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completely insignificant. an everyday item of consumption. many have a toaster, many eat toast, many make puddings...but few know of the power of toast.
one day, there will be a grand toaster in the clouds, far from the rats and the dentist-wielding shepherds. from this shall come the toast to create the empire. but there are threats to this partially burned utopia. for a start, there is the chocolate-potato realm of [firemist] (yes, you have now been exposed!). we need recruits for the TKGB to prevent the empire from falling. we need an army, members of government, ambassadors, members of the royal court, patriotic followers and of course, loyal residents. --The Queen

<img:> and look, there's some more of me! alright, this does actually have a reason for being here; my eye got used on the Iguana banner. and i thought it could now retire to the Toast empire. -- The Queen.

<img:> that's mah creepy-looking hand! -- sorry, but the Queen is just excited about her sibling's new digital camera, so deal with it...XP

<img:> Fire... Police... Need I say more?-- The King

ah! i have worked out why the King is now being secret! he has offended the bands! the bands...what do you mean, 'who are the bands'?? i mean Tom McRae, singing "It's time to kill the King; It's written in the Scriptures..." and i mean Radiohead, singing "When I am King, you shall be first against the Wall." no wonder he's hiding... it just me, or is this page getting rather chaotic now...?
-- The Queen

Toast is matter. The crust is Anti-matter. And Pudding is energy. It took the King and I no time to realise what the universe really is made up of. Not elements, but Toast. From the original Supernovae came forth Toast crumbs and Pudding in the form of electromagnetic energy. So there you go, our latest breakthrough in a Nutshell. All our work. But now we need to discover how the Tofu came to be..... -- The Queen

Quoth Manny: "Ha! You're Toast! Tee-oh-ay-ee-arr-ess-tee...TOAERST!" *Manny's pride be wounded*

oh how we love Black Books... -- The Queen

congratulations to [Spica] for getting the 100th comment on this page. yay. (i did get the 98th though...^_^) --The Queen

the Queen reserved her spot on the 1000th comment so people (toasts?) start writing more comments!! we've got many more!!???? --> ROTJTD

toast will one day rule the world...
Toast Castle
Toast Banners
Town Map

To join add your name at the bottom of the list, along with a position: Secret Police, Army, or Toastie. *Special positions awarded by the Queen or King*
Also, put the banner in your house with a link to Toast@wiki
Current Members:
[The Stray] The King (secretly)
[Lannanos] The Queen (what do you mean, secretly?!)
[RedNick] Head of Secret Police, TKGB
[Spica] Representitive of the Japanese Toast Division
[firemist] A SPY! AN INTRUDER! but we love her anyway...
[Sillebille] Toastie
[layna] Toastie
[satorifirefly] Toastie
[LightningRod] Toastie (whether he likes it or not)
[angel of the shadows] Toastieat
[blackenedrose*] a member of the TKGB - 0002
[tps30692] toastie
[Simblemunë] Toastie...hope the name worked...
[WinglessFairy] the butter boy
[~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] toastie i guess or i think or i dont know
[Like Sun Through The Rain] Toastie (i assume)
[sind] Toastie? can i just make my own name? lol...
[Snowflame] toastie..
[Silent Procession] toastie reporting for duty
[kittiekittie] aww...i like toast!
[sXe=clean punk] toast is crispy deliciousness

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2005-02-05 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: huh

2005-02-05 [Lannanos]: yeah, though i don't understand the logic in changing accounts...

2005-02-05 [The Stray]: yeah... *shrug*

2005-02-05 [Lannanos]: lol, is shrugging your new thing?

2005-02-06 [The Stray]: *shrug*

2005-02-07 [Elfje*]: lannanos.. Elfje* is from meh, (someelf) but also from firemist, cause she missed ET i gived her my pass and house, so we share ^^... Sort of.. :p //someelf.

2005-02-07 [Lannanos]: she told me that a couple of days ago, but thanks anyway elfy

2005-02-18 [firemist]: meep. i was just thinking...i don't remember writing

2005-02-19 [The Stray]: *shrug*

2005-02-19 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: TOOAST hey wutz ur fav type a toast

2005-02-21 [The Stray]: the kind made of bagles. or bread. and heated... until crispyish...

2005-02-21 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: lol

2005-02-23 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: ALL MUST VISIT MY WIKIS (the more n portant 1s I have far 2 many) Just Cant Stop and Wiccaz Wing

2005-02-23 [Lannanos]: i wouldn't call it tactful to advertise other wikis here....

2005-10-17 [Elfje*]: wiccaz wing?o.o...why does every1 feel an urge 2 stick z on the end of everythign now. 'purzzzzz wiccazzzz friendzzzzz'

2006-02-25 [tuff ghost]: Yes, untactful. I don't care.

2006-10-21 [sXe=clean punk]: hey hey you know wut you know wut? toast rules

2006-12-04 [Zapinc]: BY THE POWER IN ME - THIS WIKKI IS NOW CLAIMED BY the waffle army  AHAHAHAHA!!!!

2006-12-04 [sXe=clean punk]: *gasp*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no you cannot have this wiki! for it is for toast....not waffles! even thought waffles are equally delicious

2006-12-05 [Zapinc]: Join us, Apathy, join the glorius might of the waffles, we have already riddled the Doughnut army with nuclear war, the Jaffacakes have been taken over, and now it is time for the toast to step aside.

You cannot avoid the WAFFLE-MUFFIN ALLIANCE, over 530 members strong.

You are a strong warrior, and your enrole in the waffle army's ranks would be a noble contribution to the cause.

Join us, you know you want to, nobody bothers with the toast wiki anymore!

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