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So as you can see, this is a digital photography gallery, This was a contest earlier but not anymore; you can't enter anymore. The submissions now will be just for the sake of making an interesting themed photography wiki. If you are interested in submitting, see guidelines at the bottom of the page.

The winner is:

[Janouk] Pause

1. [shotokan_gal] London underground

2. [Elisha Kelly] Old coca-cola sign on the side of my local store

3. [Solitary Comfort] "The World we live in"


Found this little sticker on the railing bars of a bridge.. Found it quite thought provoaking.

4. [ally] 70


5. [dayah] Japan Stop


6. [~Lady Morgana~] Hardrock Cafe Warnsign


8. [Skydancer] Chariot of many adventures.

9. [iippo] City tree

10. [shotokan_gal] Saddler's yard

11. [shotokan_gal]

12. [shotokan_gal] Library

13. [Madzeri] japanese punk store-called 'sex pot revenge'

14. [Skydancer] Wandering around Biltmore Forest

<img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0023.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0025.jpg>

<img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0028.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0032.jpg>

<img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0045.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0012.jpg>

<img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0054.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0055.jpg>

<img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0026.jpg> <img0*200:stuff/Sept3-06_m0040.jpg>

<img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0007.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sept3-06_m0050.jpg>


Theme: Signs. Any sign with any meaning. It can be domestic (in your house) or public (on the street), in the city or in the countryside. Yet the following restrictions apply:
a) must be contemporary, modern. No real hieroglyphs
b) the meaning of the sign should be clear to the reader/viewer. A translation must be provided for a non-English text-sign.

Examples of what we're looking for:
traffic signs, street signs, shop signs, signs indicating facilities, words and images painted on streets, signs held up by protesters, cars' register plates etc...
Examples of what we're not looking for:
self-made writing on paper (like the kind you see so often in Elfhouses), tombstones or other memorials, road-side adverts, posters, graffiti etc...

-Good quality please. You can upload it off-site (like PhotoBucket) but if that is the case, I will very likely upload the image into ET for you (you'd have to give me a really good reason not to, because PhotoBucket links can break, ET links can't unless broken by guards, and I want the images of the contest to show for all eternity).
-Good composition, interesting juxtaposition, even interesting colour/tone scheme will give your image a more favourable eye.

Rules of the house:
1.Own work only, follow Uploading Art Rules. Breakers will be in trouble.
2. No manipulation other than:
-gaussian blur/other method of making image less pixelated
-colour balance
(because all of those can be achieved with masterful photography skills, using a regular camera).
3. No violence nor nudity at all. I really can't see any point how it'd enhance a photo of a sign (unless a nudist protest?), but if you feel oppressed by this rule, discuss with me via personal message and show me the image, and I'll decide.
4. Remember the theme; any picture not following the theme will be removed without warning.
5. Add new submissions to the bottom.

0. [username] - Title of photo <-- this must be.
<img200:myimageurlhere.ext> (notice, it the piece is horizontal, use <img*200:myimageurlhere.ext>)

Username (or number or email):


2006-03-27 [shotokan_gal]: Artists are wierd XD I need a digital though, when I can afford one, my camera is so hit and miss ;_; . Though it's kinda fun to see how things come out at the end of the day.

2006-03-27 [shotokan_gal]: Anyway, for iippo's info, I'm thinking <URL:stuff/london2.jpg> with some cropping, unless I get something better. But only if she thinks the quality's ok (and should perhaps rescan it slightly smaller).

2006-03-27 [ally]: Professional photographers never use digital cameras though...

2006-03-27 [shotokan_gal]: You can get digitals which are as huge as old style awesome cameras now though, I'm sure I've seen people use them on shoots etc. Though admittedly don't know a lot about it. At one point was torn between getting a digital or something really just *nice* next. But that involves doing your own developing as often as not. It's all on the to-do list, when one has money >_> . And your bog-standard digitals are getting cheaper all the time, like all new technology.

2006-03-27 [Kileaiya]: That's a really nice picture Shotokan, London has some pretty cool signs :)

2006-03-28 [shotokan_gal]: Why thankyou ^^ My boyfriend gave me such an odd look when I took it: "you're taking a picture of an tube sign??" Hehe.

2006-03-28 [iippo]: That's an excellent image for this contest [shotokan_gal]. And ally near all professionals do use digital cameras for the way they make shots cheap: click click click click click click you take photos like mad, trusting that at least one shot will be good => No film wastage and then you can tweak the colours and stuff later on the computer. The pro digital cameras just cost cows and strawberries, so they're not that usual amongst normal humans. :P

2006-03-29 [a faerie tale]: Hmmmm....would graffiti work?

2006-03-29 [shotokan_gal]: Cows and strawberries? Interesting one that.

2006-03-29 [iippo]: Graffiti no, it's not a sign as such, it's more like art than informative.

2006-03-30 [Elisha Kelly]: I am so entering this... Though i will be good and not do my favourite trick of putting a black and white layer under a colour layer... instead I shall learn the asm functions of my digital camera... bout time that I did, and try and get the effect I want that way :D

2006-03-30 [Praise Adonai]: hey [iippo] this contest idea is awsome!

2006-03-30 [iippo]: Thanks everyone who thinks this a good idea: I think so too! :P And I took an example photo, but since we have an entry already, I don't think it necessary. But I think that after this contest, I'll render this wiki as a photo gallery of urban hieroglyphs, not unlike planet busstation and other such uber cool wikis.

2006-04-01 [Elisha Kelly]: I am gonna put an entry up... I added a border and put my signature in the border... if that is against the rules let me know and I will put up a version without the border. :D cheers.

2006-04-01 [iippo]: 'Tis ok like that. I love it :D

2006-04-03 [Elisha Kelly]: thanks :}

2006-04-03 [Solitary Comfort]: Have popped my width to 300 pixels, as this make the height (on mine) 200 pixels.. Hope this is okay. No fair that those people who chose to shoot/crop vertical images get bigger image sizes! XD

2006-04-04 [iippo]: Meh, I always confuse vertical and horizontal (in the rules-thingy), but fixed the thumbnailing now so all images have the shortest side as 200.

2006-04-07 [Janouk]: 'It's a surprize' - *wants to hug mr. Wonka*

2006-04-09 [iippo]: How funky, a triangle-shaped stop sign... "Chicken Little, how could you mistake an acorn for a stop sign!?" "Butbutbut... big acorns doesn't fly?"

2006-04-11 [~Lady Morgana~]: What do you think about neon signs? Is that cool to participate with? I also have a creepy road sign I found in canada O__O

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