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Top Floor

Back to...The journey to Ardor

[Dakear] As I stepped inside and my eyes began to adjust I saw a beautiful dark red haired woman who introduced herself as 'Shiva' and a grown male with black hair around his shoulders introduced as 'Lucien'. Tristan totally ignores the one called Lucien and begins talking to the beautiful young lady. "Well hello Shiva, my name is Tristan. Could you tell me where exactally I am at and are we the only ones here? I've been traveling for days since my homeland was destroyed and this is the only direction I could walk in. And another thing, What in the hell are dog prints doing out side of this place? Are their Wolverines about?", he asks.

Lucien let out a low growl. "Shiva, didn't you say you wanted to go back down stairs?" he said this because he could tell the new male wanted her. Lucien stepped infront of her and spoke to Tristan," What brings you here or are you in the dark about that as much as we are?" He blocked Shiva from Tristan's veiw with his body and hoped this wouldn't anger her.

As Lucien stepped inbetween Shiva and Tristan, she put her hand on Lucien's shoulder.
"Wait Lucien, he might be here for the same reasons that we are, even if we still dont know what the reasons are." she said stepping in beside Lucien.
"Maybe we should all go downstairs and see what the other two have found out so far. I think if we will ever find something out, we will find it downstairs." Moving her attention to Tristan, she smiled.
"We are in the middle of Greenland Tristan, but anything other than that, none of us knows."

Tristan could tell that the one called Lucien was getting a bit jealous so he decided to back off for now. "I see. The other two you were just talking about, who are they? And do they know anything more than we do? I'd really just like to get out of this place and get on with my search for the Wolverines that destroyed my homeland. For you see, I am the only Drow left of my Clan and I must avenge the deaths of my people. So if you two would be so kind as to help me find a way through this place I would be extremely gracious."

Lucien look at Shiva and touched the hand she put on his shoulder,"ok lets make our way back down stairs no telling what the others have gotten into down there by them selves." He smiled at her then made his way to the stairs. 

"Alright, I guess I might as well follow you two. Lead the way Lucien." Tristan said.

[trexor] Traege had been being drawn to this place in greenland the weather had been hell on him but he was determined to figure out what was drawing him and to see if there were others like him. He noticed a building in the distance that felt familiar and drew him. he saw some one go into it up ahead from a different direction then he had come. he waited for aproximatly 5 minutes and then entered slowly. "wait" he said "i have to know what is goung on here who are you people" and glancing at lucien "what you are"

Lucien looked at the male who just entered the room. "I am lucien Zander silverwolf a carpathian from the carpathian mountains. And you are?" damn another male. this is going to be fun a bunch of animals fighting for the lead. He thought to himself. 

"Why hello Lucien where you drawn here too and do you know for what. I have lost a good portion of my self" and then moves his flies a round in a wave movement.then looking at shiva and tristan "you guys look almost normal who are you and are you also here for the same reason"

we are not sure why we were drawn here. What do you mean almost normal. I see nothing wrong with anyone here, well maybe the angel downstairs but thats only because on her wings but that i would think is normal for here. 

[trexor]I was refering to everyones strange clothing nothing like were i came from. know one i have ever met was any thing like me and i am tired of being shunned and mocked

Lucien nodded his head well come on down stairs we will find out more there than up here.

[Dakear] As he walks towards the stairs leading down he asks, "Is everyone just gonna stand here talking, or can we go ahead downstairs as planned?" Then he begins walking down the stairs not waiting to see if anyone was following.

[trexor] Traege slowly followes him down the stairs

Walking down to: Bottom floor - Greenland

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