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When your dog poops out the back do you immediately pick it up? No? When your dog is out on a walk, do you let it smell poo? Yes? If your answers match these you seriously need to change your habits immediately.

Most people's knowledge of Toxocariasis is limited to hearsay and media hysteria but here are the facts.

The eggs of the Toxocara worm take over 2 weeks to hatch so picking up immediately after your dog does its business will not pose a problem to you.

Don't start freaking out. Tests show that only 5% of dogs expel the toxocara worm eggs but you can never be too careful. Of this 5% the majority were pups between two weeks and 6 months or pregnant bitches.

Remember, cats and foxes also carry the Toxocara worm. Do not let your dog sniff, eat or roll in any poo.



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