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This is The depression help wiki


This wiki is to help people who feel they are suffering from depression, if you would like help with your depression then please put your name below and I will privately message you as soon as possible and allocate you a team member, all what you say to the members are kept between the team and do not leak to anywhere else



1. No abuse to other users or team members

2. No signing up just to be sarcastic or annoying

3. Anyone found to be breaking these rules will be reported to the Elftown guards.


members wanting help

Elftown user name: [Mortified Penguin]
Name: Dr. John Mortified Penguin, Jr. III, esquire
date of birth: October 24, 1929

Elftown user name:
date of birth:

Elftown user name:
date of birth:

Elftown user name:
date of birth:

Elftown user name:
date of birth:


Meet the team

manager: [kians mummy]
Team leader: [kians mummy] acting

Team member 1: [Mortified Penguin]

Team member 2: vacancy

Team member 3: vacancy

Team member 4: vacancy

Team member 5: vacancy

please note: although we are not qualified we are here to help you in any way we can, some people prefer to have someone just to talk to without having to pay or be asked 101 questions before even starting.


24/7 help pages:



Canada/British Columbia
Crisis Chat:

Username (or number or email):


2011-10-06 [Teufelsweib]: oh, and the fact that you're 20 :)

2011-10-06 [Paul Doyle]: My unqualified, unasked-for recommendation for [Mortified Penguin]: Jump on (or be a stowaway on) the next cargo ship headed for Antarctica (or the Falklands, maybe) where there's lots of penguins. Hit on a female "penguin" that just so happens to be one of your female schoolmates dressed up in an oversized penguin suit. Lustfully chew raw fish together, like Lady and the Tramp sucking spaghetti till they smooch. Don't bother asking your female schoolmate why in the heck she got dressed up like a giant penguin and wound up in Antarctica (or the Falkland Islands). If you do, beware . . . IT'S A TRAP!

2011-10-06 [Mortified Penguin]: That does sound like a trap.

2011-10-07 [kians mummy]: [Teufelsweib] Age doesn't matter, It takes 2 years in uni to get the qualifications so you can start when your 18. :)

2011-10-08 [Doormat]: There are already hotlines around the world that help people deal with depression and thoughts of suicide. This wiki should just list them instead of pretending to be able to help.

I volunteer at a Crisis Center. I would know.

2011-10-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah. This wiki is as bad as those stupid "It Gets Better" videos on Youtube. Those people aren't trained to help depressed gay kids. They should just stop trying and delete their Youtube accounts, so that actual professionals can help.

2011-10-08 [Triola]: I'm not saying the wiki can't help if someone just wants to talk, but I think listing the hotlines would be a good idea. Often people want anonymity when talking about their problems, and ET can offer many things, but not that. But if they needed to talk to someone and this page is what pointed them to one of the depression or suicide hotlines, then that would be a job well done :)

2011-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: I have yet to receive any help for my crippling depression, my psychosis, my memory loss, my psychosis, my schizophrenia, that guy's dissociative identity disorder, or even my psychosis, which only seems to fuel my depression. Your team is incompetent, Sammie, and I'm going to go abuse prescription drugs because of it.

2011-10-10 [kians mummy]: well [Triola], give me the hotlines from your Country and area and I will put them on the wiki same for you [Doormat]

2011-10-10 [Triola]: Well, for Norway it's
Telephone: (0047) 815 33 300

2011-10-10 [Teufelsweib]: a great idea from [Doormat], the dutch site is where you can online chat with professionals about your problem.

2011-10-10 [kians mummy]: Thanks for the edit [Triola], would you like to help in editing the page.

2011-10-10 [Triola]: Yeah, sure, I can help out with editing on occasion, but I don't want to be on the team, just so that's clear, I get enough of that when I'm volunteering >.>

2011-10-10 [kians mummy]: I was going to put you as a part time editor.

2011-10-10 [Triola]: No need to put my name up at all, I'll just stick to the background :)

2011-10-11 [Akayume]: Sammie, I think what is meant by professionals are people who hold degrees in psychology, psychoanalysis, etc. And I'm not sure about Britain, because I do not hail from there, but to be a psychologist it takes four years of Uni here and then at least another four if not six) to be a doctor. (:

2011-10-11 [kians mummy]: It only takes 2 here I think, because most causes that are 4 years or more are ones that are saving lives, protecting the public, or risk of death to yourself.

2011-10-11 [Triola]: Actually, to practice as a psychiatrist in the UK you have to complete a medical degree (5 years), a postgraduate degree in a hospital environment (2 years), and then specialty training in psychiatry (6 years), which means 13 years of education. When it comes to becoming a psychologist that’s a bit different because there are several paths you can take, but in general to be able to practice psychology you need to be registered with the HPC-UK, and the threshold level for entry is at a doctorate, which will definitely take you longer than two years.

2011-10-11 [Akayume]: Mmhmm. There's a lot of Uni work to be a psychiatrist here as well, along with several years of training under someone else (so doing a residency, basically).

2011-10-12 [Mortified Penguin]: Here in Mexico it takes about a week (longer if the cartels raid your classroom).

2011-10-14 [Doormat]: Canada/British Columbia:

Crisis Chat:
Crisis Line: 604-872-3311
Suicide Line: 1-800-SUICIDE

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