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The Journey to Ardor


The year 2007. Magic is disappearing from the world, so much so that humans don’t even remember that magical creatures are real. Something needs to be done to restore the balance of magic back in to the world again. It is up to a group of magical creatures to come together on a journey to find the lost magical city of Ardor. Only there can they start new, and keep magic alive.

characters of the journey
Map of the journey
Journey to Ardor Credits

Page 1 - Greenland (closed)
Top floor - Greenland (closed)
Bottom floor - Greenland (closed)
Page 4 - Through the door (closed)
Page 5 - The Desert(closed)                         Landing in the Desert(Closed)
Page 6 - Inside the Cave(closed)                         -The Cave
Inside the Cave - Left(Closed)
Inside the Cave - Right
Inside the Cave - Right Side2

Feel free to add extra pages for your characters, for instance if you have pictures of their weapons or clothes.
Shiva's black book

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2007-02-08 [Wednesday]: cool just go the the characters page and then add your character in there ! :-)

2007-06-10 [Wednesday]: if you guys know anyone else that wants to join let them message me as i have 2 special roles for 2 lucky new comers!

2007-06-10 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: Hello, can I join this RP, I could be one of the 2 special characters if you want.

2007-06-10 [Lin-tastic]: I'll check it out...^_^ Maybe we should ask Silent if he'd be willing to play a special character. ;D

2007-06-11 [Maeve104]: Have all the character positions been filled yet? If not, I could possibly be one. :D

2007-06-11 [Lin-tastic]: He's always so busy, though...If Maeve wants it, then Mister Monkey can play a different special charry when the time comes. ^_^

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