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Welcome New Comers

This is the wiki for the tortured and toromented souls join this wiki to say "The world is our playground with no let us play." This wiki is for everyone who wants to let us rise above this tormentful world and take our places as the modern primitives. "Pain is gain"

001:[dark_korn_dragon]I am the first tortured soul. now join me in the dark cause we are all suffering....
002: [fightingxtofu] I am the second tortured soul. I have been suffering alone in the dark my entire life... I am ready to reap the rewards for suffering in such pain for so long.
003: [Karmathious] I am the third tortured soul...third in an endless row of souls that will find no peice...I will just linger on and fade into the growing darkness.
004: [DeadlyAlucard] I am the fourth tortured soul...a soul without light, without dark. I only see death and devestation. On your dying day, you will be bound with me, in a eternity of fear.
005: [passivearrogance] I am the fifth tortured soul to be admitted to the asylum

006:[lunard] I don't belong to anyone and wish to be alone I'm the sixth tortured one.
007:[Dracotot] Im the 7th tortured soul...if u couldnt count to work that out!!
008: [Crimson] 8th tortured soul...what, you wanna study my life and find out why? 
009:[toedels] Nobody wants to be alone...I am nobody.
010:[dark starlight] Whats left of a life that never really existed?
011: [icarii] will she ever leave me in peace.. its all i ask
012: [DawnUnicorn] I am a quietly torchered soul.. i forget about it as everyone has too.. but the limitations of this plane of exhistance and the pain.. sometimes get to much..
013: [blood soaked madin] Maybe in death I shall find peace.
014: [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] this makes me the 14th tortured soul... 14 is my number, maybe one day it will help me... it hasn't yet...
015:[brokenpixxiewing] if elementary school education works then im number 15 whoo hoo
17. [**star**] people judge and believe that everything in your life is grand. They will one day meet my wrath.
18. [Four Winged Fox] with eyes of green I see the torment of others and suffer... I am the 18th
19. [cYniCaL fUsiON] dude i dont know....

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2004-03-23 [Karmathious]: *breaks into small spasms whilst falling on the floor* ^^

2004-03-23 [DeadlyAlucard]: *stares at* may wanna get that checked out.

2004-03-23 [Dracotot]: oh that could be a hazzard! wot if i was walkin by u, I could of been hurt!!! now thats just terrible *raises eyebrow*

2004-03-28 [DeadlyAlucard]: *nods* Oh well.

2004-04-01 [Dracotot]: *yawns*

2004-04-01 [DeadlyAlucard]: *pets Dracotot* Nice kitty.

2004-04-03 [Dracotot]: *purrs*

2004-04-10 [z0mg wow.]: Ooh..Kitteh.. ^^; Kitteh's are pretty! ..o_O; Whoops..Sorreh..x.x;

2004-04-15 [Dracotot]: ohhhhh *moans*.....mornin sickness sucks! ive had time to really connect to the loo though....

2004-04-16 [The one that WAS shay]: *sits in corner lonely but not wanting visitors*

2004-05-05 [Perplexity]: Dont suppose anyone saw my collaboration with [allenp] in It Takes 2 Two?

2004-05-10 [Queen Bee 69]: hi. im just clicking on things to stave off boredom... brandon isnt online( i love him sooo much!) so i thought i'd TELL THE WORLD!! (capitals intended... it wasnt a SLIP OF THE HAND like that just was! :))

2004-05-11 [THE TRUTH LIES BENEATH IT ALL]: Will you go ahead and kill me ? Please !

2004-05-17 [Dracotot]: kill urself...i dont wanna get blood on my new jeans

2004-05-22 [z0mg wow.]: Ahaha..o_O

2004-11-21 [Karmathious]: I got blood on my jeans cuz i cut open my knee last night. damnit all...i liked those jeans too.

2004-12-23 [blood soaked madin]: hello. 

2005-01-07 [blood soaked madin]: i am sorry that you cut your knee

2005-04-06 [**star**]: hey all

2005-05-14 [AshesOnWater]: through my facade, i am the 16th tortured soul

2008-01-04 [Lhung Eruva]: Ahem.. do I need permission to join?

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