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Player: [Roma]

Name: Toxir Necis Brutus

Race: Human/Dah’kin

Sub-Race: Ravillan

Class: Hunter/Warrior

Allegiance: None

Appearance: Toxir is about 5’6 with long blonde hair that started to dread itself some time ago and hasn't ceased since. Her ears are pointed like the Dah’kin’s and her eyes are black as well but her skin is slightly olive. She has a strong and muscled physique with plenty of scars here and there and everywhere from a life hard lived.

Age: 23

Personality: She's done a lot of living in her short years and the journey has made her strong as bone. Her demeanor can be gruff, unfeeling, and aloof but she's merely antisocial. If you don't bother her, she'll return the favor because she's got a general distaste for the likes of humanity. However, bothering her is something a rather simple task, and her tendency to fight with her words and fists sometimes makes her a hated person. There is much to her but very little that she allows others to see due to many reasons, some psychological and some out of disinterest in the lives of others. Toxir is happiest with books, bears, and broad, strong men but she can take or leave the latter. At this point in her life Toxir's main focus is to hunt, travel, and live off the land without much care or bother for anyone else because people have simply failed her too many time in the past. She is neither bitter nor lonely, just a product of too much instability that's rendered her a good deal rougher around the edges than most.

History: Toxir came into existence via the rape of a young Ravillian woman (Tatia) by a Dah’kin Death Knight. Tatia was young, only about fifteen years old at the time, had decided, foolishly, to run away from her house. She did, however, have a good reason for the flight, as her father was a pretty abusive man, and did nothing but work her to the bone and then beat her when he considered her work to be “unsatisfactory,” which he always found it to be. Thus, young Tatia fled her home in Ravilla and unknowingly wandered into the Fell Woods where she was met and raped by an unknown Dah’kin Death Knight. After the dreadful encounter, Tatia tried to recover her strength, and instantly fled back to Ravilla. However, Tatia did not resume lodgings with her parents and other family; she instead lived with her older brother, Invalesco, who was preparing to flee Ravilla himself for the Lochmorian borders. Invalesco was sympathetic and caring towards Tatia’s story of rape, and was not frightened or sanctimonious regarding the fact that his niece would be half Dah’kin. The two anticipated the birth greatly, knowing that they could love the child and perhaps, find the child a father to complete the family that Tatia had not wanted to make.
During the pregnancy, several other members of the Brutus household fled from Ravilla, their motives similar to Tatia’s and Invalesco’s: they hated their father Servio, and wanted to get away from his harsh influence. Thus, several of Tatia’s and Invalesco’s siblings (there were ten of them altogether) relocated in Lochmore, living in close proximity to Tatia and Invalesco. Seven of the ten Brutus’ moved at that point, and not all of them were as forgiving as Invalesco was concerning Tatia’s rapist, so the time was particularly difficult for Tatia.
However, the time came for Toxir to be born, and Tatia was elated. She had grown to love her pending child, and she and Invalesco called the midwife with excitement. Alas, Tatia perished during Toxir’s birth, leaving Invalesco as Toxir’s sole guardian. However, despite Tatia’s explicit wishes that Invalesco be the only family member to watch over Toxir, Invalesco could not safely take her aboard with him on every one of his sea-voyages, so Toxir was begrudgingly left in the care of her Aunt Clelia and Uncle Reinhard. They were the best couple to leave her with, for they legitimately loved her and wanted to care for her, but they didn’t understand Toxir’s Dah’kin blood, and were wary of it as well as frightened of the power she could release if she was close with her father’s blood. Invalesco was never gone for extended periods of time, so Toxir was never with people that didn’t understand her for long; a few months at most.
When Toxir was about seven, she obtained a job as a blacksmith’s apprentice, as she and Invalesco were struggling to make ends meet. He didn’t want her to get a job, but she knew that she had to or else they would be evicted. Thus, Toxir gratefully got a job, and performed her duties quickly and efficiently. Eventually, after a few months of excellent service with the middle-aged (around 35) blacksmith (Sorven), he began teaching her other things as well. Because he lost one of his legs at the knee, Sorven was no longer able to fight in the War of Corruption, but when he was fighting, he worked his way up from a knight to a paladin. He showed Toxir how to craft armor, light and durable, and also how to craft simple weaponry. When Toxir proved to be adept at crafting with her hands, Sorven took it a step further and began to teach her how to handle various weapons, starting reasonably with the sword family and then working her way up to more finicky items, such as the mace (which she fell in love with). Though Sorven was unable to demonstrate some of the fancier footwork, he was still able to tell her what to do with her feet, and the two even held mock lessons, in which Sorven would fight with her to try and make her better. Because she had obvious Dah’kin traits, Toxir was hated and feared before, but after her training with the ex-paladin Sorven, she became a literal powerhouse, able to fight for herself with more skill than most children had.
When Toxir was twelve, tragedy struck her family. She was woken by a Dah’kin man jostling her roughly and beginning to drag her from her bed. When she began to struggle, he struck her across the temple, leaving a scar there from his gauntlet. Shortly before she surrendered to unconsciousness, Toxir saw that Invalesco was dead at the table. When she woke, she was on horseback, slung across the saddle like a carcass. Finding that the was unbound, Toxir leapt from the saddle and began running to the woods as fast as she could. Climbing a tree to hope to avoid being caught and/or seen by the Dah’kin man, Toxir tried to escape, but the man was too clever. He found her tree and nocked an arrow. It struck her in her thigh, leaving her left leg useless. Still trying to escape, dragging her leg behind her as she tried to navigate through the trees, the Dah’kin withdrew a dagger and threw it expertly, embedding in Toxir’s bicep. Two more daggers flew, sticking in her hands, and Toxir fell, then breaking three of her ribs. The man calmly picked her up, withdrew his arrow and daggers, and tended to her wounds thoroughly. Putting her back on the horse after giving her a bit of meat, the two continued to West Skarrad, though he bound and gagged Toxir to avoid having to hunt her down again. When they finally reached West Skarrad, she was left in the man’s care, who she learned was called Ser’ryn. He kept her as a slave, but began treating her like family, teaching her in the Dah’kin ways. Toxir picked up the language quickly and then was able to learn more history, religion, etc. Ser’vyn then began adding weapons and fisticuffs to her training. Toxir, who was beginning to form a sort of relationship with the man, did not try to escape. She soon realized that the man who had kidnapped her was her father, and was an important figure in the Dah’kin army as a Death Knight. He often had people over for dinner, one in particular, his prodigy, Thy'dryn.
At 17, Toxir had seen enough of Thy'dryn to form a very close friendship, and the two were nearly inseparable. They sparred and hunted with each other, and were rarely seen apart. Shortly after her 18th birthday, Thy'dryn asked Ser’vyn for her hand in marriage, and he obliged. The couple was married and lived happily in West Skarrad. Thy'dryn did not care that Toxir did not follow their religion and had no real allegiance. At 20, Toxir conceived a child and her family was overjoyed. However, two months before Toxir was to give birth, Thy'dryn was slain in battle. Lost, Toxir could not bear to remain with the Dah’kin (too many memories), so her father helped her leave, taking her to the woods near Stockfors. He understood her situation, and helped her obtain a house in the woods and fixing it up for her. Ser’vyn had to return to West Skarrad for duty, but did so reluctantly, and gave Toxir orders to contact him when she had given birth.
When it came time to give birth, Toxir went to Stockfors to find a doctor. Finding a hospital, Toxir admitted herself. However, despite her healthiness during the pregnancy, she lost her son. Toxir, having had enough of social interaction, Toxir went to live in her house in the woods away from the city. She began hunting and selling the meat and pelts for a price, working as a mercenary, and going to town for show battles to make money. She does not see her Ravillan family members in Stockfors as she has no desire to.

Weapon of Choice: Flail

Others: Rather adept musician, and can play mostly wind instruments, though she’s not bad with strings. She also smokes like a chimney and it's amazing her lungs have yet to suffer.

Element: Black


Level – 5/5

Experience/To next level – 10000/11660

Battleaxe (6 ATK, 1 DEF, 7 WGT)
Flail +5 (8 ATK, 0 DEF, 7 WGT) (5 % chance of causing Panic)
Tanto (3 ATK, 1 DEF, 3 WGT)
Knife (1 ATK, 3 RNG, 1 WGT)
Chainmail +2 (6 DEF, 0 DEX, 0 MAG, 9 WGT)
Black Cloak (3 CHA, 3 WGT) (Camouflage)
Soulless Earrings (+2 to actions against white element creatures)
Braced Gauntlet +3 (4 DEF, 3 WGT) weapon can't be dropped)
Spiked Boots (3 WGT, wearer sticks to ground)
1 Healing Potion (1 WGT)
449 GP

2 Rations (2*1 WGT)
Restoration Potion (1 WGT)
2 Healing Potions (2*1 WGT)

HP – 22/31
MP – 12
STR – 8
CON – 6
DEX – 7
INT – 6
MAG – 6
CHA – 5

CC – 37/42

Skills – Handle Swords, Handle axes, Handle Maces, Marksmanship, Rage, Two-weapon Fighting, Critical Strike, Camouflage (Black cloak)
Skill Points – 4

Special Skills
Craft Bolt - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for bolts, the hunter learns how to craft his own ammunition out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of bolts, the only way to know which makes whih is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.
Frenzy - Once a day for every 5 levels the warrior can drop their defense to 1 on purpose, and raise whatever points they drop to both Strength and Dexterity for one turn.

Toxir's story

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2005-06-15 [Sturmi]: hey there! Joining lemire, huh? Nice to have you here :)

2005-06-16 [Roma]: Yay! Thankies! *huggles the [Sturmi] and jumps up and down crazily!* XP

2005-06-17 [Sturmi]: why did you choose Toxir Necis Brutus for the name?

2005-06-17 [Roma]: Haha! Well that's a question I've never gotten before! :P Well, I chose "Toxir" because it was a conglomeration of strong, dissonant sounds. The "X" and the "r" just sound tough. Call me nutty. And then in latin, "nex necis" means to slaughter/kill in a violent way. Seems appropriate for her line of work. And "Brutus" was not only a house name on the Ravillan part, but it is so similar to "brutal." Again - slightly incoherent names when you think of their whole purpose, but for the sake of Toxir's name, I think they go nicely! XD

2005-06-17 [Sturmi]: but I think toxir means poison in latin (it just sounds so much like toxic :P). Anyway, I was just wondering, heh

2005-06-17 [Roma]: I knew it was darn close to "toxic," but I'm not overly fluent in Latin. Either way, she is pretty volatile. Sometimes not very nice. She'll probably at least be civil after a little bit...but how she's treating the party is her version of friendly. XP

2005-09-13 [Sturmi]: Vel are you doing requests? :p

2005-09-13 [Veltzeh]: Yes I am... X)

2005-09-13 [Roma]: Hmm...I might have to request you do a picture of Toxir and Thy'dryn. But only after everyone else, otherwise that's not fair. XD

2005-09-14 [Veltzeh]: No one's requested anything more from me at the moment...

2005-09-14 [Roma]: Yay! Then I shaall talk to you about it tomorrow. It's time to sleep, now. -.-

2006-05-09 [Sturmi]: toxir should drop some stuff...

2006-05-10 [Roma]: Yeah, she will, but right now I have some other things to attend to. I'll talk to Vel about it.

2006-10-05 [Veltzeh]: Heh, you do need a new picture ;)

2006-10-06 [Roma]: So true. xD

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