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Tyler Daily






Tyler Daily






See picture.


Tyler is a devoted detective who tends to be flexible--if not out-and-out fickle--in his theories and brainstorms. Despite this, he insists that he never takes action unless he is absolutely certain that it is necessary and is very adept at analysis and interrogation.


Since his father was a reporter, Tyler understands that the media can be useful in solving cases. But that does not mean he has any patience for "brainless vultures" that bribe people to leak information and release evidence that would potentially tip off criminals. Because of this, he is notorious for sending journalists on wild goose chases and is considered one of the most dishonest sources a reporter can have. On a more personal level, he has a well-behaved teenage son that he tries to spend time with whenever he is not working--often bringing his work home and doing it after the boy is asleep just to be sure he sees him after school--and his marriage is growing strained.


Whenever he is in a press conference or just talking to a reporter, Tyler has developed the habit of stretching out the vowels of his conjunctions in a droning voice to bore/irritate said reporter. He has also taken to doing this with his wife. She is not amused.


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