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To create a World.


Blinding. Bright. Luminous. Shining with a brilliance like no other. The creation of worlds was fascinating to watch even if not all beings could. The Angels delighted in watching new life being created. With a world came things to inhabit it.

Every time was different but each time the light that was emitted was blinding. Tonight's light show was technicolour like a rainbow. The Angels hovered round.

They were not the Angels that you and I know. These were different. They were not beings as such, just wisps of energy. They had faces like you and I. Celestial faces. Each one more beautiful than the next. Their bodies took any shape or form that they pleased but their faces remained the same. They were a strange but beautiful sight.

The Angels watched and waited for the glowing mass to take its final form. It swirled and contorted, changed and moulded itself into a spherical shape. The light dimmed.

There for all to see was a new world. A paradise. The Angels would watch over this world for this was the one they were waiting for...


Portfolio Contest|Writing Portfolio|[Chimes]|Chimes Portfolio

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