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The Others

This is the page for those of you who want to be bad guys.

This is almost the same descript as The Accidents, with a few key differences.

ET name:
Character name:
Character age: (This should be between 16 and 18, but someone may choose to be a teacher so their age might be higher.)
Character Personality: (It is the personality, but unlike The Accidents I don't have to know how quickly they anger or how friendly they are.)
Character description: 'Nuff sed
Character skill: (This is a special skill an other is born with. They are all unique. No two others have the same skill. Message me with your idea for your "skill" after you have done everything else about your character.)
Short history: (Optional)

ET name: [Artsy]
Character name: Ren
Character age: 18
Character Personality: Bored when there is nothing to do, but extremely eager to get out and cause trouble. Loves most to influence people subtly and loves to have someone around to enjoy it with, though she prefers them to stay back and just keep her company. Not a big group kind of person she prefers walking around town among the punks and influencing them into fights. She loves watching it and enjoys just being in the scene of rock clubs where she can corrupt unnoticed.
Character description: 5’6”, very thin but not quite boney, coppery red shoulder-length hair she almost always keeps pulled back, pale-ish, and deep brown eyes that look black, almost always found in neutral black and white clothing except for her silver 4 ear piercings
Character skill: Very subtle telepathic control and Sight, used for her to see the person most suseptable to her influence, control of the chaos creatures that basically cause things to break, catch fire, etc.
Short history: dropped out of school when she was told about the Accidents, believing her life to be over. Works hard to help the Cause now and does what she told by her leader without hesistation. Has always loved influencing people, but won’t try on ones that she truly likes.

ET name: [Tekkon KinKreet]
Character name: Elson Rodston
Character age: 19
Character Personality: Normally cheerful but quiet. He sees friendship and trust trust as non related but refuses to form a true bond with anyone until they earn his trust.
Character description: He is tall, just under seven feet, and weighs nearly 270 lbs, all solid muscle. His face would seem dopish to most, but this is a carefully constructed and maintained mask.
  His hair is long, kept in a braid that runs down the center of his back to his waist. The color is pure black with his short sideburns colored a crimson red.
  His eyes are a bright green and seem slightly out of place on his otherwise darkly detailed upper body.
  He prefers to wear a plain black sleeveless shirt, (Ripped or cut) and baggy black cargo jeans (Khaki material) with two log chains attached, crossing both in the front and back. He also wears a shorter log chain around each wrist and black combat boots.
  He has no piercings, but does have a tatoo of a mountain on both fists.
Character skill: Elson often uses the log chains as weapons, but also has the ability to make them meld to his lower arms in the form of guantlets.
Short history: Elson grew up in a loving family, but after he became aware of his abilitly he had trouble coping and turned to drugs, nearly overdosing on heroin three times. After totally breaking the habit however, he set an extreme weight lifting routine for himself, quickly growing to the size, weight, and strength he is today.
  The same man Ren calls boss eventually found him and told him to go to the other's hideout to meet Ren.

ET name:[Nuktae-tal]
Character name:Spark Reem
Character age: 17
Character Personality: Calm... mostly. collected. nearly unflappable. calculating. and thoughtful.
Character description: shortish hair long enough to be in a small pony tail, a light brown with natural red and blonde highlights. hazy blue eyes covered by classes. wears things that when one would see her scream 'Librarian' but not skirts. wears fingerless gloves and boots with an inch to two inch heal's. ears peirced three times each. no other peircings has one tattoo on her side above her pelvic bone high enough her shirts cover's it. of a book with a knife peircing it. blood dripping off the tip protruding from the book and vince around the handle at the top.
Character skill: Photographic memory
Short history: not much of one really. but for some reason she has always had many books and magazines with her wheveer she has been. Traveled a lot, worked minimally.

ET name:[Eyelash-Wishes]
Character name:Eva Cole
Character age: 18
Character Personality: Very confident in herself. doesn't really show emotion unless she has to , to get something she wants.
Character description: Very tall and slim.Long blonde hair and bluey grey eyes. Very beautiful and she knows it, likes to use her looks to her advantage, tricking people to get what she wants. Looks very weak but is surprisingly strong for her small build.
Character skill:
Short history: Never fitted in at her school or town because she used her looks to manipulate people and to seduce the boys even if they were taken. Started travelling round to see where else she could cause chaos.

ET name:[~Acidelf3~]
Character name: Kohana
Character age: 16
Character Personality: Kohana is very smart and well rounded for her age. She is unusually polite, and very patient with people and problems.
Character description: Kohana is only 4'9" and weights a mear 100 lbs. She has long brown to black color hair, usually worn up in a ponytail. She wears a traditonal Japanesse Komono red in color. 
Character skill:
Short history: Kohana is from Japan and is in the States because her mother flead from her home town for a better life for the both of them. In Japan, Kohana had done some comercial modeling that helped her to understand more about her and find her passion in life. She loves to be outside around parks and woods. They live on Main street in what Americans would say is a VERY tiny house. Kohana loves the area of her home because it is in the middle of everything and everyone. Her name means "little flower" and she certinaly is very small framed and short. Her height and weight make her easly mistaken for someone to be taken advantage of, however she knows many forms of martial arts.

ET name: [Ms. Steel]
Character name: Carl Smithson
Character age: 17
Character Personality: Carl can be a smart alec and moody, as many fellows his age might be. Though, once one gets to know him, he is decent guy; he does like to make people laugh.
Character description: 5’9 , 150 lbs; i.e. not too tall, not too skinny Quite average. His hair is a medium brown, just a bit too shaggy-- it’s been a while his last haircut. Carl fancies the sweaters-and-slim-cut-slacks-look, and he is never to be seen without his Chuck Taylors. He was on a soccer team, so while he is not Mr. Muscles, he can run at a quick clip and is pretty nimble on his feet.
Character skill: Carl has the gift of a silver tongue; the power of persuasion, as it were, to make what he is saying seem truthful, even if it is a lie. He must be in physical contact with the person (i.e. engaged in a handshake, having a hand resting on a person's shoulder).
Short history: NONE! Isn’t that FORBODING!? Just kidding…he simply has no outstanding occurrences in his life to recount as ‘history’.

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2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: There are some and she isnt a model is has modeled.. just like for a newpaper ad back in japan.. nothing high fashion

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: Well.. even the shortest commercial model is like.. 5'2", and at that height you'd get almost no work... at 4'9", they wouldn't even give an interview... must have been a VERY small town newspaper, and didn't pay her.. i don't think that's worth mentioning in a bio....

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: it is just broad she did comerical modeling in japan everyone is short rmemeber that and actually i have been in the modeling world and their are girls taht are 4 9 to 5 feet tall that get some of the best jobs

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: i'm sure, but so what if people in japan are short? that's not even an arguement since the fashion world is essentially separate from the rest of the world because of it's standards, i'm telling you it just isn't realistic that a girl who is 4'9" would get any job worth mentioning

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: i see what you are saying however it is my character and i feel as if its worth mentioning

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: maybe in the story, but not the bio

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: thats your opion. I have my own way of doing things but i do appreasheat the info..*yeah i know i cant spell at the moment sorry*

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: What the fuck is your problem! You dont touch my shit! How would you like it if i went and changed your whole character! Dont touch it again.

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: I didn't change your whole character, I deleted a fact that didn't go there, didn't belong there and is irrelevent for all intents and purposes to the story, I'm head of the Others, I have the right to delete and edit as I choose. It's not like I changed your bloody character. Jeez

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: No you do not have a right to pick and choose what goes there! I find it of value so you can shove it

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: What does it have to do with the story? Nothing. How about I go put all the pointless shit about Tank on her profile? You'd have real fun trying to get that cleaned up, or reading it, or even looking at the HUGE paragraph. As I said, I'm head of the others and that is a pointless fact. I will delete it every time you put it up so don't bother writing it again.

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: I dont care what you put for Tanker! Its your character! why the fuck would it matter if i want one detail about her modeling in there???? it wouldnt and its on a history of it so it is revelant! Keep deleating it go ahead I will keep putting it on there because you cant watch it every day and your not in charge of the wiki.. I know chance will agree with me.. its my character I will do as i wish

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: Dont touch it again

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: Now it just sounds pagenty, but I won't touch it this time. I suppose that's relevent enough.

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: it was fine the first damn time and i will be calling chance to night to talk to him about you blatent dissregard for others characters and what they want in their bios

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: Chance put me in charge of the others and he told me he trusts me to be fair. He doesn't care about this and you shouldn't bother him with it. He'll think I should just pamper to your baby needs and that you should just listen to the person in charge. I'm not going to listen to a juvinile woman who wants a useless piece of information in her bio. If you had just made it relevent to begin with, you wouldn't be whining right now.

2008-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: I am sure as hell not whining! and I sure as hell am not a juvinile! I dont give a shit about you and what you do to your character and i do not see why you should about mine. Ever since you joined this wiki you have done nothing but bitched at me for the way i write and the way i choose to protray my characters. Just let me do me and you do whatever it is you do with your characters.. leave me and mine out of your mouth mind and comments

2008-01-09 [Artsy]: Well too bad. Our characters have to interact. And if you REALLY want me to 'just play my characters', fine. But don't say I didn't give you a chance.

2008-03-18 [Ms. Steel]: Do I send my character description to someone, or do I post it myself?

2008-03-19 [Tekkon KinKreet]: ummmmmm... i don't rightly remember, but I'm thinking I left it for you to post yourself.

2008-03-19 [Ms. Steel]: All righty roo.

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