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Ok this is a contest for those who have (beautifully) evil thoughts. It was created by [Tanka] and [HydroTemplar] and the goal is:
to come up with the most creative and evil way to torture someone.

1. no repeating yourself
2. limit one attack to genitalia beyond that gets boring and redundant
3. all attacks are directed to a neuter dummy unless otherwise specified
4. must be beautifully violent and twisted

I Guess you people need motivation...
Example By [HydroTemplar]: then how bout lets slip daggers between ever third rib, skipping those over ur heart, leaving u alive to suffer, cut open ur stomach, spill acid down your windpipe, rip out ur liver and while it's still connected spiral cut it, shove a dagger through ur lungs from the cavity that was once your belly, gouge out ur eyes, shove a 3inch spike through each ear, cut a slit down ur back along ur spine, then rip out ur spine through it, then finally cracking each rib one at a time and taking out ur heart and make u eat it while it's still pumping...

OK, people, I know somebody can beat that... prove it...

Post Below and Contest Ends: May 1st 2005

Get a knife and shove it by the forhead, get a disk made Shuriken and hit it on the arms, legs, and stomich, then pull out the heart and put it in a jar for a trophy on the wall, then get a tazer till it explodes and remake it and redo the process.
by [Kaito The Ramen Bandit]

First start using a hammer to smash the toes and fingers, get some scissors and cut off the ears and stitch up the nostrils and run a knifes blade along the webs of your feet and hands. Get a piece of metal and heat it up and brand the victims stomach. Shave off all the victims hair and make them eat it. and repeatedly whip them on the back with some barbed wire. Break the knees and elbows and bend them the wrong ways and twist the bones so the you can hear the cracking and they hang limp. Gouge out the victims eyes with a spoon and sow up the eyelids with metal wire. Douse the victim with freezing water the electorcute them until they start to burn. Start hammering nails into the victims fingers, knees, elbows and toes. Cut open the chest with a saw and break the rib-cage. pull out the heart and let the victim watch his heart beat.

by [Yautja]

To start cut open the corners of their lips and poor vinegar on te cuts so they scream and rip their cheaks open


Strap the person down to a burning slab of metal and make cuts on the person's arms, legs, and chest. Shave the hair off of the person's head with fire and play tic tac toe on it with a knife. Dump acid on the person's face and put the person's tongue on a slab and chop it off with a axe. Sew the person's mouth together then rip it apart. Stab out each eye with a burning fork. Smash the bones in the persons body with a sledghammer. Cut open the persons stomach and piss in the organs.

[Jugga jigga]

[Painful Cheat]

The blade again tender skin. Ripping though like cutting butter. Easy with no thrust or will. Slowly gushing of red life. Going down his side. The spikes in his hands sting with every breathe. My pupils dilate as I hold the dagger. I can’t see but I try with every will to strike. I cut his arm. He lets out a hiss. I look at the lemons in the kitchen. I walk over and hold the lemon and smile. With the dagger stained in blood I slice the fruit in half. A dance with a dagger in one hand and a piece of lemon in the other. Slowly squeezing my right hand as mucky clear necture fall from my hand and onto him. He screams but I pay him no mind. I look into his bloodshot eyes and I kiss him slowly. His chapped lips sting mine. I wipe my mouth and look at him with a smile. He closes his eyes. Literally begging for death. It wont come. No. Not yet. I look at her. crying. What a pitiful human being. Her night gown stained with her tears. She looks at me with fear as he had done to me. She runs to him. Thinking he'll help her. He is out of your reach now. You cant steal him from me again. I look at the gas container next to the fireplace. Lights a cigarette. I loved him. But. He loved her. I sigh. And look at him and say my good byes. I kick the gas container over. “I love you”. I dropped the cigarette, got my purse, and looked at my prisoners. I walk out the door and push the down button on the elevator. It dings and opens the door. I step in and push the button that says #1. I tap my foot to the elevator music. Im hungry. I hope there’s a restaurant near by.

[Cult Video]

[Burrowing through Pain] By [Danny Zuko]

Lay 3 mice on the belly of a person, and put a bucket over it, the mice will therefore go down and cut into the belly, burrowing into the body. Cut the tounge when they are lying down screaming at the pain of the mice, then they start choking on the blood of the tounge, and basically suffocationg, then squeeze sum bitter lemon juice the eyes. Superglue lips together so you cant spit the blood out, slowly you choke and you cant breathe that well.


 [Let's get Medieval for three days]
 Starting with a little humiliation... get the person naked and after u put honey on him all over, let him somewhere where there are bees and ants... and let him there tied up for a night... then, forthe rest of the day just put him near a fire where u drop some red hot chili papers. Be sure that the smoke will reach him all over...especially to his eyes. but... a new night is coming... so let's use that fire... to make some iron claws hot red... to tear up the flesh... on the hands... and when the morning comes... we will reach the conclusion that he will not need those legs any more, does he? So let's brake his chin inch by inch with a hammer... and there will be another day of fun ...for us >:) so for another day we will just hang him head down from one leg(hopefully the remainings of the foot will still hold...or else he will ruin the party) and on the sides we will hang 2 wolves. Desperately they will reach our guy tearing parts of his body... unfortunately we will need huge quantities of blood to keep him alive... but it is possible if we take care... so...have fun...even thou u shouldn't try this at home...:))

[Russian Roulette] By [WolfAngel]

a malace of fun and games is what they call it,
take bullit,
drope it in the chaimber,
pull the trigger.
click, click, bang
blood covers the walls,
as the bullit pierced through the skull,
laught at my bleeding corpse all you want,
I do not care,
I took the chance every one said I wouldn't,
I played the game of life and death,
three clicks is all that i needed to clear,
but bullit settled in the last pull of the trigger,
a slight hint of pain slid through my body,
but no time to cry,
I felt a cold sweep of death,
as it took my soul from my very chest,
purgatory is where I rest,
I watch my friends scream in terror,
blood pools all around,
the police call it a homicide,
when it was all fun and games,
the case is closed with the rulling of suicide.
my friends are set free,
but forever with the guilt of a simple dare.

I have you, my child, suspended on a sturdy stone wall beneath the earth--Don't bother looking; your eyes are useless, broad X's drawn across the sockets by the point of my knife. Just know that there's a nice thick layer of sawdust beneath you, stifling my footfalls and replacing them with dull wooden sifting. Your wrists are searing with tension, I know; the shackles binding them are tugging from gravity, the ones around your shins holding you taut and the thirty-pound weights on each ankle reinforcing. I can see you in your painstaking tears, though you can't see past your eyes--A week of sensory deprivation, hung in that very cramping position, is making my the lightest brush exquisite. You're reeling. You're starving. And I've got my own air supply, so I don't have to smell you.
I've grown so tired of your laughter, you see... It keeps me awake at night, it makes my head split and my veins scream. But your agony... It's my aspirin. My balm, my light. Infections have grown from the stainless earplugs I've inserted in your veins, and watching you writhe at the slightest pressure on them is exhilirating as it is.
I gave you SO long to repent, just waiting for a simple apology, the tiniest indicator that you understood.
But in time, the venom grew thicker.
Vengeance is sweet.
And oh, is it sweet.
So I'll break your fucking kneecaps, start with the teeth of a hammer, and drag up with each blow. Scream, monkey, beg for release. Scream loud enough and I'll use the blunt end--Not a bad idea. Yeah. I'll do that.
Your knees are shattered. And your elbows are soon to follow.
Yeah, that's it. Jerk your arms a little... Yeah, that's it.
Like wings--Broken wings. Like the killer you are, like a fallen angel; the metaphysical is giving way to reality. You think you know pain, just because you've got a couple pinpricks in your soul. But you let them leak.
Give. What you've taken is irreplacable, but give 'til you're gone. Your breaths, your pleading. Your cries to whatever god you think will listen. Nobody's paying attention, and this far down on the spiral, not even a god will pick up the sound. Here, let me prove it--No, shut the fuck up. It's just a meathook, and it's not even going through the vital stuff behind your ribs. You're letting it all out too early, and your voice... Oh, whatever.
See, you know what I mean now. If you could see how much blood you're letting out now, how well I'm applying the angelic metaphor to your worthless, naked form... You've got wings now, you're a fucking blood angel. They're sticking out of your sides, and check it out--I can make them flap. The bits of flesh between them make for air resistance, and...
Fine, be that way. I'm just surprised you're still this coherent.
And I'm glad we've got communication going; your sniveling was starting to dishearten me. It hardly seemed worth it if you weren't going to be you--Burning an effigy would've sufficed otherwise.
So what do you want to talk about?
FUCK IT. Nevermind. I tried to be civil. For such a hotheaded macho son of a bitch, your fire goes out pretty quickly.
Fuck civility.
Hey, remember that book where some universe-creator nailed a virgin and her son was born in a barn? Yeah, remember how he died?
Stop flinching. I'm pounding spikes further out on the walls, not into you.
Okay, now you can flinch. That's one wrist in the new shackle, aaaaaand... There's two.
So here I've got a baseball bat, while you're on the cross and all. Since your arms are stretched out, they'll be easy to dislocate at the shoulder with a SIMPle... UPward... STRIKE. God, your muscles are worse on the right arm. Had to hit it twice. That's obviously your masturbating arm. Speaking of which...

Nah, I'll keep your genitals intact. They got you into this mess, but I'd hate to come off as cliche.
Instead, I'll just make some nice, deep incisions in the armpits--Oh, now you get it? The weights, the incisions... I love that expression on your face. The shock realization of what's to come.
And now...
Time to release your ankles.

i haven't read any others, butthis is how i've always thought would be very painful...cut slits everywhere in somebody's body. Following that, you throw table salt in each wound, then dousing the wound with whiskey. Then, sew every wound back up with metal thread and a rusted needle. Create more wounds, stab wounds instead, and hang then by their toes in a tree. Cover them in red ants and grape jelly. Then wax their entire body until it is freed ofhair, then cover them in ground bees. Thank you for your time~[wicked fae mage]

Sixty pounds, my child. Sixty pounds.
That's enough for a really slow tearing of sinews, flesh, tendons, everything. It starts with that little slit I just made in each arm, and that slit gets worse and worse.

So in the meantime, I'm going to head upstairs and play Pac-Man for a while. There's a table full of food past the door on the other side of this room, which I put there at the beginning of your sensory deprivation. I'm sure some of it's still good.
And I'm leaving the exit up the stairs wide open.
If you can escape without your arms, most of your blood, and with sixty pounds holding you back, more power to you. I'm skipping the country anyway.

No, shut up. Pac-Man. Now.



Damn, it's been three hours, and not a single scream.
This is kinda weird.
I know he can pull this off.


Waaaaait. Forgot something.

Tap, tap, whump... Tap, tap, whump...
Damn, I think I just sprained an ankle jumping down the stairs.

Oh, by the way, I coated the sawdust w--
Damn. He's dead on the floor.
K, nevermind.


I knew a man, yet he had dead hair. Hair that didn't move or flow, but lifeless hair sitting on his head. Now I think possibly, that it was a pretty little auburn before my bullet went through his head. I watched the blood leaking out, over his ears. I watched the blood coat the lobes, crusting over as maggots crawled into his head. The blood still warm and gooey, like lickable hot fudge, leaked out and over the blue irises eyes. I watched the blood break away the clear film of eye space, and watched the eye give way to thick red.

I knew a man with a breathtaking beautiful face, before of course my sledgehammer left a cavity in his face. I had watched as Thor's hammer, rocked that beautiful face, and listened as the crunch of bones set gravity into place. Nice pieces of flesh and bone hung on his lifeless face, moving as the wind whipped around making soft thwapping noises. His beautiful, beautiful face with the blood soaked eyes, and dark blue lips brought a smile of enjoyment over my own blood red.

I knew a man who had a fine pale expansion of neck raped and tore with a fine hunting knife, leaking down in rivets of blood. His shoulders ached with the loss of arms, charred to a stump, blackened roots little bits of barbed wire tore into the delicate smoldering flesh.

I knew a man who had a muscled chest, ripped abs, heart-scooped out with a spoon. An empty vessel, heartless soul, black gorging out of his chest. Valves non-responding, soft sucking noises, music to my ears. An angel's cry as the dear man whimpers in pain.

I know a man castrated long, long after birth. Hot molten tipped rod, breaking into his soft delicate flesh. Scar tissue tittered his under body, I declare him eunuch, and demand a song for me.

I knew a man whose flesh was stripped to the bone, pulled away with fishhooks to prolong the agonizing pain. While ebony bones, broken in pieces taped around a rod of steal, so the man couldn't run away.

I knew a mans who's ankles were cut open, and sewn back closed. Inserted inside a ball to roll under his skin, just to satisfy me. His feet black with my make shift stitches, seeped with puss and full of hatred.

I knew a man tortured and killed, crucified later. I looked out a smile on my face, as the buzzards picked at his. Sighing I rested carefully enjoying the screams of pain, my heart hopping with glee.


we all know your just getting ideas of how to kill some one, but even so ill give it a try
requirements: a knife, 50 pins/nedles, a 12 foot tong rope, and a sound prof room with a hooked skrew in the seling(at least a 7 foot tall sealing)

brake each colar bone, take your trusty knife, and stab them in the wind pipe, then with that knife, rip it down till the dumbys belly button(such a cool word: belly botton), then twist the knife 90 degrees and rip entirely through out through the left side(this will be kneded later), take your 50 nedles and jam 2 under each fingernail and toe nail, and five in each eye, then put the rope throght the hooked skrew and then feed it through the gap in the persons side and tie it like that, then loop it reversed arownd ther neck and then hang them like that


two words: ashlee simpson music. no hell is worse than that.

note:just to tell everyone," ashlee simpson music" is three words

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2005-05-18 [Linn Scarlett]: damn still didnt start it X_X *just returned from italy :P*

2006-01-02 [Linn Scarlett]: choking goes pretty fast, especially on liquid and the mice will only go trough if you heat the bucket or something like that (saw it in a movie once)

2006-01-02 [Linn Scarlett]: and i think rats work better, they carry diseases too ^_^

2006-01-02 [Linn Scarlett]: *cough* ok ive lectured enough for today ;)

2006-01-03 [Danny Zuko]: lol, hey people

2006-02-09 [The Slave Queen]: *runs away scared* dont hurt me!

2006-03-03 [Danny Zuko]: lol. i hope non of u r gonna try these out!! lol

2006-04-18 [Chrysilla]: u`re crazy :))

2006-04-25 [HydroTemplar]: yall realize that the deadline was may 1 2005... this ended a long time ago...

2006-04-25 [BinaryPhoenix]: There is no year by the date, it only states: "Post Below and Contest Ends: May 1st"  So anyone stumbling across this contest might assume it is the next may 1st, not the previous one, as it nowhere says this competition is closed... ^_^

2006-04-27 [Avoral]: Yeah, I'm with Xorn on this one. I assumed it meant this coming May 1st, considering the contests page and all.

2006-04-29 [Danny Zuko]: lol. good luck everyone cuz lookin at all of urz, i hav no chance! LOL *_*

2006-05-01 [Avoral]: I like [MissTricky]'s.

2006-05-12 [HydroTemplar]: ok, first, how was it on the contests page? i both put it on and took it off a year ago....

2006-05-13 [Avoral]: No idea. But it's there.

2006-05-13 [iippo]: There's several contest wikis, I guess.

2006-05-14 [Tanka]: it's frustrating because i know i took it off once too so it must have been reposted prolly twice then.

2006-05-15 [Avoral]: *Thinking* Did I go overboard on the one-side perspective?

2006-09-03 [Linderel]: What's the status of this contest? On the Writing Contests page it's listed as 'closed & voting' but I don't see a poll link and there is no indication of judging going on, so...

2006-10-09 [Avoral]: The anonymous character wins.

2007-06-10 [hopscotchnerd]: i strongly dissagre

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