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Twilight Tavern



As you walk into this tavern, the old, rusted metal doors slide shut with a squeal, and seal behind you. You look around and notice this bar resembles an old Western saloon, with rotted wooden tables and chairs, bad drinks, and a rugged crowd. The bartender nods at you and continues to clean a whiskey glass as he puffs on his cigar. The place is dim, with a small radio on the bar that is playing some old tunes over a crackly frequency. The place smells like dust and smoke. You suddenly realize you're not in Kansas anymore.

Ask the Bartender information about:
Twilight Tavern Bounty Board


The tavern was bustling with life, even as a sand storm began to rage outside. Music played over the scratchy, old radio on the bar, and men and women of all races from every planet littered the tables. A figure slid in between the heavy metal doors, letting them screech shut behind her. A few heads looked up, but not too many people gave her much notice. Espin's bright, snake-like green eyes scanned the room in return, cold and stern until people stopped looking at her, then her boots thudded as she crossed from the doors to the bar. She tugged her dark green leather jacket tighter against herself, shaking the sand off of it, and flipped her long black curls over her shoulder. As she approached the bartender, her emerald green lips parted and she said, "Bounty board and a starlight vodka." The bartender mixed her drink for her wordlessly, then jutted his thumb to where a thick wooden board sat pegged to the back wall. She glanced towards it, downed her shot, and after slamming the glass back down on the bar, headed to the board. She looked it over with a short scan, then huffed. Nothing new. Still just Rui and Yasai. They were, apparently, the only two men notorious enough to remain on the board, or infamous enough to warrant being posted in the first place. Most other bounties happened by word of mouth. She slapped the heel of her hand against the board irritably, then huffed a sigh and turned, heading to a table and waving at the bartender for a second round, propping her feet up on the table as she lounged back in the rickety chair. She would have to get some information from the people in the tavern about where Rui and Yasai were last seen. The bartender would most likely know. He had ears all over the place.

The bartender walked over to Espin and leaned forward over the table to hear her responses better. His old, crusty beard contaminated the table, but his presence meant answers. "What can I do for ya, young lady? You might want to slow down on those drinks if you're planning on walking for much longer."

Espin raised her eyes to meet the bartender's gaze as her hand slid out and snatched up her second round from his tray. She pulled it towards herself, but refrained from drinking it just yet. "I can handle my poisons, trust me," she said with a controlled tone. She then nodded towards the bounty board. "Can you tell me what you've heard about those two? Where were they last seen?"

The bartender raised his eye brow and then reached into his pocket pulling out his flask, he slowly unscrewed the lid as if to draw more time to think and then took a swig. "Last time either of them were seen, I believe they were out in the meteor fields, people would be better off just calling them the killing fields. Your best bet for Yasai would be the space station though, he is a frequent visitor there."

Espin kept her snake eyes locked on him as he spoke, then when he finished, she gave a subtle, "Hmn," in response. She fingered her second shot glass, then tipped her head back and downed it. After slapping the glass back down on the table, followed by some cash for the drinks, she stood. "Thanks." She then adjusted her green leather jacket and headed back out of the tavern. She didn't have to roam far to find a ship that was heading for the space station, and it didn't take much bribery to get them to take her along. 


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2014-07-29 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: I like the idea of the mini links here... as Bartender information. Very interesting approach. But we can still post here as an area of play, right?

2014-07-29 [dead~spirit]: Correct. :)

2014-07-31 [dead~spirit]: Want me to play the bar tender?

2014-07-31 [snowwolfsa]: post as the bartender for now dead.

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