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2005-07-24 09:15:46
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2005-03-17 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: He is growing fast!! So how are you?

2005-03-17 [~KATTY~]: I know so is mikey before you know it he'll be 2 huh?

2005-03-17 [~KATTY~]: I know so is mikey before you know it he'll be 2 huh? im ok

2005-03-17 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: Yeah...soon he will be,lol.

2005-03-18 [~KATTY~]: i know

2005-03-18 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: So what have you been up to dear??? ^_^ I hope you are feeling better.

2005-03-18 [~KATTY~]: Yea i just feel like crap now but oh well i gues that happen when you have someone that gets Joules alot huh whatever

2005-03-18 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: Oh, I think that is what happen *shrugs* don't know...

2005-03-18 [~KATTY~]: It sucks but oh well lol....How are you?

2005-03-18 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: Pretty good..just got on spring break today! YAY! Tristan sure is keeping busy now

2005-03-19 [~KATTY~]: lol... i have mikey this weekend and im not going to see him much cuz of work ..

2005-03-19 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: Oh.... that sucks... *hugs* sorry.

2005-03-19 [~KATTY~]: Its ok..

2005-03-19 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: I'm

2005-03-19 [~KATTY~]: same

2005-03-19 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: MY PICTURES DONT SHOW IN MY HOUSE *CRYS*

2005-03-19 [~KATTY~]: is cuz elftown change it copy it all and put in under drawings

2005-03-19 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: hmm I could do that...

2005-03-23 [~KATTY~]: Hey how are you?

2005-03-23 [~!~Sweet - Diamond~!~]: pretty

2005-03-25 [~KATTY~]: A little Better Then i have been

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