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2005-04-18 17:04:40
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The Origin of Evanescence!!!! WELCOME! ^_^


Aaaahhh Amy!!!
Info on Amy Lee
The Origin of the Band
Amy's Hott Pics

  Manager: [Death's Die-Ary],
Assistant Manager: [44. Caliber Love Letter]

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[Candy Coated Corpse]: coolness

[kulianne]: ausume

[akira18]: ....i...luv....amy lee...SHES AWESOME!!! cheers! -holds up bottle of smearnoff grinning broadly-

[Death's Die-Ary]: *cheers* !

[♥CandyClouds♥]: Wow I haven't been on here in ages ^_^. Well it seems like ages. So.. Whats have peoples been up to lately..?

[Shade Wolf]: *cheers*

[Death's Die-Ary]: not much,but evanescence is coming out with a new cd in november

[♥CandyClouds♥]: Yah I heard about that. It shall be fun ^^.

[Shade Wolf]: What is it called?

[Death's Die-Ary]: i know

[♥CandyClouds♥]: No idea. | What is it called..?

[Shade Wolf]: What is the new CD called

[WoodenSuitcase]: does it have NEW songs? or just the same other ones in live versions or soething like that

[WoodenSuitcase]: does it have NEW songs? or just the same other ones in live versions or something like that

[Death's Die-Ary]: not sure yet,but i do know that it comes out in either november or dec

[♥CandyClouds♥]: It has new songs and it now comes out in March but they'll be a single release first.

[kulianne]: it's stillcool

[Shade Wolf]: KICK ASS!

[kulianne]: ^^"

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