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User Name: [The Past]

Character name: Timothy ‘Tim’ Maxwell.

Mutant Name: Cranio

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: Matter alteration: Able to alter molecular and atomic structures. For most accounts, Tim uses this in the same manner as telekinetics, primarily to levitate himself by manipulating his own molecules to be lighter/air to be denser. He is yet to push this power beyond simple ‘telekinetics’.
Projection telepathy: Is able to send out telepathic messages, but not receive them/read others minds/thoughts. This allows him to communicate with others, as he lacks the ability to talk.

Sex: Male.

Age/Date of Birth: 26, 12th January.

General appearance: A human skull.

Additional Appearance: N/A

Personality: Tim has learnt to deal with his situation with a healthy dose of humour. Often cracking jokes and more than a little sarcastic, he tries to come across friendly when he does interact with others, as he knows his appearance typically causes fear. He suffers from bouts of depression/anger at times, typically linked to the loss of his body and a normal life, but tries to push through them as quickly as he can.

Tim is a sports fan and enjoys watching it on TV, since he can no longer take part in them. He also is quite interested in women, but is more use to them freaking out and thinking of him as a ghost when he tries to approach them, so holds no illusion of finding a partner.

Although his time as school was cut short, and even during this he was an average student, Tim has attempted to further his learning. This is primarily around trying to figure out what he is, for several years believing that he was dead and a ghost, so has attempted to research into paranormal topics in hope at finding out how to use his powers.

Overall, he’s a nice guy, but lonely, and more than ready to make some friends and get back into some sort of society.
Special Skills: Tim has a decent knowledge on the paranormal and the weirder aspects of life. Due to his size, he is able to fit into small areas, and as he does not need to breath/eat, is able to go in places others cannot for long periods of time (e.g. under water, containers, etc.).

Place of birth: Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Weapon(s) of choice: His powers, and his teeth.
Medical information: Tim has no requirement to breath, eat, or most other human requirements for life, however he does appear to ‘sleep’. Despite his bony structure, he is fully capable of ‘sight’, ‘hearing’, and a form of ‘touch’, but has no sense of taste or smell.

His skull is that of a human, so is still vulnerable to all typical forms of head injury regarding bone. However, as he lacks a physical brain, he cannot suffer brain trauma/concussion/etc.

Although he has no need for it, and despite the lack of tendons and muscles, Tim is able to move his jaw joint at will.
Brief History: Tim came from an average family household and was attending high school, including being an active member in a number of sports teams. Gaining his powers while he was walking home from school at 17, his abilities arrived very violently, causing the destruction of his body and removing all tissue (bar bone) from his head.

Unable to control his powers, as well as the mental distress regarding his new form, Tim was left stuck at the scene of his ‘death’, unable to move. Having failed to return home, the police filed him as missing persons.

His skull was discovered by a number of individuals, moving between owners; some choosing to keep his skull for themselves, others attempting to turn it into the police, while others threw it away as rubbish. As he learnt of his powers over the years, Tim’s skull gained a reputation of being ‘haunted’, the owners often hearing voices and having items shift at random. As his powers grew he learnt to levitate himself, giving him mobility and a greater chance to avoid being taken again.

Tim discovered Xavier’s at random, having overheard other mutants talking about it, and decided it would be the best place to learn of his powers, without everyone thinking he was a B-movie horror prop.
Relatives: Last he knew, his parents and two siblings were still alive, but has had no contact with them.

How long your character has been in the mansion:New comer.

Current Attire: Nakkey.

X-Men Characters

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2012-08-29 [XxTsomexX]: Zeke would not mind him, since people are freaked out by his looks, and she can't see. She'd be curious about the fact that she wouldn't be able to feel him coming, and would ask about it.z

As for Endelyn and Jonas... they would probably freak out. Jonas wouldn't feel bad about it, but Endelyn would, especially if she found out it hurt his feelings or something.

2012-08-29 [Flisky]: Just because I'm curious, what would happen if Rook poked Tim?

2012-08-29 [The Past]: A good question >.9 The main thing I see is Rook's powers causing Tim to fall out of whatever space he's levitating in (that could lead to injury, depending how high he is), and unable to communicate to others. Would more or less I think, put him back into where he was when his powers first started, just a skull lying around on the ground. Not sure if it would 'kill' him, since all he really is is a conscious/mind inside a skull, and no brain or physical structure.

2012-08-29 [Flisky]: *snorts with laughter* This is the scene I have in my head now.

Tim: I'mma floatin' skull!
Rook: *poke*
Tim: *crashes to the ground*
Rook: Shit! I broke him!

2012-08-30 [XxTsomexX]: Lmao

2012-09-22 [Duredhel]: <img100*0:>

2012-09-22 [Roma]: AWW

2012-09-22 [The Past]: X3 Oh Tim <3

2012-09-22 [XxTsomexX]: <3!!!!

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