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Tooth and Talon

The heroes of the former wars have all lived and died, leaving behind them a world at peace. However, one seeks to destroy this. The nephew of King Riordin has taken it upon himself to destroy what is left of the human royal family in order to make way for Chaos to descend. Rilion feels it is his birthright to use the kingdom of Essin to do what his great-grandfather, Rijiold, the first King of the Dragons, could not. His ultimate goal is to destroy the realm of humans.



Tooth and Talon Rules and News - All players must watch this page.

Tooth and Talon Character Options - Please read this before creating a character.
- More on Mage Color to help explain mages. -

Tooth and Talon Characters - List of characters.

Tooth and Talon History - A short history of the world.

Tooth and Talon Role Play - The RPing page.

Tooth and Talon Gods - The Gods.

Tooth and Talon: Important Figures


Disclaimer - This role play may have adult situations or graphic scenes.

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2009-06-22 [Avalyn Bastian]: ok I see. I already saw him. I thought he was pretty cool. I was going through the characters page just to see what was there...and for a bit of examples to help the bulding of my character

2009-06-22 [jaraden]: looks like another awesome idea babes!! good luck with it!!!

2009-06-22 [Flisky]: Thankies! ^_^

2009-06-22 [jaraden]: no problems babes! that's what i'm here fer!

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: So can anyone crash the party or just personal friends?

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: This is open to everyone. ^_^ If you want to RP, welcome.

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: Awesome...*looks around*...can I ask someone for a quick tour?

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: Sure. *points up to page* First read the rules and news. Boring, but necessary. Then move onto character options. That'll pretty much tell you all you need to know. The characters currently playing are on the character page. (Duh. ^_^ ) And if you're really interested, the history page is the backstory to the roleplay and the first few chapters.

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: So...okay. *has to make a character now* I'll go start investigating. :D

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: The role play is actually in chapter four...I think...*has to go check*

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: Hehe. I've got a few ideas for characters, but I'd really like to see the list of them. *hasn't gotten that far yet* So I'll post my character here when I'm all done and link back to the character page, right? (I'm assuming you've blocked the "everyone can edit" thing on all pages...except the RP page. xD)

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: Yes. If you want, either put the character link in a comment on the character page or you can just message it to me directly. ^_^

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: Okay. Good to know. ;D

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: *grins* Just doing my job.

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: And it's a good job. xD

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: Thankies. But if some of my characters don't post, they will be flayed. *pulls out bull whip*

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: *shivers slightly* I'll be sure to stay away from getting the...whip...sounds painful...

2009-07-26 [Flisky]: *shakes whip at players, an evil look on her face*

2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: *hides behind random large bolder*...*whispers*I haven't even started playing and I'm scared!*whispers/shivers*

2009-07-28 [Avalyn Bastian]: XD!!!!!!!!!!! wow... my goodness....

2009-07-29 [Lin Star]: Yup...*ish very impressionable* HI!!!<img:44166_1164218094.gif>

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