wherever or whatever he is now, he is in better shape than he was when he left. ^_^ I cannot help but be happy for knowing this.

-claps cheerfully- So! How has everyone been lately? I feel I have been neglecting my Elftowners. ^_^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: I've been reading and this still gets me all confused... On one page you said that Wicca had nothing to do with the Cult yet on another page you said some Wicca practitioners wore the pentacle/triskele to show they were interested in the Spiritual and the occult.... and i still don't get The Goddess, The God, and The One. x.x -ish a hopeless cause-

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: -wants to make a banner, one sizable for my no-good too-small scanner x.x I'll try to make it beautiful for this wiki -has a budding rose outside for it-

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: A cult and the occult are two different things. A cult is not typically a religion. When people think of cults, they think of a group of people forcing their will on others, or brainwashing, or mobs, or more prominently a singular person who has taken "lost" people and convinced them that he is their saviour and then tells them that they are going on a journey to reach heaven or nirvana or some sort of grand afterlife and then feed them cyanide-laced drinks.

The occult...well, here's's definition: "matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them"

Cults and the occult are not the same thing, they just look like it. ;) I can understand your confusion, though. It once confused me.

Aww, feel free to make a need to do anything special. Just do your best and it'll be magnificent. ^_^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!! I wondered why people bothered putting an 'o' on there. I know it looks pretty, but still x.x lol ^^ This is my first attempt at realistic completely drawing. Um.. It looks real pretty actually o.o Sorta, for me

lol You're really nice, Mothyr ^^

Um.. Can you explain The One, the Goddess, and the God? What is the One?

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: And as for the Goddess, the God, and the One...well, it really all depends on your perception. Some Wiccans believe in both a Goddess and a God. Typically they believe that these two separate entities are merely the polar opposites (in the ways of gender) of a single Deity. Other's believe that They are, in fact, two completely separate Deities. Other Wiccans believe in just a God or a Goddess (simple monotheism). The God and Goddess are said to be the Father and Mother of all creation, and the seasons of the year represent Their life cycle.

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: As far as the One goes, that just sounds to me like a single form of Deity. Like I often call "God" "the Divine" so as not to put emphasis on gender. I believe in a single Deity, but one that has neither form nor gender, but can take on any form or gender. I do believe that the God and Goddess are representative of the Divine, however. A way to help us understand Deity better. However I see nothing wrong with believing in Them as Themselves and as separate entities.

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: And thank you, by the way. ^_^ I also trust you. Whenever you'd like to send in the banner, just send it to me directly and I'll add it to the banner page. ^_^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: lol XD I'd like to, but the drawing will take a while, the rose bud will be no problem (hurray for natural beauty <333) and my other gift for htis site is too big for my scanner >< so... no clue when I can get that done..

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: Well it is certainly no rush, sweetheart. ^_^ You take your time, enjoy what you're doing, do it all with love, and in the end there is no way you can go wrong. ^_^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: True ^^ Um has anyone ever asked to try to look at your Aura?

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: No, no one has. Although I'd be interested to be able to do that myself. Of course I am able, I've just never practiced therefore I haven't experienced. XD Good grief I sound full of myself. Anyway, it is possible to see someone's Aura, from what I understand. Having never done it myself I can't say much, but there's nothing dubious behind it really. ^-^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: lol I've stared at things before, but I guess I was never really in the day-dream state. -looks at her cat behind her- Ooooooh!! I can see your auraaa!!! -Kitty: Go away. I'm trying to sleep.

Though it would be interesting to try on her >.> -evil grin- It seems hard :( Would you have the patience?

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: -chuckles- I do have the patience. I've just never bothered. It does seem hard, doesn't it? I've been told it's easier to start with nonliving objects (yes they have auras too), and then move up to non-moving but living creatures...plants for example.

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: Aye it would be. How do nonliving things have auras? actually that was probably explained...

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: Quite honestly I'm not sure. I've only read tidbits on auras. Though I did read that nonliving things give off soft auras...nothing as vibrant as living entities, but auras nonetheless.

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: It's still amazing.

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: Isn't it? ^_^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: Darn >< didn't work. On the left, scroll down to Kitchen witches....

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: I agree, they're adorable! ^_^ -must remember to buy some- XD

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: lol ^^ Yes, I want to buy some for my own kitchen someday. They're utterly irresistable to me. I was suprised at the store's selection of merchandise for Wiccans. It's a nice complement after seeing this wiki. :) But I must retire for the night. It's late. Goonight, Mothyr. ^^ Goddess Bless you. <3

2007-06-15 [Bookwyrm]: Well, I hope to one day have a store for the Wiccaning as well. ^_^ I'm glad you've enjoyed the wiki, though, and welcome you back again when you choose to come! ^_^ Rest well, and blessed be! ^_^

2007-06-15 [Titus (Cammy)]: lol That would be quaint. ^^ But probably not. lol Yes I come here often ^^

2007-06-16 [Bookwyrm]: ^_^ I've always wanted to have an occult book/supply I do hope to get it up and running eventually...after I've got my business degree. XD

I'm glad you come here often. ^_^ I love frequent visitors. XD

2007-06-16 [Titus (Cammy)]: lol I like looking in those shops, but I'm not the shop owner type. lol Yeah I come here to read up on Wicca a lot ^^ and of course the related topics.

2007-06-25 [Bookwyrm]: NEW LAYOUT!! Woo! I went for simple beauty this time 'round. My arm's been hurting me from all the new graphics I've made across the site, so most of the "extra" banners around the wiki are just simple "word" banners, but they're very beautiful nonetheless. I even made the wonderful celtic twist dividers! (Took an old divider of mine and spruced it up a LOT!). I'm learning to use GIMP better, now, as I hope you can see, so the quality of the images henceforth should be improved. ^_^ Expect to see a few more "word" banners pop up in the Wiccaning, because they don't take as much time to load and look very pretty at the tops of pages. They also don't take as much time to make! (Though still a good bit of time with the way I'm making them ^_^.) I really enjoyed how this version came out...enjoy!

I should be making a new "summery" member ban for everyone to use soon, but I need a short break to catch my breath. Feel free to check out Witch's Dividers to see some of the new dividers I've made. ^_^ Blessed be everyone!!

P.S. Expect the gold letters to stay a while, I think I can make that colour fit into just about any other colour scheme I can imagine (unless I do a silver and blue one for Yule this year, in which I will make a silver alternative) and I don't want to bombard Elftown with too many images.

2007-06-25 [Eloura]: I love the top of the page! *goes off to look at the dividers*

2007-06-25 [Titus (Cammy)]: lol Yes, they're beautiful, I love them! ^^ Lovely work, Mothyr.

2007-06-25 [Bookwyrm]: ^_^ Thankee!! ^_^

I have to admit, I'm pretty pleased with the top banner. It came out better than I thought it would. ^__^

2007-06-25 [Eloura]: Welcme!

2007-06-25 [Titus (Cammy)]: haha. You do wonderful work. <3

2007-06-25 [Bookwyrm]: -giggle- Thank you! ^_^

2007-06-25 [Bookwyrm]: New dividers already?! Yesh! ^_^ I couldn't help myself...I was working with celtic knots and triquetras and came up with a divider that I couldn't say "no" to! ^_^

2007-06-27 [Eloura]: Beautiful.

2007-06-27 [Bookwyrm]: Thankee. ^_^ I made a bunch of new dividers the other night while Elftown was down. XD So I have even more now...but these are my favourites.

2007-06-27 [Eloura]: Cool!! Rock on Mothyr

2007-06-27 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles- Thank you...thank you very much. -bows- XD

2007-06-27 [Eloura]: *throws roses and say's* You are greatly welcome.

2007-08-09 [Titus (Cammy)]: Happy Lammas!!!

2007-08-10 [Bookwyrm]: I have missed so much around here. :( I feel terrible.

2007-08-10 [Titus (Cammy)]: Missed what? -hasn't noticed- >.>

2007-08-10 [Diiwica]: I am wondering if anyonehere could help me learn more about Handfastings. I do not know much about it, our library is kind of small and doesn't have much so I can't get what I am looking for here and being I don't have internet at home it is hard to surf the pages. SO could you all please help me?

2007-08-13 [Bookwyrm]: Hmm, I can definitely do a bit more research and send you some information. ^_^ Hopefully someone more knowledgeable about the subject will be able to help too. ^_^

2007-09-18 [Bookwyrm]: Mabon is coming up fast folks, so be sure to get things prepared for this special holiday! September 21st is a mere three days away, so light a fire under your cauldron and get ready! ^_^ See our ::Mabon:: page for altar ideas, symbol and correspondence lists, ideas for appropriate spellwork, and even delicious recipes if you're up for cooking!

Unfortunately, I'll be working that evening, but I'm still hoping to prepare a nice lunch for myself and my hubby before I have to trudge to work. Won't be much of a holiday, but it'll still be one! ^_^ What are y'all planning?

2007-09-18 [Bookwyrm]: And new layout! :D EDIT: Also, there's a new banner on The Wiccaning Banners. ^_^

2007-09-21 [Bookwyrm]: Happy Mabon everyone!! ^_^

2007-09-21 [Titus (Cammy)]: Happy Mabon!!! To everyone. And while I'm here illicitly, I shall say -.- Unfortunately. I can't come here anymore :( And I wish a very very fond good bye to muh friends here. Hopefully in a few years, I'll return and give everyone merry tides. ^^ Ya'll really mean a lot to me and really helped me. Thank you <333 and I especially thank [Bookwyrm] -hugs tightly- I will miss you ever so much. I really love you <3333 Bye byes<3

2007-09-21 [Eloura]: We will miss you also hun.

2007-09-25 [Bookwyrm]: -hugs [Titus (Cammy)]- You will be greatly missed, sweetheart. I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to come here, but I will be hoping for your swift return. :D Years go by quicker than they seem, believe me. The Wiccaning itself is nearly two years old as it is. :) I can't wait to see you again. ^_^

2007-09-25 [MatchBookRom3o]: So who would i need to speak with if i wanted to learn about Wicca?

2007-09-26 [Bookwyrm]: Possibly anyone on this wiki. And reading this wiki would be helpful as well, as it has a good deal of information in its pages. ^_^ If you have any questions, you may feel free to ask me. I can't guarantee I know the answer to every question--I'm not all-knowing, but I'll do my best to help. And if I don't know something, usually I'll look up some information for you. ^_^

2007-11-22 [Ryu-tenshi]: Mothyr...I have a person who wants me to teach them about Astral you have any idea where i shold start?...message me with some suggestions please

2007-12-20 [Bookwyrm]: I'll be honest, I have no clue where to start there. -blushes- Astral projection has always been a slightly frightening prospect to me. I've yet to overcome my fear of it enough to study it well.

2007-12-21 [Ryu-tenshi]: Alright I'll just just have to do it my self....Thanx mothyr

2007-12-27 [Bookwyrm]: I am very sorry. :(

2007-12-29 [Ryu-tenshi]: It's no problem I just hve to find the time....

2008-01-04 [Bookwyrm]: Oh believe me, I can relate to that...

2008-01-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: yeah, i tend to lose things often...

2008-01-09 [Bookwyrm]: -grins- I have that problem too. ^^

2008-01-10 [Ryu-tenshi]: Oh good I'm not alone....

2008-01-10 [Eloura]: Hunny your never alone *smiles* So i hate to be interupting but how is everyone?

2008-01-11 [Ryu-tenshi]: I'm good

2008-01-11 [Eloura]: That's good.

2008-01-11 [Ryu-tenshi]: yup

2008-01-11 [Eloura]: *twitches* HELP!!!

2008-01-12 [Ryu-tenshi]: help with what?

2008-01-12 [Eloura]: *shrugs* No clue, i errm *laughs* Forget now.

2008-01-15 [Ryu-tenshi]: ......ok

2008-01-30 [Bookwyrm]: New main layout! Just in time for Spring!

2008-01-30 [Ryu-tenshi]: yay

2008-01-30 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah, I had some Elfpackers hounding me about how it was definitely not the harvest season anymore. XD So I decided I'd make a Spring one so I didn't have to worry about another layout until Summer. :P

2008-01-30 [Ryu-tenshi]: yeah, that soulds like a good idea..

2008-03-04 [Bookwyrm]: Okay! I know I've had a pretty long sabbatical (hah--sabbatical...Witchy amuses herself XD) from working on this wiki. It's been crazy busy 'round my neck of the forest and I haven't even felt like working on this wiki. Then, a couple of weeks ago I got the urge to start studying again, to start working here again. I miss it here, I miss how I felt when I was working on this wiki. So I'm trying to drop a few of my jobs on Elfpack so I can free up some internet time so I can start working on this wiki. When I started this wiki it was a pet project. It became one of the most important things in my life very quickly. And then I just...gave up. There was so much to be done, so much work to do elsewhere, I forgot how important this is to me.

A lot about me has changed. Much of my views have changed--on religion, politics, life, and pretty much everything--some things only minimally, others dramatically. I feel I need to update this wiki to reflect those changes in myself. Don't worry, I'm still a Witch and still Witchy ;), this isn't about to become a Christian Fellowship wiki or anything like that. I just think it's time that I get off my lazy ass and show you guys what I can really do with a little bit of time and devotion. :D Wish me luck, and see you all soon! Blessed be!

2008-03-04 [Eloura]: WHOOT WITCHY IS BACK!!!!!

2008-03-06 [Ryu-tenshi]: Ya Ya! Witchy is back! *does happy dance*

2008-03-06 [Eloura]: *smiles* YAY!

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: heh...^^

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: *brings the witchy a basket of cookies, and smiles slipping in fresh cresants, and some with chocolate in the middle* Welcome back witchy we've missed you.

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: yes we have *nodds head*

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: *comes over to you next handing you a basket filled with cookies and ll also for later and smiles sitting down drinking some tea* We miss the witch!

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: yup. *smiles*

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: *smiles and passes out tea, lightly sweetend with honey*

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: Ooo I need that *takes a cup*

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: Enjoy it hun! *smiles and sips at her trying not to cough up a lung*

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: *siles sipping the tea*

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: *makes more fresh tea for everyone, for when they need it*

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: *smiles*

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: *smiles back and curls up under a thick blanket*

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: heh

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: *shivers and say's* are house is freezing...

2008-03-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: I'm freezing

2008-03-09 [Eloura]: Awwww i sorry hun *covers you with many blankets*

2008-03-09 [Diiwica]: I gots a nice care bears blanky that is all fuzzy and warm that you could use to get more warm ^.^

2008-03-10 [Bookwyrm]: O_O -watches comment box explode-...-grins-

Yus, yus, Witchy is back! Though she's a little busy outside of the internet as well, so things are going very slow for me. I didn't even get the weekend off. XD

Starting this week, I'm going to be studying for my Teacher's Aid test, so I can try to start work as a teacher's aid and hopefully get my schooling paid for through the school. Once I get out of retail/food prep then I should actually have a little more time on my hands surprisingly. XD And as soon as my hubby stops dragging me left and right to follow his dad's band...which may never happen. Luckily his dad's band is taking a break from gigs and is going to start recording soon, so I will actually have my XD So while I may not be here much during the week, I should be able to keep up here on the weekends. :D

2008-03-10 [Ryu-tenshi]: Good Luck Witchy. :)

2008-03-11 [Eloura]: Good Luck Witchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-03-13 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you! ^___^

2008-03-13 [Eloura]: YOUR WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-03-14 [Ryu-tenshi]: Welcome!!!!! :)

2008-03-23 [Willow Rose]: Nice new graphics, Traci. Very springy! Good luck on your test :)

2008-03-25 [Ryu-tenshi]: Oh...test...Good luck...

2008-04-01 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you! On both accounts! ^^

Unfortunately, they did not have the test here, so I'm going to have to stick with the job I've got and just attend college. Maybe somewhere throughout my courses I will be offered a teacher's aide job so that I can prepare myself for my upcoming career. ^^

The good news is that I've hired some people on Elfpack to help me out on some of the pages, so that means that once I get them trained up and sure of what they're doing, I've got free time to spend! ^^ The Wiccaning I come!

2008-04-01 [Nuit Darksin]: Merry Meet all

2008-04-01 [Bookwyrm]: -waves- Merry meet, dahling. How are you?

2008-04-01 [Nuit Darksin]: vonderbar so how do I join the wiki?

2008-04-01 [Bookwyrm]: Just add your name to The Wiccans. :D

2008-04-01 [Nuit Darksin]: ok I will

2008-04-01 [Bookwyrm]: Wonderful! :D Welcome to the Wiccaning. :D

2008-04-01 [Nuit Darksin]: *bows* thank you

2008-04-01 [Bookwyrm]: You're welcome! ^^

2008-04-03 [Ryu-tenshi]: *smiles*

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: Hi

2008-04-03 [Bookwyrm]: -tickles the wiki-

2008-04-03 [Eloura]: *watches it giggles with life renewed*

2008-04-03 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles- cute! -tickles it again- XD

2008-04-03 [Eloura]: *dust falls from the ceiling with it giggles* I agree mothyr it is so cute!! *smiles*

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: hehe *dances around happily*

2008-04-03 [Eloura]: *giggles happily with the wiki*

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: *flops onto a couch and curls up in a ball content*

2008-04-03 [Bookwyrm]: You know...this wiki is two years old, if memory serves me? XD I forgot to hold a birthday party for it this year.

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: :D We should have one for it.

2008-04-03 [Eloura]: *jaws drops* Your right! O.o I forgot also.. Epp ^^' *smiles and huggles the wiki* No wonder it's all sad looking ... Poor thing. *smiles and looks at Rogue*

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: *looks back and smiles* Yes?

2008-04-03 [Eloura]: *laughs* I hadn't seen you write that lol ^^' I was going to ask if you would like to help us have one ^^

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: Yes I most definately would. It will give me a reason to use these *pulls out a huge footlocker full of fireworks* ^^

2008-04-03 [Eloura]: CHIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *giggles happily and starts bouncing* FIREWORKS!!!!!! *giggles and blushes* Sorry ^^' I like that!!

2008-04-03 [Bookwyrm]: XD Great minds think alike. I think we should. I think a sprucing up would make it happy, and some new banners and things like that. ^^ And of course, a big ol' party with all kinds of baked goods and drinks made by our lovely Witchy-Chefs here. -nudges [Eloura]-

EDIT: Fireworks. XD As long as they're environmentally friendly fireworks! ^^

2008-04-03 [Nuit Darksin]: hehe here you *hands you a bottle rocket and a sprakler* I have all kinds

2008-04-04 [Bookwyrm]: Ooh...I like sparklers. ^^ They don't make any loud noises that scare animals...or me. XD

2008-04-05 [Nuit Darksin]: lol

2008-04-05 [Eloura]: Time to make the wiki feel happy!!! *turns bright red* If we need a Lovely Witchy-Chef other than Mothyr of course *smiles* I know [Ryu-tenshi] is a rather good chef! *giggles and shakes head* Defenatly not loevly, Just a witchy-Chef! ^^' *watches the fire-works* Awww poor Mothyr ^^'

2008-04-06 [Bookwyrm]: -begins baking cookies and cakes-

Sorry I was away for a few days, y'all! Spent the weekend at my grandmother's since le hubby was away for the weekend too. :D Had a pretty nice relaxing time. Hope y'all had good weekends too! ^^

2008-04-07 [Nuit Darksin]: i did. Well I always have a good weekend cause I play paintball every saturday and sunday

2008-04-07 [Bookwyrm]: Awesome. ^^ I bet that's fun!

2008-04-08 [Eloura]: it was interesting ^^' *smiles and starts the tea and say's* Any preference? *smiles*

2008-04-08 [Nuit Darksin]: yeah it was a blast I love paintball

2008-04-08 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles at [Eloura]- I'm good with plain ol' Lipton Iced Tea. XD As long as it's not in a bottle...-shivers- Nasteh stuff...

I've never played paint ball. o.o

2008-04-08 [Eloura]: *smiles and laughs softly* Ok Mothyr, *goes about making tea, and makes pepermint also and say's* Anyone else?

I've always wanted to try but havn't got to play, soo is paint ball any fun?

2008-04-09 [Ryu-tenshi]: Look *points to the top of the comments* I dissappeared again

2008-04-09 [Eloura]: *lip trembles* But you were mentioned in the comments...

2008-04-09 [Nuit Darksin]: Yes it is very fun. I love it alot. It's a very good stress relief ^^

2008-04-11 [Ryu-tenshi]: I was? *looks for it*

2008-04-11 [Eloura]: *smiles and nods* Hre it is also!

2008-04-05 Eloura: Time to make the wiki feel happy!!! *turns bright red* If we need a Lovely Witchy-Chef other than Mothyr of course *smiles* I know [Ryu-tenshi] is a rather good chef! *giggles and shakes head* Defenatly not loevly, Just a witchy-Chef! ^^' *watches the fire-works* Awww poor Mothyr ^^'

I wanna try paint ball!!!! Is it really a good stress relief?

2008-04-11 [Nuit Darksin]: oh yeah nothing better than shooting people with paint filled balls ^^

2008-04-11 [Eloura]: Hmmm I don't know till I try. But i know shooting targets with a shot gun if stress relieveing also ^^'

2008-04-11 [Nuit Darksin]: yeah but it's better knowing that you just got somebody out and lessined the odds of the other team winning ^^

2008-04-11 [Eloura]: True ^^' *smiles* It could be fun.

2008-04-13 [Bookwyrm]: Woof! (Yes...I woofed...:P)

Sorry I've been gone for so long again! I had a staph infection in a most uncomfortable place! I haven't even been able to sit all weekend! But today, after much praying and healing thoughts sent my way, I'm definitely seeing some recovery. :D I'm able to sit down with no pain, and even lay on my left side again! Only thing is now that there's a spot that's very swollen still and it itches like crazy! :D But I'm feeling oh so much better. ^^ -huggles all- I'll be back later tonight, I'm on my grandmother's computer and just wanted to let everyone know that I was all right.

Hope you've all had a wonderful and blessed weekend! Brightest blessings, my darlings! ^_^

2008-04-17 [Ryu-tenshi]: Get well soon mothyr...

2008-04-17 [Ravendust]: I've been in a rather miserable situation myself, mothyr... Sorry to hear you weren't well, but it's good to know that you're doing better^^

I've been more or less 'homeless' or nearly so for the past month... it's been hectic, but I moved in with a friend whose mother absolutely despised me and threatened to injure me on practically a daily basis. Went through a bit of depression there... I hardly ate and slept during the day (can't seem to sleep at night anymore, at least, not without consiquences- a thing called Sleep Paralysis if any of you knows what that is, it terrifies me and I'm still not quite in the understanding of it. Anyway, I think it's SP, because what I've gone through sounds like all the symptom) Well, I finally got out of there, I'm moving back in with mum for a while since she needs me right now, she's been having troubles of her own of late. I've had a keen sense of worry for her well being for three weeks and finally was able to understand the sense- she'd been attacked in the street, hit over the head with a beer bottle and had her purse stolen, not to mention that her health has been going through hell... So, despite my own misery, I'm going to do what I can to help her.

Hopefully sometime soon I can get a visit in with the doctor, I get constant migraines and they're growing more severe... even accompanied by nausea and dizziness now... nothing goes away, so I'm in constant agony... bleh, sorry for ranting on my current situations, but I think I needed to talk about it...

2008-04-17 [Bookwyrm]: -hugs [Ravendust]- Sending healing and positive thoughts your way, darling, and also your mother's way. I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time right now, it sounds truly horrific. x_x I've been through spells like that, and it's not easy. Once you get through it, though, it'll be like breaking the surface of water after you've been holding your breath for a long, long time. :) I hope things start looking up for you very soon.

Don't apologize for ranting. ^_~ It's a good feeling, I think everyone should do it once in a while. As well as cry. Whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed and in over my head, eventually I just find myself some quiet time and cry it all out. After that, I feel so much better.

2008-04-17 [Ravendust]: I do the same, thank you^^

2008-04-18 [Bookwyrm]: You're very welcome. ^_^

2008-04-20 [Ryu-tenshi]: I hope you and your mother get better and thought this rough patch soon...*hugs [Ravendust]*

2008-05-01 [Ravendust]: Thanks^^ *hugs [Ryu-tenshi]* I'm hopeful that things'll even out soon too.

2008-05-02 [Bookwyrm]: Woo! Sorry I was gone for so long! I was very violently ill. x_X Let's just say my stomach did not agree with me at all for a few days. I hope everyone has been well while I've been away. :D

2008-05-15 [Ryu-tenshi]: I'm glad taht you're better Mothyr.

2008-05-23 [Bookwyrm]: Thanks sweetheart. ^_^

We're also trying to move to another part of the state, so things have been crazily hectic.

2008-05-29 [Ryu-tenshi]: Why?

2008-10-16 [Eloura]: *sparks a candle hoping to bring here back to life*

2008-10-16 [Bookwyrm]: -giggle- Thank you dear. I've been running in and out of Elftown at odd intervals, but haven't had time to check up on all my wiki stuff. How's everyone doing? :D

2008-10-16 [Eloura]: Your welcome. *smiles* I was hoping to make the day a bit brighter from everyone. Don't worry that happens to us all! I don't know about anyone else but i ish sleep lol.

2008-10-16 [Bookwyrm]: XD Well I'm furious with my bank, so I can't really be sleepy. My body is tired though. I used my incredible anger to deep-clean my house today. XD So at least I used it for good. -giggle-...-gives you pillow and blanket-

2008-10-20 [Eloura]: Yay to good uses!!! *smiles and giggles* thank you *takes the pillow and blanket* Aww i ish sorry you furious with your bank i hope all goes well

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: hello everyone,long time no see

2008-10-20 [Eloura]: *waves hello* Hi!! Long time it has been for many of us.

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: lol. I am back at college.
Question: Do any of you live in or around the Evansville IN area? If you do there is a pretty neat shop my friends and I go to frequently, it's called the Bead Angel, and it has allot of neat things like herbs (good tea herbs!) stones, candles, and things of that nature.

2008-10-20 [Eloura]: No, i would love to see it though

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: yea it's really nice and than there is a place like that in the Greenwood are called the Innerpath.

2008-10-20 [Eloura]: Wow *smiles*

2008-10-20 [Silver Moon]: ^-^

2008-10-21 [Eloura]: :::^_^:::

2008-10-21 [Ryu-tenshi]: SO easily lost I am.......oi

2008-10-22 [Bookwyrm]: -is still here but needs to play catch up- XD I will return and back-read! :P

2008-10-22 [Ryu-tenshi]: back-read? O.o. I haz no time fo such thingz...*looks sad* but Iz will try........(sorry I've been looking at I can haz

2008-10-25 [Bookwyrm]: XD I just mean to read from my last message on...which I still haven't done...Bah...-hides in hole- I are lazy. :P

2008-10-25 [Silver Moon]: lol

2008-10-25 [Eloura]: Awww poor mothyr you no lazy!

2008-10-27 [Ryu-tenshi]: Don't worry mothyr,we ish all

2008-10-28 [Bookwyrm]: XD Yus but I can't afford to be lazy! There's much too much to do! :P

2008-10-28 [Eloura]: *dashes in nods head agreeing and say's* bye! *dashes back heading for class*

2008-10-29 [Bookwyrm]: XD I'll assume you were agreeing to the "too much to do" rather than the "being lazy" bit. XD

2008-10-29 [Eloura]: Mostly the to much to do *says after dashing back in* Though once and a while i have had lazy moments *mutters something bout high school*

2008-10-29 [Silver Moon]: soooooooo tired....classes, work,homework,finances, keeps people busy

2008-10-29 [Ryu-tenshi]: yes it does....

2008-10-29 [Ravendust]: As does work... College? I haven't even had the time to sit down and really focus on filling out an application...

2008-10-29 [Silver Moon]: college and work

2008-10-29 [Bookwyrm]: I'm working on getting back into school. I'd love to go back to college. It's tough when you're married to a man who believes in work before college. XD He's been in the military though, so he has the ability to get a nice job that pays well and that he enjoys, thanks to his time with the military. And he's never had to work a retail/fast food/restaurant job in his life. -_- Which suck as far as pay, work, and environment. is way more important to me than getting a job at some crappy little store/restaurant where I'll be harassed, insulted, and underpaid forever. -_-


2008-10-29 [Silver Moon]: i thought you get paid college when you are in the army

2008-10-29 [Ryu-tenshi]: they do that now....don't they/

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