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The Fishing Port

This is of course where you must appear first before heading anywhere else within Atlantis


The long wooden piers stretch far into the sea and every hundred meters, Atlantians are hauling in nets full of fish. Dotted visitors have started to make there way along the wooden piers to the main dock and onwards into Atlantis.


The early sea breeze is whisping across the lonley wooden docks. One lone figure strolls along the piers. Jammer, is a strange sight. Although he is Atlantian he chooses to wear exploration clothes from the surface. He reaches the end of the longest peir and sits with his feet over the edge. Waiting...

A small ship arrives at the dock. The sailors quickly anchors it and places a board from it to enable passengers to go ashore. One of them is Homer Goldstain, a gnomish traveller. He looks about him with curious eyes, having a hard time to decide where to go first.

Jammer watches the new arrivals with interest, wondering which of these he can persuade to follow him into the jungels around him. He spots one of them walking slower than the rest, he stands up rolls down his trousers and then makes his way towards him.

Jammer outstreches his right hand and says "Welcome to the City of Atlantis!, i trust your jounrney went well, how may i help you?"

Homer looks, a bit surprised, on the man who suddenly appeared. When he overcomes the initial surprise he smiles and shakes the outstretched hand "Hello, thank you." he sais "I'm an explorer of sorts, yep, came here because I wanted to explore. Do you know of any exploriworthy places? Sorry if I'm blabbering. Name's Homer, Homer Goldstain.".

"Nice to meet you Homer!, my name is Jammer," the Atlantian takes hold of Homers hand and shakes is vigrously. "I know many a wonderous places around this world, the greastest and most wonderous would be of the old palace ruins" He pauses for effect... "Would you like me to take you there?"

When hearing the words "wonderous" and "ruins" in the same sentence, Homer's eyes gleam with joy "Oh yes! Yep, that was just the kind of places I was looking for." for effect he shook Jammer's hand even more "Yep, it's perfect, and delightful, and when can we go?".

Jammer's grin gleams. 'Why of Course, STRAIGHT AWAY' he throws his hands up in the air in a dramatic fashion and leads Homer off the peir and down some stairs
'I will of corse be your personal guide for this trip'

"That sounds great, yes indeed. Are the ruins far away? Should we fetch supplies? How old are they? Oops, I maybe was supposed to ask that when we get there." Homer goes on asking questions for a good two minutes before he finally stops a moment to catch his breath.

Jammer overwhelmed and puzzeled by this mans excitment decides that maybe they should stop at a local stall he knows well
"Yes supplies is a good idea, follow me and please i dont mind answering questions but one at a time"
He leads Homer down a small alley way and into a jungle bush Atlantis trail 1

"Sure, indeed." Homer answers "I'll remember to ask one at a time, because answering more would make you grow another mouth, I mean you HAVE to grow another mouth in order to answer more than one question." he follows Jammer down the Atlantis trail 1.

The City of Atlantis
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2006-09-17 [Pip]: By what ever means you think would be suitable, of corse watery veichals, travel is more apopriate.

2006-09-30 [Kim_Lundin]: Ok, I'll make it simple and just hop off a boat :)

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