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So as you can see, this is a digital photography gallery, This was a contest earlier but not anymore; you can't enter anymore. The submissions now will be just for the sake of making an interesting themed photography wiki. If you are interested in submitting, see guidelines at the bottom of the page.

The winner is:

[Janouk] Pause

1. [shotokan_gal] London underground

2. [Elisha Kelly] Old coca-cola sign on the side of my local store

3. [Solitary Comfort] "The World we live in"


Found this little sticker on the railing bars of a bridge.. Found it quite thought provoaking.

4. [ally] 70


5. [dayah] Japan Stop


6. [~Lady Morgana~] Hardrock Cafe Warnsign


8. [Skydancer] Chariot of many adventures.

9. [iippo] City tree

10. [shotokan_gal] Saddler's yard

11. [shotokan_gal]

12. [shotokan_gal] Library

13. [Madzeri] japanese punk store-called 'sex pot revenge'

14. [Skydancer] Wandering around Biltmore Forest

<img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0023.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0025.jpg>

<img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0028.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0032.jpg>

<img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0045.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0012.jpg>

<img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0054.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0055.jpg>

<img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0026.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0040.jpg>

<img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0007.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0050.jpg>


Theme: Signs. Any sign with any meaning. It can be domestic (in your house) or public (on the street), in the city or in the countryside. Yet the following restrictions apply:
a) must be contemporary, modern. No real hieroglyphs
b) the meaning of the sign should be clear to the reader/viewer. A translation must be provided for a non-English text-sign.

Examples of what we're looking for:
traffic signs, street signs, shop signs, signs indicating facilities, words and images painted on streets, signs held up by protesters, cars' register plates etc...
Examples of what we're not looking for:
self-made writing on paper (like the kind you see so often in Elfhouses), tombstones or other memorials, road-side adverts, posters, graffiti etc...

-Good quality please. You can upload it off-site (like PhotoBucket) but if that is the case, I will very likely upload the image into ET for you (you'd have to give me a really good reason not to, because PhotoBucket links can break, ET links can't unless broken by guards, and I want the images of the contest to show for all eternity).
-Good composition, interesting juxtaposition, even interesting colour/tone scheme will give your image a more favourable eye.

Rules of the house:
1.Own work only, follow Uploading Art Rules. Breakers will be in trouble.
2. No manipulation other than:
-gaussian blur/other method of making image less pixelated
-colour balance
(because all of those can be achieved with masterful photography skills, using a regular camera).
3. No violence nor nudity at all. I really can't see any point how it'd enhance a photo of a sign (unless a nudist protest?), but if you feel oppressed by this rule, discuss with me via personal message and show me the image, and I'll decide.
4. Remember the theme; any picture not following the theme will be removed without warning.
5. Add new submissions to the bottom.

0. [username] - Title of photo <-- this must be.
<img200:myimageurlhere.ext> (notice, it the piece is horizontal, use <img*200:myimageurlhere.ext>)

Username (or number or email):


2006-04-23 [iippo]: But the worst one is the "I had a dream I went to the bathroom"... >_>

2006-04-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: Same here ... it is the time of the month for weird dreams - at least to me >__<

2006-04-23 [dayah]: ack I hate those

2006-04-23 [dayah]: I always seemed to get attacked by wild animals...especialy by wolves and I love wolves..

2006-04-23 [iippo]: In one dream my dog got attacked by wolves (and in other ones he's been attacked by me, several times). And in reality my neighbourgh's dog got attacked by a wolf. >.< so I'm not fond of them - nor any wild animal: I have a healthy fear and respect relationship with all wild animals.

2006-04-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: I use to have Silent Hill like dreams, if you know the games ... weird monsters eating other peoples heads and stuff like that.

2006-04-23 [dayah]: ooh I had A dream about getting attacked by wolves, I woke up and stared at the ones that hung my curtians. I was like "why did they attack me, they look so nice there"

2006-04-23 [dayah]: no some people say you wake up before you hit the ground...well I had a dream I was on top of a barn and jumped off. I could feel the air as I fell, and the thump when I hit..didn't die.. I just got up again, climbed back up on the barn and jumped off again..very strange

2006-04-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: Weird ... I drowned one, this dream was nice actually O___O

2006-04-23 [iippo]: I wake up before I hit stuff. But the weirdest one was when I was cycling through a town, and a bunch of teenagers on cycles too came by me and said "hi uncle" (I'm female >_>)...

2006-04-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: Haha oh wow, that's weird XD I was a male in one of my dreams

2006-04-23 [dayah]: hum...sometimes I think they relate to past lives..I have had some that I feel dayzavoo (sp) in ...its strange..I have been there before..

2006-04-23 [iippo]: De ja vu.

2006-04-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: I also know this feeling [dayah] ... it is also weird if you dream about something that happens later on.

2006-05-03 [Janouk]: I once dreamed that I fell in a pond wih a thin layer of ice on it, and half a year later I did, exactly the way I dreamed it...I could even predict what was about to happen next.

2006-05-03 [~Lady Morgana~]: I know what you mean ... it feel weird doesn't it?

2006-05-03 [Janouk]: Yes..Have you also got familiy members having the same thing? My father and sister say they have the 'feeling' as well some times, but my mother and brother do not know what we're talking about...

2006-05-03 [~Lady Morgana~]: Hmm ... I am not sure about my brother but my parents don't.

2006-05-03 [Janouk]: I once heard that you don't actually know it before it happens, it's just your brains being a bit confused so that they make you think you saw it before. So when something happens, your brains put it in your memory before they tell you what you see (or something ^^)

2006-05-03 [~Lady Morgana~]: But that's a deja vu ... if you dream it, you know it before it happens.

2006-05-03 [Janouk]: *nods* That causes me to not be completely convinced by the theory :-)

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