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Elson stood on a road running along a wide river, the lights of the city starting to show their twinkle in the pre-dusk light. He had seen a small girl get hit by a car. He had been slightly amused, but his amusement had turned to amazement at his own luck because not five minutes later, a tall man and the girl Ren had shown him walked out of the tunnel and picked the young girl up. He knew that to move now would jeporadize his position, so he sat and waited.

Estidny stepped out on the bottom floor of the complex. On the floor, he found Chance holding a gleaming hilt in his hand. "Seems he's almost got it... But I lose my bet to myself." Estidny scratched his chin and shrugged. "Oh well. Everyone will have a fun day." Grunting slightly, he picked Chance up and carried him to the elevator and rode it to the first floor. Estidny decided to lay him in the middle of the dorm room becuase he didn't know which room Chance had chosen, if he had chosen one at all. After that was done, he went back to the elevator and took it to the third floor, then walked into the infirmary. He looked at the young girl and smiled warmly. "Hello, my name is Estidny, it's very nice to meet you. How are you feeling?"

He sat waiting for his enemy to show his head again. Some time later a man and a woman came walking down the street, calling for a person named Tank. Elson figured it was the little girl, so he hopped down and began talking to them. He pointed to where the girl had lain about a half hour before. While their backs were turned he gave them both a solid thump to the back of the head, knocking them unconcious. He quickly picked them up and took them behind a small maintenance station and wrapped a log chain around each of them, fusing them together at the ends so they could move. He broke into a nearby Miata and took a shirt out of the back seat, ripping it and two and using the pieces to gag them so they couldn't scream or shout. He would use these people later.

Tank nodded her head to Estidny in greeting. "Hello, I'm Tanker, but I feel you already know that. It's a pleasure to meet you too sir, and I'm well enough, thanks for asking. May I go home now? I'm sure my parents are very worried...."

Estidny nodded his head, "Very soon, I would like to talk to you for a few minutes if that is ok with you."

Tank nodded again. "As long as I get to see my parents again soon."

Back in her room,the door closed behind her, Vala made a mental list of what needed to be done still, things that she would need to get. A confused look crossed her face. She pushed what came to mind, to the back burner.What she really needed was a good night sleep in an actual bed. She took out her contacts, stripped down and crawled in the big bed. Shuffling until she was comfortable, Vala stared up at the ceiling. It wasn't long till she fell asleep.

Estidny nodded again, "I only need to talk to you for a few moments." He tapped his chin, "You're a very intelligent little girl aren't you?"

"That's very kind, but I only know what I've learned. I know it's no more than a grain of sand to Jupiter though," Tank replied honestly, but nodded her head appreciatively all the same. "What do you want to talk to me about, sir?"

At this point Selena felt her presence was no longer needed. As for finding Mr. Estidny that was no longer nessessary. She decided to go to bed. She picked up her plate and Tank's plate. Walking out of the room she stopped in the kitchen to wash them and set them on the drying rack. After that was done Selena took the elevator to the first floor.

Estidny scratched his chin slowly, thinking about his approach to this young girl. He would have to be believable. He looked at her eyes and saw that they were inteligent and calculating no matter what the girl said, just as his cousin's were. "You are a very special little girl. Do you know why?"

Elson turned at a slight sound behind him and found the man and woman trying to stand, most likely attempting escape. He landed a solid punch to the man's chest, knocking his breath out of him. "Try that again, and I will probably kill you. If you listen to me however, you may live throught the night." The man nodded his head, while the woman's sank to her chest. Fear alone was enough to weaken the mother into submission, further convincing Elson that the two were the parents of the girl that had been hit. Nodding to himself, Elson turned back to his vigil.

Devlin stayed in the room the entire time. leaning against the wall. listening in and watching. he stayed silent and mostly unnoticed. he wanted to know why a little girl was so very important.

Tank seemed to think of how to respond for a moment, before finally saying, "I don't think of myself as special, but you seem to think I am. So I suppose I should answer with a question. Why am I special to you, sir?"

The elevator door dinged and opened to the first room they ever entered. Selena steped inside. She saw Chance asleep on the couch and laughed. She walked over to him and gently nuged him awake. "Chance babe do you want to come and sleep in a real bed with me or would you rather sleep out here on the couch?" She wait patently for the groggy answer.

Chance, the sword hilt still in hand mumbled something unintellagible and rolled over, face towards Selena.

Estidny smiled. I wonder if her parents know how smart this girl is... "Do you ever dream of a strange set of scales? They're strange looking, one that has more trays than it should?"

Tank seemed a little surprised, then her natural curiosity sparked in her eyes. Of course, if she thought she was in danger it wouldn't show through. She didn't show such a weak spot. "Yes, sir," she answered with a slight nod. She wanted to ask if they were real, how he knew of them, if he knew how they worked or if they even worked at all, but she had a feeling he was going to explain all of that anyway.

He nodded, "This is why you are such an important little girl Tank. The scales you see represent the world's balance, the balance between everything that makes up our world. Would you like to hold the scales Tank?"

Tank broke into a wide grin. Oh, he had just struck a favorite chord with her, willing to give her something she wanted so much to understand. She could tell she was going to like this one. "Oh, yes, very much, please sir!" she said excitedly, nodding her head. She really wanted to find how they worked. She just couldn't see how they became unbalanced, unless the whole thing colapsed if they did become unbalanced. And, as they haven't colapsed, what were they measuring that remained in balance? All this, of course, was assuming the dream scales existed at all.

Selena kneeled beside him so that her face was with his. She shook him again calling his name. "Chance." Pauseing she shook him. "Chance babe, come to bed with me please."

Chance mumbled again, but stood, dropping the hilt as he did so. Upon contact with the ground, it disappeared. He allowed Selena to lead him to bed.

"I thought you would." He smiled, "Close your eyes and hold out your hands, palms up." Estidny waited for her to do so, "Now concentrate on the scales. On what they look like, on how much you'd like to hold them."

Although she felt rather silly, she figured he was treating her as he had called her. A 'little girl', and would hand her the scales himself. That didn't explain how he knew about her dreaming about them, though. She wondered how her closing her eyes and wishing would make the wonderous scales appear, but she did so anyway. She closed her eyes and held her hands palm up and out and thought wantingly of the beautiful scales of her dreams.

Selena graped Chance around the waist and took him to the door of the blue room she loved so very much. She unlocked the door and turned on the lights. "Come on babe." She kept a hold on him as he swayed back and forth. She walked him over to the bed and pulled back the covers. "Here sit down." He did. She took off his shoes and slid him into bed covering him up. She kissed his lips and crossed to the other side of the bed. She turned on the lamp that was on the night stand and then turned off the switch by the door. She then returned to her side slid off her shoes and sliped into bed. She turned off the light and snuggled up to Chance under the covers for protection. As she layed there she remember that they would need clothing and other essentials, but soon that faded away as she fell fast asleep to the one she loved.

Estidny waited for a few seconds and when nothing happened he started to encourage the girl, "You think I'm going to put the scales in your hand, don't you? Tank, you are an intelligent li.. girl, you know I don't have the scales in my possession. They are yours and yours alone, now, with all your will, concentrate. Force them to come to you. Want them to come to you." The first calling had been hard for his cousin, and it had taken him nearly an hour to get them to appear, but he hadn't had help as Estidny was helping Tank. He was sure she would get it quickly.

Tank resisted the urge to make a face and did as she was told, if only to try it. She opened her eyes slowly and widely as a weight appeared in her hands and her mouth dropped open slightly as she stared at a tiny set of scales, thirteen trays in all, made of what seemed to be quicksilver, and yet hard. They were stunning to her and she sat, captivated, staring at the beautiful trinket.

Estidny nodded to himself, "These scales are yours. You are the only one that can even hold them." He walked up and held his hand out, waiting for her to hand them to him. When she did they disappeared as soon as her hands left the scales. "See, they are yours alone. Do you know now how important you are?"

"I-.. How-?.. Ju-..." Tank's mind was spinning. She didn't know where to begin on this one, so it all came out at once, "What are they for? Do they really work? Why did they come to me? How did they come to me? Why'd they just appear like that? Where did they come from? I'm special because I can conjure a set of scales? Why is that so special? They are meant for measuring things like money, and I'm not a very material person so what use would I have for scales? Can I always call them up like that?" She paused to think hard for a moment and they appeared again and with a bright smile they dissappeared once more and she continued. "Wow, that's amazing! Really though, do they work? And if so, how? Why am I the only one who can do that, if I am, as you said, the only one who can?-"

Estidny chuckled quietly as the questions poured out of her. "For one, yes they do work, but they don't measure money. They measure the balance of the world. The scales are meant to move only if one... force, or element of the world if you prefer, becomes to strong. Two, yes, you are the only one that can use them. Three, yes you can summon them anytime you wish. And four, you were touched by a god before you were ever born, as were the rest of the people that you have met tonight. You are basically the world's babysitter." He paused, wondering if Tank could take all this in. She had had enough for one night. "You can go to your parents now, I'm sure they are very worried for you. If you would like you can come back tomarrow and I can explain more of all this."

"I find it hard to believe..." Tank said slowly. "That I'm obviously the youngest person here, and since birth as well, I have been the 'world's babysitter'..." She looked at the IV in her arm. "I think you're crazy, but I'm sure you know that... I do like a good story though, and I'll come back, I promise. But I need to get to my parents now but... I don't think they're safe anymore." She frowned, wondering just why she felt that way.

What she dreamed of was nothing that wasn't unusual for her. Vala was running, again. No matter how far she thought she had gotten away there was that presence, right behind her, next to her ear, whispering. Vala wasn't terrified of what or who was behind her, she just wanted to know who or what it was. C'mon 16 years of running gets on a person's nerves. She never tossed and turned, but her eyes although closed, they moved rapidly under her eyelids.

Selena's mind was a flurry of images that passed just as fast as the had come. She tossed to one side then to the other. All of the images were of violent accidents that cause tremendous damnage to a person. She never could tell just who the person was but she did know she must find them. The images kept flashing threw her brain.

Estidny scratched his chin, "Would you like me and Devlin to walk you home? I'm sure with the two of us no one will try to hurt you, and we can even make sure your parents are ok once we get to your house. Does that sound good to you?" He looked over to Devlin, knowing that he would come if asked, if only for the sake of the little girl. He then crossed the room and grabbed some gauze and a cotton puff. He quickly pulled out the iv and covered the spot where it had been with the cotton puff, and wrapped it in guaze. "Ready?"

A young girl walked along the road running by the river, her head bowed, her long hair falling down into her face. She carried a notebook that had scribbles all over it including her name, Hannah. She walked quickly and was soon quite close to where Elson hid.

"I don't mind walking her back. besides if you guys get attacked what're you gonna do tell them your a god." Devlin roll's his eyes. He was curious about the little girl and was still brooding over what he himself had been told and if the others knew the names of the god's that had touched them. and if he was the only one with the power to well. he didn't really want to think about that bit quite yet.

Tank looked desperately from her wrapped wrist, to her wrapped arm, then back again and sighed. She felt somewhat like a mummy.. Hmm... I'll have to reread Ways of the Egyptions when I get home... she thought to herself. She looked up at Estidny and Devlin. "I appreciate the offer, and I'd appreciate the protection, but I don't know how my parents would take to two strange men bringing me home. Especially when I should have been home hours ago... I guess we'll see," she finished after a pause. She shifted on the bed and stood, dusted herself off to unrumple her clothing then looked back at Estidny. "So I can go now, sir?" she asked confirmingly.

"Mr. E. I could take her on my bike if you want. And of course if you wouldn't mind Tank. I could explain to your parents I'm helping out. wich I am really. but yeah two men might be a problem one would be less so." Devlin offers he wasn't the charity type but he senced Tank wanted to see her parents and think things over a bit. like all the others really. She seemed very cool, and calculating and he wanted to talk to her more.

Tank looked at Devlin with a frown, but one that said she was fighting the amusement of what she was about to insinuate. "I think, no offense, that coming home late on a motorcyle with a strange boy about my age may be a bit mor disconcerting than if a teacher was there as well.... Though that too may insinuate something... I guess one way or another, seeing you coming home with me would make them assume we have some kind of relationship." She shrugged helplessly in a 'Eh, what are you gonna do?' kind of way.

"I'm the second owner of an Orphanage. I think I'll manage." Devlin smiles only slightly. he sure did like the way Tank thought. and how she assessed so much so very quickly.

Estidny shrugged as he walked to the door, motioning for the others to follow. "I'll simply tell your parents that Devlin is a helper of mine, and that we got wrapped up talking about a book or some such nonsense." He smiled, "I'm sure they won't have a problem with it." He punched the elevator button for the first floor as they stepped in and waited for it to reach the first floor before stepping out and heading towards the door to the hideout.

Tank figured that as long as she was safe, her parents wouldn't panick too much, so she followed Estidny, already figuring on how the scales work.

Elson was becoming tired of waiting, but he knew that they would eventually have to show. He saw the girl walking the street, but didn't think she'd be a problem, and didn't really care if she saw him. What would they do call the cops and tell them what they were about to see? No one would believe her anyways. So, content with his plans, Elson sat to wait.

He opened the door, waiting for the others to walk out before closing it behind himself and began walking towards the parking lot.

Quickly became more alert as the older man, a younger man, and the young girl exited the tunnel and walked towards the maintenance lot. He couldn't supress his smile. He would finally get some action, and maybe a decent opponent. He quickly fused his log chain bracelets into iron knuckles and began his attack, knockin Devlin hard on the back of the head.

Estidny saw Devlin stumble a few steps but didn't wait to see if he fell or not. Instead he grabbed up Tank and moved her to a safer location farther from the fight. "Damn... didn't expect em to move so soon... Tank, stay here and try to stay outta of sight please. I'll be back in a moment." As he turned he summoned the sword and the armor, ready to fight.

Vala sat stright up in bed, her covers falling off her. Sweat had gathered on her brow and neck. Her candle flickered, her green eyes survayed the dim room. Brushing her hair behind her ear, she got out of the bed, and pulled on a long t-shirt. Her stomach rummbled, she rolled her eyes and headed out of the room and towards the kitchen again.

DEvlin did fall and he shook his head seeing spots for a moment. before getting back up. he looked at the man that had attacked him. Devlin was not happy. neither was he truelly angry... yet. but he was fast becoming so. instead of him getting more excited he got calmer his entire being went quiet and he walked towards the man who started the attack. every move was calm and slow. and his eyes shone brightly of his mounting anger. now Devlin was used to fights. and he had the energy and stamina to deal with thirty kids. He also knew how to fight growing up an Orphan and petty theif.

Estidny quickly stepped in front of Devlin. "Don't. Let me handle this one." He leaned closer to Devlin's ear. "I don't think they know they have powers yet, and they don't know you have yours, but they DO know that I have some. Let me handle this one."

Elson allowed the old man to talk. He had all the time in the world. And he would take whichever decided to step forward, and then the next one if they so chose. It really didn't matter either way to him.

Estidny didn't give Devlin a chance to argue. He turned to Elson and held up his sword in a fighting stance. He could see the iron knuckles that Elson had made glint in the moonlight, but held no illusion about the superiority of a sword. As easily as he had made the chains do that, he most likely knew how to use them very well.

Elson grinned widely. The man was old, but the way he held his sword left no doubt about his ability with it. He wasted no more time thinking. He took two quick steps forward and swung with a hard right that he expected to be easily knocked away, and he wasn't disappointed. Estidny knocked the blow aside with his fore arm and aimed a lightning quick strike at Elson's chest that he quickly side stepped, returning with a well aimed roundhouse at Estidny's shoulder.

Estidny expected something like this and went with the attack instead of blocking it. It would weaken his arm and shoulder no doubt, but hopefully leave him an opening. And the opening came, or so he thought. As he struck out at Elson's back, the boy spun around the blade and came in to grapple with him.

Elson wondered if the man was stronger than he looked and decided to test it. He spun to Estidny's left, outside his strong arm and grabbed hold of his left elbow, intending to hip toss him. The man was agile however and flipped in the air landed on his feet, managing to land a weak blow Elson's left knee with a quick kick.

The kick sent the boy stumbling back, giving Estidny another opening. For a big boy, he wasn't as slow as one might expect, but he wasn't as fast as Estidny either. He pushed his advantage momentarily, completing a flurry of quick blows that Elson was barely able to keep up with.

Elson was getting pissed. The man was getting the best of him. Not the way he had envisioned things. He looked around him, looking for something he could use. He spotted a can of gasoline in the weak light of a street lamp beside the maintenace areas shed. He hoped it had some fuel in it as he quickly moved towards the shed.

The thought that Elson might be running flashed across his mind, but he quickly dismissed it. The boy didn't seem the type to give up so easily. He didn't know what he was up to however, so he stood back for the moment.

Elson noticed that the old man hadn't given chase and he quickly got an idea. He picked up the gas tank with his back to Estidny and made a part of his iron knuckle raise up into a spike, and punctured the fuel canister. He returned the knuckles to their other form and turned around, sliding the can towards estidny at the same time. He waited half a second and then ran his knuckles quickly across concrete setting a spark, starting a trail of flame heading towards the can.

Estidny saw the can and started to move, but the fire and concussion from the tank exploding was still enough to knock him down. Elson was on him in an instant.

Elson was enjoying himself again. It was his turn to press the advantage, and he made Estidny work. He threw combo after combo, until he eventually had Estidny backed up agains the miata he had broken the window of earlier. He went for a last blow, but the old man used the car as leverage to try and jump over him.

Estidny jumped, and thought he had made it, but then a sharp pain took his breath away.

Elson had seen the man's movement start, and knew he was going to miss. He had been ready however. He had cuased the spike to come out on his other knuckle and had caught the old man in the rib as he had flew past, wounding him wickedly.

Estidny hit the ground hard, immediatly coughing up blood, covering a space of ground nearly the size of his chest in the red liquid. He was done. He had underestimated the boy and paid for it dearly.

Elson smiled and began walking towards Tanks parents, having kept them hidden until now. He went around the shed and picked them up by the chains that held them and carried them back around where everyone there could see them. "Anyone moves, and these people die."

Estidny motioned for everyone to stay still.

Hannah watched the fight, then without thinking dropped her bag and notebook and approached the group walking past Devlin and Estidny until she was metres away from Elson.

Elson could sense the girl behind him, but didn't know if she held a weapon and one of his arms were currently unavailable, so he froze and said nothing, expecting the girl to speak.

Estidny saw the girl and recognized her from the precognitions he had had before his return to a human state. The girl would take care of things. She was reasonably adept with her abilities. Estidny put the last of his god power into the armor and passed away quietly, the disappearance of the Sword of Fate and Destiny Armor the only noticable indication that he had left this plane of existence.

Chance bolted up. He had felt something like a string snapping in his head and he had a horrible feeling. His mouth tasted coppery as if he had bit his tongue in his sleep, but there was no blood when he raised his hand to his mouth. Then it hit him and he was up and out of bed, taking the sheet with him. He hoped he was wrong, or they were all in trouble.

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