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Things that Affect a Country

Here are some ideas for what you can can in your countries history or present to liven things up a bit.

War- a war has devestated the land and put a financial strain on everyone in it.

Natural Catastrophe- a somet strike, flood, flash fire or some other natural horror has ravashed this country.

Plauge or Famine- the people are dying or starving and the population is in serious danger.

No Unity- The land has no central ruler or ruling council and is often torn apart by mini wars as War Lords struggle for supremacy.

Civil War- The country is torn in half by a difference of some sort.

Crusade- The country has united to fight a religious war against another country.

Empire- An oppressive Empire owns this country, and rebellious factions are beginning to rise up against it.

Revolution- The country has recently broken free of an Empires grasp, and moral is high as the newly freed people rebuild.

Migration- Either a large amount of people have recently left or arrived, and the population has faced a drastic change.

Apocalypse- This country was almost annihilated, and very few people have survived.

Renaissance- A wave of change has hit this place. Creativity and learning are reaching new heights.

Racial Dominance- This country has a severe problem with one race considering itself superior. The other races are beginning to get annoyed.

Slavery- Slavery has run rampant in this country, and the people are beginning to notice it.

Defense- The country is having to spend a lot of resources defending its country.

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