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2007-07-18 01:05:49
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Things Fullmetal Alchemist Characters Would Never Say

~~*Ed walks in room* " well, what do you think?"
~~Al:"........ wha- what did you do to your hair?"
~~Ed: " The braid is so last chapter, the fans demanded a mohawk"
~~Al: "..........."

~~Ed is laying on his stomach on the couch, and Winry is sitting on his back putting a screw into his metal arm. And them Al walks in the room.
~~Al: Winry, what are you doing?
~~Winry: Just screwing around with Ed.
~~Al: O.O *Leaves room*

~~Ed: I've finally figured out why they call it the devils work. The key ingredient for making the philosopher's stone is...........milk.

~~Al: Hey ED! I got great news!!
~~Ed:What is it Al?
~~Al:I found the perfect outfit for you for Halloween!!
~~Al:*Pulls out a nome coustume*

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