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Training And Activities For Your GSD


Sometimes a walk in the park a few times a day just isn't enough for your GSD. Why not try some of these activiities to keep their mind stimulated?

Clicker Training

When clicker training you must train your dog to associate a click means he/she has done something good and is going to get a treat. Make him/her do some basic commands, click then give the treat. They will get the hang of it pretty quickly and will soon be doing anything you ask.


This is when your dog runs and jumps around an agility course, accurately and at speed is great done for your dog! This can be done for fun or competitively. You need to have the basic commands down before you attempt this: Sit, stay, walk to heel and come on command.

You and your GSD need to reasonably fit. This is a high energy exercise - not for couch potatoes! Make sure your dog is at least 12 months old as it can damage developing bones.


This is a sport where your dog will jump a series of hurdles and push a special lever on a box which releases a tennis ball for them to catch. He/She must then run back over the hurdles with the ball in his/her mouth. This is a relay race so when your dog is done, the other dog sets off.

Working Trials

This sort of activity is for serious enthusiasts. You can do scent work, control and agility which takes place in the countryside. I have just begun scent working with Sky and she loves it. Do not attempt this if your GSD does not have a good recall.

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