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"Ugh! Almost there . . . . Just a little farth. . Aaaagggghh!!"

The girl's decomposing hand latched to his ankle. He couldn't climb with her attatched to his leg. He started to kick and jerk his leg around, trying (and hoping) to throw the girl free of his ankle.

"Argh! Let go!"

He flailed his leg about wildly, but the girl's hand remained attatched to his leg. His struggling caused him to lose his footing with his other foot (the free one). Vash hung there by his arms, his legs, and the girl, dangling beneath him. He held the wall as best he could, the weight of the girl pulling at his leg; his fingers slipping slowly from their holds.

"I said let go!!"

An idea struck him like a bolt of lightning. (oh shit that's got to hurt) He carefully brought his free leg up to his chest, holding it there. He looked down at the demonic girl, and kicked her as hard as he could, in the face. The impact stunned the girl, causing her to lose hold of his leg. She plummeted toward the water. Vash watched, still hanging by just his arms. The girl hit the water with a smack. Water splashed up onto the walls of the dank and dirty well.

"Oh, thank God."

Vash held tightto the wall as he found holds for his feet, his arms tingleing from stress. He held close to the wall, like he had done before, and tried to breathe. But nothing would come in; his throat was sore and his mouth was dry. It hurt each time he tried to inhale, and hurt even worse when he tried to exhale. But the worst was over, wasn't it? Sweat dripped down his brow and crusted his eye lids. He looked up at the opening and watched as birds flew over head. He continued to watch them, as he waited for his breating to slow. He watched, and saw somthing strange. The ywere ravens, traveling in a flock. He hung there, watching the raven flock slowloy circle downwards, toward him. They landed at the top of the well, in a perfect circle, each bird the same distance apart as the next. The thirteen black little Satans sat there, gazing at him with sinister eyes. Vash looked up at them, and they looked back. He swung one of his arms at the birds, trying to scare them away. They answerd with and in sync crow, and then flew away. Vash's heartwas racing. He could sense the girl's presence returning to the well. He dared not look down. He just began to climb.

"Not again. . . . . . please, Lord, not again. . . . ."

He could hear the water churning below him, but he did not look. He did not want to see that hideous face. He started to climb faster, and faster. His hands grabbed at the stones as if they had memorized where they were place. The patting of the gir's hands against the stone walls echoed up the shaft of the well. Vash mumbled under his breath as he climbed.

"No . . . . .Your'e not taking me 'again'. . . . . I won't let you. . ."

He had reached the top and was climbing over the the circular wall at the top of of the well, as he glanced into the darkness and saw 'her' nearly to the top. He fell over the ledge of the well and hit the ground hard, breath (if any) was knocked out of him. He gasped for air and struggled to his feet. He steadied himself against the well. The wet sounds of the demonic girl were drawing closer. He turned away from the well and started running a cramped run.

"Run. . . . . . Run, don't stop. . . . . Just run."

He ran as fast as he could, into the woods. He ran past hundreds of white trees and mist covered rocks. He ran, it didn't matter where, just as long as it wasn't near that well. The woods began to clear, as he ran, and an old ram-shackle cabin came into view. Vash ran up onto the porch, running into the wall to stop himself. He grabbed the door knob of the door that had the number twelve above it. He turned it and turned it, and finally it opened. He fell into the room and slammed the door shut behind him. He crawled over to a pile of old porn magazines and videos, and huddled up next to and old busted up TV. He sat there, curled up in a ball, looking around the room. He picked up one of the porn magazines and tried to calm himself.

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2005-05-11 [ally]: Good writing, some minor typos but overall good story. Have you got a wyvern's account yet?

2005-05-12 [Rhammin]: No. But i've read alot of the stories on elfwood

2005-05-13 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: Type more, Rhammin-kun! ^^

2005-05-17 [Rhammin]: i'm workin' on it.

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