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The Library

This huge imposing building can be seen high above the lush tropical forests of Atlantis. This is however also almost deserted, inside the darkness and doom conceal old shelves of scrolls. They line the walls and the floor. Dr Hamminburg has himself counted over a million scrolls, however the langague and dilect they are written in is lost to history. A small light in one of the isle's gives away a presence...


In one of the many isles in the darkness a light mulls in the air. Its source is a small melting candal, almost at its wick end. Around it a small figures is hunched over muttering jibberish, next to him watching intently is a tall Atlantian.

'Kia bring the light closer i cant see this symbol, i think i have a clue,' mumbles Dr Henry Porter as he lifts up the scroll straining for light.

The City of Atlantis
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