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2006-04-18 [someelf]: Are they're any wiki's about questionlist? o.o *wondering*

2006-04-18 [Yoruno]: Uhm... what kind of questionlists?

2006-04-18 [someelf]: Randon ones ^^' Sorry, I guess I'm just so bored I just need something to do X_x

2006-04-19 [Yoruno]: You can copy them from someone else's house... I think nobody has done yet such a wiki... ¬__¬

2006-04-19 [Jewl]: Dibs!

2006-04-20 [someelf]: Ansalon is a RP wiki based on a series of books, made by [KnightAngel], I'm helping to spread it around without bothering too much people ^^ And he would love some comments about it too :3 *grin ^^*

2006-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: I can add the wiki... but wiki feedback is for wiki promotion, not here ^_~ Added to Other worlds RPG's

2006-04-21 [someelf]: Thanks :D

2006-04-21 [Jewl]: ATQICF is a new one I am in the process of making. Check it out!

2006-04-22 [someelf]: Ohh nice :D

2006-04-28 [Bring The Synth]: add the Hawthorne Whores United@ wiki

2006-05-03 [kittykittykitty]: hawthorne whores united has been added to pointless wiki, unless you recommend the category is something else

2006-05-12 [kittykittykitty]: Hoshi's Art is at artist wiki :)

2006-05-13 [Accio]: Super Kool Weird Art has been added to Artist wiki.

2006-05-17 [iippo]: Hmm, could someone add my wiki Magnum Opus to where it best fits? It's a sort of "looking for people to collaborate in an art/writing project" -kind of thing. Thanks. :)

2006-05-17 [kittykittykitty]: I'll put Magnum Opus under artist wiki :)

2006-05-17 [iippo]: Thanks :)

2006-05-26 [kittykittykitty]: Anime North has been added to anime wiki

2006-05-29 [The all powerful Midori]: Just started a conest wiki. Can you add it for me? The Vampire Writing Contest

2006-05-29 [kittykittykitty]: Added to contest wiki :)

2006-05-29 [Linderel]: Yet another wiki listing wiki, if you can add I would be grateful. :) Poetry communities

2006-05-31 [Yoruno]: Ok, ok. Back from Limbo and this time I hope it'll be permanent ^__^. So... a very grateful Thank you to [Accio] and [kittykittykitty]... my friends, you ROCK! Thanks for keeping this place alive and kicking. So, questions, answers, complains? I'm back to business. Thanks also for keeping this place spam-free. I've deleted most of the pointless comments in the sub-wikis, and I'll keep doing it, so if you see some spam in any wiki, I'll apreciate a lot a message to report it ;)

2006-06-01 [Zel Holt]: Hi I don't know what this would go into so I'll let you guys deside. ^_^' Guild Of The Summoned

2006-06-02 [kittykittykitty]: Gypsies Realm has been added to modern setting rpg's

2006-06-02 [Yoruno]: We love Andrew is now in the TV shows fan wiki ^_^

2006-06-02 [Linderel]: Erm, sorry, I don't want to nag but... Did anyone notice my previous comment? ^.^;;

2006-06-02 [Blaithin]: Poetry Communities has been added to the Literature Wiki ;)

2006-06-02 [Linderel]: ^.^ Thanks.

2006-06-02 [Zel Holt]: Thank you very much. ^_^

2006-06-02 [someelf]: The Elftown Park. ^^ Not sure trough where to put it =/

2006-06-03 [G4RR3TT]: can you plz add KATS ROCK

2006-06-03 [INVICTUS]: Would you add Firebreathing  Please

2006-06-06 [Yoruno]: Okies, here we go: Red skulls, City of The Elders and The Realm of Ellessme are now in the Rpg's wiki, Stuff animal lovers is now in the love it wiki, The Elftown Park. is now in the sister wikis, Pink_Pixie's wiki is now in the members fan clubs, Kats rock is now in the animal lovers wiki and finally, Firebreathing is now in the various wiki ^__^

2006-06-21 [someelf]: Thank you! :D

2006-06-24 [someelf]: Devil's Dominion?

2006-07-01 [MoRoxy]: could you please add tenchi muyo fans

2006-07-03 [Yoruno]: Tenchi muyo fans is now in the anime wiki, and I love fairies is now in the love it wiki ^__^

2006-07-05 [MoRoxy]: yay ^ ^

2006-07-06 [Blaithin]: The Bella Mafia has been added to Modern Setting RPG's :)

2006-07-18 [kittykittykitty]: Hyrule United has been added to people united wiki

2006-07-18 [someelf]: Don't know if I already has added it or not but other then that Blobs is now here XD

2006-07-18 [kittykittykitty]: Whee! Blobs on creatures wiki ^^

2006-07-18 [someelf]: Thank you very much Kitty ^^

2006-07-20 [Drowning In A Daydream]: please add mine it's for everyone who loves MSI Mindless_Self_Indulgence

2006-07-22 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Got a new one for all you Orcs out there - Orcs Forever - please add it, for the Orcs :)

2006-07-22 [Zel Holt]: I'm not sure if this is on here already but still. The Musketeers Of ElfTown

2006-07-24 [Drowning In A Daydream]: For all of the Mindless_Self_Indulgence Fans out there chat here, make banners, talk about anything..

2006-07-28 [// //but.a.number]: kads My personal photo wiki - psst Thanks iippo i dont like this html hehe

2006-07-28 [iippo]: kads - write [kads@wiki] to make a link. (ET pseudo HTML is a bit wierder)

2006-08-02 [Yoruno]: Fellow furs is now in the clubs wiki, Mindless_Self_Indulgence is now in the music bands fan wiki; Kads is now in the members fan clubs, Friend-lovers is now in the love it wiki; Johnsonsville's Whimsical Academy is now in the rpg wiki; Winged Freaks and Creatures of the Dark are now in the creatures wiki; Ppl against rape is now in the anti wiki... Ok, I think it's done ^__^

2006-08-02 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Orcs Forever is now an RPG wiki if that helps sort it.


2006-08-03 [Blaithin]: Orcs Forever has been added to Creatures RPG's and Draumr Du Dragon has been added to Dragon wiki :)

2006-08-03 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Thanks ;)

2006-08-04 [Atreides]: could you add Evolution Debate Page

2006-08-04 [Blaithin]: Evolution Debate Page has been added to Fighting For Wiki :)

2006-08-06 [Zel Holt]: This is a friend of mine's wiki. ^_^ Draw the coocoo bird!

2006-08-07 [Yoruno]: Draw the coocoo bird! is now in the Contest wiki, and The Lost Lands is now in the modern setting rpg's ^__^

2006-08-07 [maggie the pie]: Yay!

2006-08-11 [Dirty DaVinci]: Hello. I am hoping that my link AG could be added to the artist list of wiki pages. Thank you! PS The page is now operational and functional, so please add to list when you deem fit. Thank you :D

2006-08-14 [Yoruno]: Cheerleading is now in the love it wiki, and AG Advanced Graphite is now in the artist wiki and the how to wiki ;)

2006-08-14 [Yoruno]: Great page, by the way [Dirty DaVinci] X)

2006-08-14 [Yoruno]: How on earth did you pick that name? is now in the have fun wiki ^___^

2006-08-16 [Lothuriel]: Could you please add Other Contests Hosted by Lothuriel to the contest wiki? I have several and I figure this would be the fastest way to advertise. Thanks a bunch!!!

2006-08-16 [Yoruno]: Sure! I'll add it ^__^

2006-08-18 [Kiddalee]: Could you please add the Dial-Up Awareness Group?

2006-08-18 [Yoruno]: Narutofan is now in the anime wiki... and Dial-Up Awareness Group is now in the hobbies wiki ^__^

2006-08-18 [Yoruno]: By the way, interesting wiki, [Kiddalee] ;)

2006-08-21 [Dirty DaVinci]: Yurono, thank you! I am so pleased you like it. I just want keep it a simple, straight forward page.

2006-08-26 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Mornin' all! Would you please add Coffee 101 to Education Wiki? Thanks!

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Could you add the Centair Lair? Thank you. :)

2006-08-26 [iippo]: Centaur Lair. :)

2006-08-26 [Linderel]: Oops. xD Note to self, always check for typos... :P

2006-08-28 [Yoruno]: Coffee 101 is now in the education wiki; very good wiki, by the way ;)... and Centaur Lair is now in the Creatures wiki... this one is nice too ^__^

2006-08-28 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Thank you kindly! ;^)

2006-08-28 [Kiddalee]: Thanks, [Yoruno].

2006-08-29 [Kadaj]: Please add my Love for Advent Children wiki, which goes under the following directory: Fan Wiki > Videogames fan Wiki Thank you. :D

2006-08-29 [Yoruno]: Wow... thanks for being so specific! ^___^ Love for Advent Children is now in the videogames fan wiki *nods*

2006-08-31 [Galain]: Please add a new drawing contest wiki - ...Now That's English!. Cheers guys!


2006-09-03 [Particle Girl]: Hey all! I have a new wiki for gamers who play Nintendo DS: Nintendo wifi! Spread the word <3

2006-09-04 [Yoruno]: Advent is now in the medieval fantasy rpg's...

2006-09-05 [iippo]: Hello, could 30 books be added to the Literature wiki? And 30 songs and 30 movies into... hobbies wiki? (Or if there are better categories for them, then into them :P)

2006-09-06 [Yoruno]: Elftown Tutorials is now in the how to wiki, Nintendo wifi is in the videogames fan wiki...

2006-09-06 [Yoruno]: And... 30 books is now in the literature wiki, 30 songs is now in the music bands fan wiki, and 30 movies is now in the movies fan wiki ^__^ Wow.. amazing wikis, [iippo]!

2006-09-06 [Yoruno]: Elf Con is now in the meetings wiki ^__^

2006-09-15 [Pip]: Here is a new Role Playing wiki, set up for slow rpg's and fast rpg's it is set in The City of Atlantis

2006-09-17 [angrmangment13]: here's my first wiki  rpYemPack

2006-09-23 [Kamari]: i am the founder of Hyrule United, a wiki that is divoted soully to gather the lovers of The Legend of Zelda vidio game series. i would appriciate it if you would put it in this index.

Thank you!
~ [Kamari]

2006-10-04 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Would you please add Crash Course Wiki Construction? Thank you! :^)

2006-10-09 [blonde_babe19]: how do i make a wiki page?

2006-10-10 [iippo]: Read the information on this wiki (up there ^) and your question will be answered.

2006-10-10 [Eloura]: Can you add wolf2 to RPG wiki?

2006-10-13 [kittykittykitty]: A big update has been made on Contest Wiki, so check out the contests available :)

2006-10-14 [Eloura]: Thank you! Could you also add paws to RPG wiki

2006-10-14 [Lothuriel]: Could you please add The Elftown Paranormal Society? Thank you.

2006-10-19 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Would you please add Your Book Review? thanks!

2006-10-22 [Lothuriel]: Could you please add All Things 80's. Thanks!

2006-10-23 [~username~]: Please add I Love Weird Al .

2006-10-23 [Yoruno]: Ketsu's art page is now in the artist wiki, Paws is now in the creatures rpg's, Elftown Paranormal Society is now in the creatures wiki, Your Book Review is now in the literature wiki, All Things 80's is now in the hobbies wiki, I Love Weird Al is now in the love it wiki, PotC is now in the movies fan wiki, MC_Chris_Fanz is now in the miscellaneous fan wiki and finally, Shadow Sanctum is now in the literature wiki. YAY! Finished! ^___^

2006-11-10 [H3_six]: I'm working on a reference wiki. Reference pictures for hands and feet poses. I think it should be added here.

2006-11-13 [~username~]: Add Religio Kirbie Style please and thank you.

2006-11-14 [~username~]: Ummmm yeah. Did I misspell it? My keyboard is a pain in the anal areas. It skips letters.

2006-11-14 [moira hawthorne]: clean it?

2006-11-14 [~username~]: I'll try to.

2006-11-14 [moira hawthorne]: get that power spray can stuff.. condense air... it works well

2006-11-14 [~username~]: Thanks!

2006-11-14 [Yoruno]: And... how many times have we said this?

Do not leave random comments or carry on conversations here.

Thanks for being amazingly useful, [moira hawthorne], but this is not the place; if you wanna leave random comments, please use the wiki feedback! page.

2006-11-17 [Yoruno]: Dancing with The Doppelganger is now in the artist wiki, and Ha Ha Sisterhood is now in the people united wiki ^__^

2006-12-10 [I Want to Be Bella, And I Want My Edward]: Add Mother Fan Club please and thank you!!!

2006-12-10 [Rosario Dreams]: Can you please add Rosario Dreams?
God Bless
[Rosario Dreams]
Rosario Dreams

2006-12-30 [Blue Raspberries and Grape Juice]: Can you please add Shadow of the Moon: The Blackmore's Night Fanclub to the index? Thanks much! :)

2007-01-03 [Zapinc]: Can you add
Anyone for Saki? (Under Art/Anime)

2007-01-03 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Would you please add Ir-Iddyns gallery to the Artist wiki? thank you kindly! :)

2007-01-08 [Yoruno]: And finished!! By the way, looks like these months have been a bit busy in real life... if anyone wants to become a new wiki searcher, post your application... or just send me a message ;)

2007-01-16 [Trist]: Elftown Music Scene. i made this wiki to index and promote the bands of elftown members and share thier music. could you add it please? thank you very much & rock on!

2007-01-19 [~username~]: Elftown Music Scene has been added to Clubs Wiki

2007-01-21 [Zapinc]: Pleez can you add End Of War to Anime section?

2007-01-23 [The Alchemist]: Dear mister, please add Alchemist's drawings to the index and to the Artist wiki
thanks a lot
The Alchemist

2007-01-23 [~username~]: Alchemist's drawings has been added to the Artist wiki and End Of War has been added to the Anime wiki

2007-02-07 [Zapinc]: Yo, username, me again! This time, can you add DMTP MADNESS to the anime section?

2007-02-08 [~username~]: DMTP MADNESS has been added to the Anime wiki

2007-02-14 [Chaotic Serenity]: Can you please add my wiki Pocky Lovers?

2007-02-15 [~username~]: Pocky Lovers has been added to Love It Wiki

2007-02-17 [sequeena_rae]: Can you add Mock The Week please? :3

2007-02-18 [iippo]: Hello, could you add The 30 Day Contest to the contest wiki? ^^

2007-02-19 [~username~]: Mock The Week has been added to Have Fun Wiki and The 30 Day Contest has been added to Contest Wiki

2007-02-19 [sequeena_rae]: Thanks ^^

2007-02-20 [Yoruno]: Yay! [~username~] has been busy! Thanks a lot!! ^__^ I don't have a lot of time now, and it's always nice to know that I can count on good helpers ;)

2007-02-20 [~username~]: I try!

2007-03-05 [~username~]: Oh look! A chicken! has been added to the Clubs wiki

2007-03-16 [Zel Holt]: Here are some more of my wiki's but they are under cunstruction and not suitable for rping yet. ^_^'

The Crystal Knights
The Crystal Knight Fallowers
The Crystal Explainitory

2007-03-19 [~username~]: The Crystal Knights has been added to the RPG Wiki

2007-03-20 [Zel Holt]: Thank you. ^_^

2007-03-21 [// Grace //.And..Bend]: Please add coffee lovers for us. Thanks you. :)

2007-03-21 [~username~]: coffee lovers has already been added to love it wiki

2007-03-21 [// Grace //.And..Bend]: Sorry bout that. Thank you.

2007-03-25 [Zel Holt]: I'm not sure if this is up there already but it needs players BAD! rpg lovers

2007-03-26 [~username~]: RPG Lovers has just been added to RPG Wiki, subcatagory Fan RPG's

2007-04-05 [Melocrie]: Could my new wiki be added here? I just started it like an hour ago and I'm gonna work hard on it, along with some other members. We're striving for it to become a succes. This is it: Elftown Renaissance
Thanks =)

2007-04-09 [~username~]: Elftown Renaissance has been added to Fighting For Wiki If you think it belongs somewhere else please tell me.

2007-04-17 [Moosey]: can you add Poetry by Jessa to the list please? ^.^

2007-04-18 [~username~]: Poetry by Jessa has been added to Private Wikis

2007-04-19 [Moosey]: thank you! ^.^

2007-04-26 [Shikitty]: (( Magic Simplicity needs members! It is a magic school rp. Just go and look! If you're interested talk to [KnightAngel] ))

2007-05-10 [CelebriänEluch]: Wow sorry my fellow elftowners, I've been gone a long time! I'm back!

2007-05-10 [iippo]: We didn't notice ^^;

2007-05-17 [_habnabit]: Please add Habnabit reads bad poetry! to your list. :D

2007-05-23 [Zel Holt]: My friend needs more willing candedats for her art contest please. Draw the coocoo bird!

2007-05-24 [The Dark Wolf]: can you please add my Wiki's
BloodyNight - RPG
Magickunderground- RPG
fuck the main stream- A wiki for ranting
Evil wars- RPG
Laurell k. hamilton fans- for Laurell k. hamilton info and chating.
We need members really bad.

Thank you.

2007-05-26 [Zel Holt]: Wiki Building Corp If you need help with a wiki, we're the ones for the job! ^_^ *give a thumbs up*

2007-05-31 [Yoruno]: Wow, this place is never quiet... I like it!!! ^___^
Ok, I see that [~username~] has been working quite hard... you're amazing!! *hugs* I will provide some help: if by chance some wiki owner's request has been ignored (most probably for the bunch of work everybody had!), please send me a PM... I'll take care of that personally. I know I can trust my fellow workers with my soul, but we never know when some real life business will be too important and things can go out of control. So, feel free to send me your wikis or re-post your request to be added here. I'll take care as soon as posible ^_~

2007-05-31 [~username~]: BloodyNight, Magickunderground, and Evil Wars have been added to Horror RPG's , fuck the main stream has been added to Anti wiki, and Laurell K. Hamilton fans has been added to Writters fan wiki. Yea! I'm loved for all of my hard work!!! <img:>

2007-05-31 [Luxord]: Please add Adventures of the Elder Scrolls it an rp currently under contstruction for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game. Looking for members.

2007-05-31 [Zel Holt]: ElfTown Outside The Computer <-This is a wiki I thought up it needs members and I need to work on it more I think. ^_^'

2007-06-01 [Linderel]: That's an empty page...

2007-06-01 [Zel Holt]: it is? One moment. ^_^'

2007-06-01 [Zel Holt]: There it should work now. ^_^' sorry about that though.

2007-06-10 [Zel Holt]: Please add Role Playing Learners And it needs some more people to help. ^_^'

2007-06-11 [~username~]: Role Playing Learners has been added to Various RPG's

2007-06-11 [Zel Holt]: Thank you. ^_^

2007-07-01 [Zel Holt]: ElfTown Outside The Computer Has a poll on it aswell. ^_^

2007-07-01 [*goofy*]: hey

2007-07-10 [Wednesday]: Elfpets For all elftowners who owns furry pets and would like to share their pictures!! No pets? worries! You can also draw an imaginary furry pet and add it! All are welcome to join!

2007-07-17 [Sunrose]: Please add Sunny Featured Art *^^*

2007-07-17 [~username~]: Elfpets has been added to Creatures Wiki and Sunny Featured Art has been added to Artist Wiki

2007-07-25 [~username~]: Bowling For Soup Fan Base has been added to Fan Wiki

2007-08-06 [~username~]: Save the Sharks has been added to Fighting for wiki

2007-08-29 [jsun]: Dynamic Poses would love to be added. <-- an artist resource

2007-09-19 [Morphea]: Please add Lille My`s Artwork

2007-11-23 [Mystin]: ADD SO HOT! TO THE LIST. IT'S NOW OPENED.

2007-12-15 [CelebriänEluch]: Hi, it's CelebriänEluch, I'm sorry to say but I'm leaving Elftown, Elfpack blah for good. I just don't go here anymore. I enjoyed helping with the wiki page and getting to know all of you, but I have made up my mind. Thanks and keep having fun. <3 Cele

2008-01-14 [Zel Holt]: I've got another one! ^_^ Anime TV It's a fan/chat/comment wiki. ^_^

2008-01-25 [terri t]: would you please add terri t's poetry wiki its my private poetry wiki page would thank you very much

2008-01-25 [Linderel]: You should leave an actual link when requesting. :)

2008-02-26 [Hedda]: Eh, what? Why move this page to The Wiki's wiki page?

2008-02-26 [SilverFire]: Because the apostrophe on this page is a bitch for a lot of people. That makes it hard to get to, which isn't good for an index page.

2008-02-26 [Hedda]: Well, maybe, but this causes huge problems:

1) 97 people have this page on watch. Now they have to change their watch.

2) There is a link this page from index and 4711 other pages.

3) Google has rated this page high, but not the other one. So there are some weeks or more of bad searching.

I changed the intex page to point right now, but not all the other pages. Try this:;btnG=Search&amp;

2008-02-26 [SilverFire]: well if you give me a list of those 4711 pages I will go 'round and change all the links (or leave comments for the owner). When we're done faffing, I was thinking we could make a news article about it, to draw attention to the fact that the page has moved, or existed at all, which would help get the watchers back up. If you tell us how to get the page rated higher by google, we'll do that too, unless you really want us to stick with the old page, but I went by the assumption that the page should be more easily found by elftowners than non-elftowners, in this particular instance. :)

2008-02-28 [Hedda]: I just gave you the list. See the link above!

2008-02-28 [Hedda]: Google rates images high which have many links to them. So all links should be updated as fast as possible. And this page's ranking also affects the pages' to which this page links to, which is the important thing here.

Damn, now I see that I have links to this page as Wiki-page adds too. So I have to update that.

Please never change the name of an important wiki-page without a proper discussion with the council!

2008-02-28 [SilverFire]: But that only shows me 21 results. :/ Are those only the exported ones? *confused*

Sorry, didn't realise it was such a big thing. ._.

2008-02-28 [SilverFire]: Now I'm just confused. If I use the google search with 'The Wiki´s Wiki Page' I only get one result. And some of the links it was turning up before were with the normal apostrophe anyway. X-x

2008-03-05 [Yoruno]: Wow, the wiki now looks professional ^__^ Sorry for the problems with the apostrophe...

2008-03-10 [Dark Side of the Moon]: testing testing... (ignore this folks...)

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