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The Turkey Team has been set up to help Elftown with communication problems there may
or may not occur with Turkish members. The Turkey Team consists of trustworthy upstanding Turkish members:
they can be asked for help in harassment cases or to perhaps ease your mind and show everyone that there are great (artistic) Turkish members.


Turkey Team



When commenting on this wiki it is required that you do so in English.
Comments that are written in Turkish or another language will be removed:
The Turkey Team acts as a mediator between the Turkish members and the admins of Elftown. Not everyone here speaks Turkish and it is important everyone understands the issue that is being discussed.


Other Turkish members worth a visit:
- [yusuf]
- [Nephrysteme]
- [Falcon- Cleanautumn]
- [violentlyhappy]


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2005-11-27 [spincrus]: Uploading Art Rules - Elftown'a Resim Gonderme Kurallari... It's something they HAVE TO do. Don't take it personal! It's nothing against you, but if they don't delete pictures that don't belong to YOU one way or another, then it would spread like an epidemic and everyone would feel free to put pictures that they didn't draw themselves or photos that they didn't make themselves up on Elfwood. It's not THEIR fault!

2005-11-27 [Elmiira]: wow.. there is turks in elftown that don't like harassing others? wow.. I'm impressed.

2005-11-27 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: hii

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: Elmiira...that sounded somewhat crude... could be me. Anyhow, people that 'hate the guards' are usually asses anyway >_< they 'hate the guards' because they deleted their fav band pic, their uber cool doll or something like that >_< its like people that 'hate school'. You don't have to love it, but you are stupid if you hate it and skip it all the time (ok this was my rant for today :p)

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: [Elmiira], you know, I was somewhat impressed with your photography, and had respect. Don't make me lose it. And YES, the ones hitting Elftown are a rural minority, since the other majority have probably not heard of Elftown even. See, the thing is, in the US or in some European countries, there are like whole schools which become members of Elftown, so it's known. There were many other Turks here, who were quite good actually, but most have left due to the lack of content and the racism (even before the stalker problems started, there was bigotry).

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: ps. i recall halo, in a negative way *thumbs trough message list* anyhow, to get back to the point: you are being extreemly rude Elmiira.... And i personally think its the idiotic minority of the turks that is setting out to cyber the world.... since the educated kind turks have better things to do than hanging around internet annoying girls ^_^

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: These kinds of people have networks. One of them finds Elftown, tells to his friends, goes like "man there are such and such chicks on Elftown, they're so hot" and what not, then the rest follows. And another time another guy discovers it, same thing happens. But the non-stalkers don't really promote Elftown, and even if we do, it's usually not really liked by the majority due to the system (I'm just here for the people and I'm having enough fun, but yes, I'd want to see a different forum that's easier to browse, etc...)

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: Another reason is the HUGE number of Internet Cafes in Turkey. I mean it's SO HUGE of a business here (it was even bigger about 5 years ago but now some are closing up), the anonimity has increased and even the least educated person (due to financial reasons probably, and that's another reason they don't own a computer themselves) got access to the Internet. This is a plus, as they might learn something, but the only thing they learned was to cyber and play online games, or hang around in IRC going "asl? asl?"

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: i always say "get lost" and when they continue "which part of 'get lost' do you not understand?" etc etc. Anyhow, i know how it works. But i only tell my friends about elftowners, people such as me, [zepher], [Dharani], [melcinitan] etc, all art-fantasy people ^_^

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: Linn's List of Utterly Annoying People its but a small record, but i suppose you get the idea. And it sounds sad, but yes a lot of them are from the middle east. and sometimes i think "do they think all european girls are whores or something?" even here at home, on the street or even at my work (ok i work parttime at McDonalds) but...

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: Well I should prepare a small text for you non-Turkish speakers to copy&paste to incoming harrassments. That's how they'd stop.

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: I think [Elmiira] hasn't checked this page again, I doubt she even has put this wiki on a watch. Oh by the way, [ya dude i rock] is my favorite in your list Linn :D

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: ghehe the one about vikings is funny. i didnt know wether to laugh or cry X_X i mean ive a HUGE pic of my boyfriend plastered about my house (with an obvious reason) OFF COURSE the answer to 'can i fuck you' is NO! :P and i don't want to be narrow, but middle-east looks just arent my thing ;)

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: But really, in real life, sometimes at my work. Guys actually try to 'pick me up' while i am working. and, well my mouth kinda dropped to my knees! the comments they made i was like: say that again and you'll end up with your ugly head under the meatgrill!

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: Aaaaw come ooon :D

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: no seriously! some kid, 14 at the highest, with some friends (those little rapper wannabes) they said like like... they actually called me a bitch as if it was totally normal. they actually tried to order me around. and i was like "i have a name, you can call me by that or you aint getting your food...."

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: "...or even better, if you continue to be rude, i am going to speak to my manager and perhaps he will speak to the police... i am sure those would LOVE to finally find you"

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: Hahaha I know what you're talking about.

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: one of these days one is getting to front page news (if not by my hand then by zeps X_X)

2005-11-27 [spincrus]: or by themselves... "teenagers dressed as their rap idols Whatever Gansta-Shit Z killed each other during a mock gunfight. Elton S. (13) mistook his dad's gun as a toy and fired away at Elijah (10), who died on the scene. Elton was reportedly beaten to death by county police as he was arrested with his neighbor's SUV trying to run south on I-95"

2005-11-27 [Linn Scarlett]: exactly my point

2005-11-28 [Sunrose]: And I thought [erturk] loved me ;___; // I think enough has been said about [Elmiira]'s remark and if she reads it she will get the point :)

2005-11-28 [Paul Doyle]: The rest of us still love you, [Sunrose] ^_____________^

2005-11-28 [Sunrose]: Thanks! *^^*

2005-11-28 [Linn Scarlett]: yea we love you rosey! *going all mushy Sam-like voice*

2005-11-28 [Elmiira]: I am sorry I have not answered yet, but I just haven't had time. and for you to know, if I say something, I want to read what people answer to me. And I am really sorry that I placed my words incorrectly. I didn't mean to be sarcastic, as it sounds even to me when I read my comment now. I meant to say, that I have got many harassing comments from some annoying guys from turkey AND similar guys from other countries.. but unfortunately mostly from turks, so I kind of lost my hope. so I meant to say that I really am impressed to find out there is nice turks in elftown. and I am also happy to find this fact.

2005-11-28 [Linn Scarlett]: i know the feeling and share the pain X_X

2005-11-28 [Elmiira]: I never thought that there is no nice turkish guys, I just hadn't found any of them in elftown this far..

2005-11-28 [Linn Scarlett]: I know the feeling, and i was very glad to find them here ^_^ they're awsome

2005-11-28 [Elmiira]: yes.. :) I'm sorry that I made you think I'm an idiot. :)

2005-11-28 [Linn Scarlett]: meh i like idiots :P

2005-11-28 [Sunrose]: Whee grouphug! :p *hugs*

2005-11-28 [Elmiira]: haha.. then finally someone likes me.. ^^ *hugs*

2005-11-28 [Linn Scarlett]: *snuggles8

2005-11-29 [spincrus]: The conversation goes on quite normally. Then, all of a sudden, one of them calls herself an idiot. The next thing you know, a third person, completely unrelated to the conversation, give all a grouphug with a "wheee!" effect. I don't know about you but I dropped to the floor laughing at [Sunrose]'s comment.

2005-11-29 [Elmiira]: :D lol

2005-11-29 [Sunrose]: *^^*

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: I got a interesting couple comments from a anti american turkish person...

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: ugh... what's his name?

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: [AnAtoliAXE]

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: oh that twit X_X

2005-12-01 [The_Soulforged]: He seems just a jerk..=( If he said insulting words he should be reported....

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: what if he totally didnt make sense?

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: I have the message posted in a friends only diary, the dude did not make any sense I was more confused then rather angry

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: He'll be soon hitting on girls on Elftown, don't worry. Then we'll report him. That's the only thing we can wish for as there's no "prevention mechanism".

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: o thats wonderful another flirt....

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: i hate it when they do that, i HATE IT. I have a wonderfull caring sweet boyfriend and STILL they bother me like I am some kind of whore that cybers around with everybody O.O

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: aside from female-reproductive-part i also have a big gray mass known as A BRAIN X_X

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: Heh, they'd ask a 13 year old to cyber with them.

2005-12-01 [The_Soulforged]: They are doing what they cannot in real world.. =) Just think , one of them asking all girls he saw to have sex with him... I'm sure in here he should not survive for 2 hours.. =)

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: that still doesnt give them the right to totally walk over me and say that i should go with them because they can give me what i want and that my boyfriend is a twit. I don't like total strangers calling my perfect boyfriend at twit...strange not? O.O

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: i think either the girl in question or her super strong super protective boyfriend (like Ihsahn or zep) would bash them X_X

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: I would just butt stock them in the head with my rifle =p

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: I just very recently had a friend who has left Elftown, blaming the existance of such people on ET ruining the Turkish image and therefore being treated like crap by everyone else...

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: So yeah, we're not happy about it neither :/

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: I don't judge by were you come from, rather by the actions of the person

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: Same for me. I really like you spin, i really do ^_^ but i can asure that if the stalker-guy is swedish i'd have kicked his butt aswell.

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: what started the convo was the fact that my name is arabic

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: Is that your real name Cpl?

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: ...or is Ihsahn only a nickname?

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: is it? I like it a lot ^_^ it sounds more like an old greek name to me though O.O' anyhow, its not just the guys, its also the hormon-stiff-fashion-sluts all over elftown. Because of which normal dignified girls/woman like me and others get stalked because they seem to have pulled the conclusion that all elftowner-women are whores

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: doesn't it come from Isaak? (its the dutch vision i think) one of the ehh whats-it-called nation-fathers of arabia? or something? X_X

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: well yeah some of the houses here on ET aren't helping too much neither... I mean yes, I love to see boobs too, but geez, why on Elftown?

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: indeed. i'll go to or something if i want to see naked stuff X_X

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: Isaak would be Ishak, but you're close :D

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: ihsahn is a nick name

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: I wish elftown stayed in the oblivious little community it was/seemed to be when i joined it three years ago. yes i was 13/14 back then and no i've never been public about stupid sexual stuff X_X it really doesnt make a differance you know, sprawling yourself all over internet

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: (Isaak is the dutch vision :p)

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: ihsahn means charity and doing good deeds (basically)

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: True. In Islam, it also means to worship Allah as if you see it, even if you don't.

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: ...but it's used more often with the meaning you say.

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: exactly, a tad bit odd though isn't it?

2005-12-01 [spincrus]: hahah yeah ture

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: I am basically a spectacle

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* you're wonderfull ihs

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: it also confuses people when they see I am white

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: they should just listen to the explanation or shut the fuck up X_X

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: hehe calm down now friend

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: I'm always late from the topic.. :D lol, but still, I want to tell you a story of one "nice" guy (not turkish, he was from greece). He asked me to cyber (it reads in my house with red letter that I don't want to..).. And then he even couldn't speak english. :D He actually said "I do eyes brown" :D and that guy would have cybered with me in english. :D lol, it was more funny than irritating this time.

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: awesome sprechan sie english

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* i love it when they make idiots of themselves and don't even seem to see that

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: I love many things. like monopoly

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: monopoly ^^ <3<3

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: nothing wrong with monopoly

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: what kind of monopoly :P

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: I meant the game O.o

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: the game yes =p

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: it's especially lovely when you have hotels on the two most expencive streets what ever they are called in the english version..

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: hm i know which you mean, but i too only know them in my own language :p

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: :P they are Erottaja and Mannerheimintie in the finnish version. ^^

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: yuss'm ^_^

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: they're two main streets in amsterdam in our vision :p

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: lmao amsterdam yus ^_^

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles*

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: and those are the two biggest streets in helsinki. :)

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: figures :p

2005-12-01 [Ihsahn]: awesome

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: Emz...i just saw the update-link...and it made me think of Turkeys :p (the chicken things i mean)

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: :D:D lol

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: no seriously... i actually saw a bounch of turkeys having some council with eacchother at a table X_X

2005-12-01 [Elmiira]: :D

2005-12-01 [Linn Scarlett]: seriously

2005-12-01 [Sunrose]: ohmeingott! I just read through all the chat, lets keep it on topic a bit here guys :P / And to Linn: you take their messages way too personal :)

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: we should set up a wiki for a stalker team. "anti-stalker team" or something like that, "anti-stalker strike force" lol :P

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: so now its strange that i take it personal when they say stuff about me or my boyfriend O.O

2005-12-02 [Sunrose]: Cem: SHU :P // Linn: Did I use the word strange anywhere? Nope. I understand what you said, I just think you should not take it that personal. That them sending you these messages must mean they think you are a whore: they see you are a girl and thus give it a shot (they do it to every house they see belongs to a girl, even to female Turkish members. And they do it, because they can't do it where they live as Cem said. They are actually often taught that western women are sexually free and do these kind of things). I would not let some idiots define me. If they assume I am a whore that is their stupidity, they have no grounds to base that on.

2005-12-02 [Sunrose]: Now if it were someone that actually knew me, I would take it personal. But they don't, so I'm not even giving them any space. I don't know how else I can best explain it.

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles* oh western women are sexually free and do this kind of stuff...just not with people that whine for it O.O

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: and the middle-east look isn't really my thing

2005-12-02 [Elmiira]: and most of them really think they are hot.. O.o I mean those whiners

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: Yea thats the bad stuff. and they get all offended when i say "sorry you aren't my type"

2005-12-02 [Sunrose]: They can always try and see what happens, they hope they might get lucky and I can't say they never do :p Well I think they figured out girls are more attracted to confident guys (note I do not mean overconfidence like they seem to take it to :p), which is generally the case.. // Hmmm I don't have preferences like that, I generally just like the whole package..or not..and well [Ittai] has a middle eastern look I guess..? *slobbers on him* <3  =P

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: *chuckles and snuggles [zepher]*  (<--- that is all i have to say to it :p)

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: [zepher] really, REALLY looks like Sawyer from the TV show Lost... I mean, REALLY now.

2005-12-02 [Sunrose]: Indeed I see what you mean hehe..

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm do i want to know? :p

2005-12-02 [Sunrose]: I used google :P

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: *is googling up some gods cause Wulfgar needs a good who's not Tempus because that would be logical and people would whine about Drizzt's wulfgar worshipping Tempus too and that she copied him* honestly, how big is the chance that a random barbarian is BLOND named WULFGAR and worships TEMPUS the god of BATTLE

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: The same chance of a Buddhist cockroach singing Acapella while smoking weed.

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: no seriously... i mean i hadn't read Icewind dale (not even heard of it) and i created "a barbarian named wulfgar with long blond hair" and suddenly there is this twit messaging me that i totally fucked up salvatore's character because i drew wulfgar naked *growls* MY wulfgar MY wulfgar, NOT salvatore's wulfgar.... who is a twit anyway. he doesnt even have facial hair. a barbarian without facial hair is just...its just... well its not done X_X

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: I haven't seen that pic, can you send me a link via private message if you can? I saw the comment up on your house but had no clue what it was all about, as the pic apparently isn't there anymore.

2005-12-02 [Ihsahn]: I have no facial hair...

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: Cpl. Kitchings, you are NOT allowed to have facial hair. Don't let me see that again! (I was a sergeant and squad leader by the way back in the military heh)

2005-12-02 [Ihsahn]: I know I am not allowed too, I am a team leader..

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: yea but it was a big and burly barbarian without facial hair, thats just odd X_X *chuckles* and i really miss your old hairdo ihsahn, it was terribly cute in a scary way ^_^

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: Spin, it's at the bottom of my art page, unsurprisingly called Linn's art page :p

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: That's not naked in my book.

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: (it was another drawing, but i thought you wanted to see wulf ;), if you wish to see the 'semi naked drawing', it was just a butt-shot)

2005-12-02 [spincrus]: oh, don't forget to take my little, unimportant poll...

2005-12-02 [Linn Scarlett]: ok i will. god i need my chill-down-pill X_X i am writing as if my life is depending on it *got over writers block suddenly*

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: Please write in English or I will have to delete your comment :(

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: Eh no, all (Turkish) members agreed the language here will only be English. There are other people than Turks watching this wiki; Turkey team is a team that mediates between our Turkish members and the admins of Elftown. So it is important all parties involved can understand what is being said. And since you can write English pretty well, I don't see a problem :)

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: That is what this wiki is for and I just told you the rule, are you going to get on with your point/problem/question or are you only here to be a problem?

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: Then your comments will be deleted.

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: No, it is your choice. You decide to be a problem, not me.

2006-02-20 [Linn Scarlett]: oh my god. it might sound crude but this is so funny. It's like hearing Sunrose fight over the telephone and only hearing one part of it (rose's part) ;) It's hilarious in some strange way.

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: He removed his comments himself though, I didn't touch them :P

2006-02-20 [Linn Scarlett]: it still looked hel funny :p

2006-02-20 [Sunrose]: =P

2006-02-22 [ally]: Omg if you have nothing to say then don't make me come here for nothing :O

2006-02-25 [spincrus]: We're always here, I'm always watching this wiki, I'm just waiting for someone to give us names of Turks on ET who seem to cause trouble, as well as opinions, or what not :P

2006-02-25 [Linn Scarlett]: i think they fled. last time i told one i was pregnant of some danish guy ^_^ you should have seen him run :P

2006-02-26 [Sunrose]: We're also using the Turkey Team forum for that now (and you're in it [spincrus] ;) , to have some more privacy :P

2006-02-26 [spincrus]: actually you know what? the pregnancy lie is quite good, doesn't have to be a Danish guy neither :P [Sunrose], I no :P

2006-02-26 [Sunrose]: I saw someone else use that against a cyberer as well (without the Danish thing) *grins*

2006-02-26 [Linn Scarlett]: but it's better, at least, if said guy is also moslim *evil snickering*

2006-02-26 [Linn Scarlett]: but its the danish part that is the funniest! cause half of them don't get it :p

2006-02-26 [Sunrose]: Actually we had a Turkish member harassing a Danish and Norwegian member already :P

2006-02-28 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm I knew it *grins*

2006-03-22 [Shainn]: Umm are the harassments decreased or what? We don't get anymore "issues to be solved" recently. Not that it would be a bad thing if the harassment cases were decreasing in number...

2006-03-22 [Shainn]: Ahh, hello folks, by the way :)

2006-03-22 [The_Soulforged]: It's harder to be a member now, so those jerks who can't even read English are completly helpless... They are not able to be a member anymore.. =)

2006-03-22 [Sunrose]: And the ones who were already here most likely got themselves banned already :P

2006-03-25 [Linn Scarlett]: thank the gawds X_X

2006-03-26 [Elmiira]: Too good to be true.. -.-

2006-08-04 [Marginal Shepherd]: hımm..

2006-12-30 [banu]: I also had some harassment messages from a Turk guy(I dont remember if he has been banned already) and I reported it to [Sunrose]...He knew that I am Turk but that did not discourage him from doing harassment.I have had lots of harassment messages and they were almostly from guys:P Dont take it personality but is it because of being man?:P

2006-12-31 [Linn Scarlett]: Oh great, so they bother *everybody* -_-

2006-12-31 [banu]: Yep!:)*everybody*

2007-01-01 [Linn Scarlett]: That's a bad thing :/

2007-01-01 [Sunrose]: At least they're not discriminating xD

2007-01-01 [Elmiira]: yah.. that sucks though..

2007-01-01 [Sunrose]: Just to clarify, the issue [banu] speaks of happened a year ago.
We should only keep considering it a problem if they still send these messages, if that is the case then those instances should be brought up :)

2007-01-01 [banu]: Yes, it was a year ago. I have wanted to say it happened to me. I understand what you meant, [Sunrose]:)

2007-01-01 [Sunrose]: Of course and it's ok to talk about it, I just don't want it to mislead people into thinking that it is still a big problem.
Because I don't think it is, but if it is I want to know about it so that I can fix it ;)

2007-01-01 [banu]: Understood:)Sure, it is not a problem. But we should do something if it happens again :)

2007-01-02 [Linn Scarlett]: I get them infrequently these days -which is a good thing- though I suddenly also get random insults, which weren't there before :/

2007-01-02 [Sunrose]: From Turkish members? And do you have message numbers? :)

2007-01-02 [Linn Scarlett]: No, the insults are from random members and I didn't really keep track of them actually :/ I just told them I'd report them if they send another insult, most I haven't heard of since, some that were persistant have been reported.

2007-01-02 [Paul Doyle]: I like to think this page has been very, very effective---reducing the unwarranted harrassments, and also making it plainly aware the Turkish are good, honorable people, and as worthy as being on Elftown as anyone else.

2007-01-02 [banu]: It is not my own wiki or I am not a member of it yet but thank you [Paul Doyle]...Those are really beautiful words...Thank you also for my all friends...

2007-01-02 [Sunrose]: Well I did ask you to become a member [banu], but you didn't want to at that time :P

2007-01-02 [banu]: I know that [Sunrose]:)I did not want to be a member of it because I was very happy to be just Elftown member, and sure I am still. When I have met some speacial friends that are member of Turkey Team, My opinion has changed:)If they ask me, I will say and It will be a honour to me:)

2007-01-02 [Sunrose]: I'm not Turkish, but I've been assembling the members, so I will ask you again to join :P

2007-01-02 [banu]: My answer will be yes, you know it my friend!:)

2007-01-02 [Sunrose]: Welcome :P

2007-01-02 [banu]: Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!*big hugs*

2007-01-03 [Elmiira]: hehe.. Yeah, the problem is not so bi anymore these days.. I used to get these harassing messages (mostly from turkish but not all the time) almost every day.. I didn't want to report them all so I just blocked everyone who sent me a message and didn't give it a minute of my time.. Now I don't get these messages often.. only sometimes. And that's good.. though I still have about 100 blocked members on my list.. :S There was a time I hated turkish guys more than anything, but I've learned to know that there are many really nice persons from Turkey, and I should not hate anyone because of the country. I was just annoyed by the messages that time..

2007-01-03 [banu]: You are right.The easy way is blocking them.I had a message because of my country once.I did not know him before and he said unpleasant things about Turkey.I can not prove how much my country is beautiful...I think it is not about nationality,we always try not to be preconceived...But I understand you [Elmiira]...My words is not for you...I have tried to say general ideas:)

2007-01-03 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: ughh :) :p

2007-01-03 [banu]: Why?:P

2007-01-03 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: hahah i dont know :)

2007-01-03 [banu]: ok then :P

2007-01-04 [Sunrose]: [LiKeaNaDDiCt] probably got himself blocked a few times :P

2007-01-04 [banu]: That's bad :P

2007-01-04 [Elmiira]: I checked.. he's on my list. :D well, it's more like funny if you don't take it too seriously.. these messages I mean. As long as they are not hurting you. But anyway, my mother has been in Turkey and I've seen pics. It looks really a beautiful place. :) Though we all think our own country is the best , I think :P Or at least many people do.

2007-01-04 [banu]: Sure, we all think our own country is the best but maybe we can say "one of the best countries"!:)Where has your mother been to?If you want to see more pics, please check Wandering in Turkey out:)

2007-01-05 [spincrus]: Trust me, I've almost been all around the world (except Far-East Asia, Australia and South America, if you exclude Cuba of course, oh and the poles for sure) and honestly, Anatolia is among the top 5 of the "must-see places before you die".

2007-01-05 [banu]: You are almostly right [spincrus]!:)

2007-01-06 [Elmiira]: So you've been in northern Europe too? :D Meaning Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland? :) No, really, I believe you. I haven't travelled a lot, so I cannot say much. I just know I love this place and would never change it for anything.. Finland I mean. But I would love to see so much about the world.. Including all the beautiful places. :D My mother visited.. oh, I don't remember the name of the city.. it was one of the touristplaces anyway. :) Hehe, I always remember the way she told me about the school uniforms.. :D She just loved them. She was like "Why can't there be things like that here, they would be so nice, simple and they were so pretty.." :D

2007-01-06 [spincrus]: Iceland I haven't been to yet (thanks to Sigur Ros, I'll probably go there sometime in the future), but Sweden, Denmark and Finland I have been to. Haven't seen the Fjords yet, though.

But seriously, although these countries have an incredible, and I mean INCREDIBLE nature, it's not as diverse as Anatolia. Scandinavian nature is somewhat uniform, although very pretty.

In Anatolia, at one spot you can see a reindeer in a lush forest, and at another spot you can see a striped hyena gnawing on a dead sheep. Go to high altitudes and you'll find packs of wolves, bears and what not, and go to somewhat drier lands and if you're lucky (and if it still hasn't gone extinct) you might, might see an Anatolian Leopard (Pardus).

At one peak, go skiing, and with a one hour drive, you can enjoy the sun at the beach. Go to the Black Sea and enjoy what a Northern sea would feel like, and travel to the Mediterranean just to discover the lands the ancient Greek, Hittites, Assyrians, Byzantine, Romans, Persians have lived on.

This country is seriously to die for when you think about it.

2007-01-06 [Shainn]: umm hyena? in anatolia? I seriosly doubt it. we have coyotes, yes but I do not think we have the hyena. or do we?
and reindeer? :D they are deers and gazelles.

but oh ok I get the point. this place IS beautiful and has a diverse environment.

one of the earliest homo sapiens sites as well, just after east africa and then the middle east.

ahahah and we STILL have this:

"bald ibis"

2007-01-06 [spincrus]:

Even Wikipedia supports my claim :D No, seriously, I've heard quite a bit about hyenas in Anatolia (including a friend who did his military duty two years ago). They aren't THAT common but yes, there are some.

Oh and yes, I didn't mean to say reindeer :D Regular deer. You can't find reindeer here :D

OOOH let's not forget that we have flamingos during spring, summer and autumn (Manyas Lake, etc...)

We also still have Neanderthals and Homo erectus walking among us!

2007-01-06 [Shainn]: ahahhahah ;D

2007-01-07 [Elmiira]: lol. :D But I believe it's beautiful. I just wouldn't survive there for long, because it's so damn hot there.. Or so I've heard. :D I'd stay on the mountains skiing then. :D But seriously, I would like to see it.. as well as many other places on this planet. I don't really think anyone can say what is the most beautiful place.. because there are so many places that are all different and all beautiful. There are so many different kinds of beauty. Hehe, and of course it's uniform, as there is only few species that can survive here. My loving for this place is unfair, cause I cannot compare it with anything. This is what I've always seen, and afgter sharing my childhood, my secrets, my laughs and cries with the forests and lakes here, i cannot really find anything else as good. That sounds poetic, but really, the nature has always played a big part in my life. Ever since I was old enough to run, I've played in the forests, climbed to the trees.. and when something's really wrong, I just went to my special place.. It was a little "island" in the middle of two rapids.. there were a few trees growing there and cliff to sit on.. And there I sat, under a birch tree, the loud noice of flowing watwer around me, and let the nature calm my bad feeling. After that, you really can't blame me for saying this place is the best. :D

2007-02-10 [Zoltan The Raven]: hey fellas..another turkish dude here...iv been in ET for a LONG time and i recall times that i could proudly say that im turkish.i had a lot of great friends like [Blue Highway] or [absent minded]...and now i changed my origin space blank to not to be refered as perv..but i can see now that changing the place u live just beacuse of some idiotic perv is not an honorable thing to do..and from now on ill change my living place as TURKEY once again..thanx ppl...cya around...

2007-02-10 [spincrus]: Hey, if you wish to join our team to deal with the perverted ones from our country (and you know there are a lot of them, and the more of us relatively 'normal' ones there are, the better, and I said "relatively" because [Sunrose] knows about me :P) feel free to say "I'm in!"

2007-02-11 [pajero]: hey l wanna join turkey team ,too.and l think our first aim must be showing the people that all turkish people arent pervert.

2007-02-11 [Sunrose]: To become a member you need to stop violating the Uploading Art Rules.
And though the language is not a required condition, it would be nice if you tried to improve your English so that others don't have to decipher what you wrote :/

2007-02-11 [pajero]: :) u like making me blush. okey l ll not violate the rules anymore.sorry for this.

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