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"Kisuke? You here? Or are you off doing something foolish again?" Yoruichi called.

Kisuke yawned loudly, walking out form behind the shop and slipped into his heavy sandals. "No, Yoruichi~" he responded, "How can I help you?"

Yoruichi smiled at the tired expression on his face and put on a hurt face. "How rude of you Kisuke. To think I came by because I missed you." She replied.

Kisuke's expression became eager and he whined, walking over to Yoruichi. "Aw, don't be mean!"

Yoruichi giggled. "You should make it up to me to show me how much you missed me." She teased.

"Hmmm?" Kisuke blinked and stared at her. "How can I do that?"

"Ice cream. It's a human food I've grown very fond of." Yoruichi replied. She raised an eyebrow. "I hope you weren't thinking perverted thoughts Kisuke-kun." She added with a grin.

Kisuke frowned. "How awful of you to think such a thing, Yoruichi~" he trumped off, slipping out of his sandals and back behind the shop. "There should be some back here," he called out, expecting his old friend to follow.

"Don't be mean Kisu-kun. I was just kidding." Yoruichi whined as she followed him back to where her treat waited.

Kisuke dug around in the kitchen, mumbling its contents under his breath until his voice rose to where Yoruichi could hear, "Ah, ice cream! Vanilla is allwe have." he pulled out a pint-size of vanilla ice cream and held it out for her.

The raven haired woman cheered and grabbed the cup from him. She found a spoon and started eating happily.

"Glad you like it," he laughed, finding a spoon himself and sitting across from her in case she felt like sharing.

"I can't share if you're over there. Besides I think you have customers." Yoruichi said with a smile.

"Tessai'll take care of whatever customers I have." Kisuke reassured her, moving closer and sitting right across from her, smiling.

Yoruichi gave him an evil smile before she flicked some ice cream on his face.

Kisuke yelped and laughed, wiping it off and eating the ice cream absently. "That wasn't very nice."

"Pfft. Since when am I nice Kisu-kun?" Yoruichi asked as she grinned wickedly.

"Rarely~" Kisuke teased, returning the grin with a mischevious one of his own. He dipped his spoon into the ice cream and smeared it on her nose.

"Nyaa! Kisu-kun!" Yoruichi yelped.

Kisuke laughed, licking the rest of the ice cream left on the spoon and shooting a triumphant grin at Yoruichi.

The cat girl licked the ice cream from her nose then returned to eating. She licked her spoon slowly.

"So where had you been lately?" the blonde asked, resting his weight on his hands and observing the woman with an amused smile.

"Oh you know me. I've been around." Yoruichi replied softly. Her eyes stared at the table.

"That's how you always reply, Yoruichi~" Kisuke whined again.

"I know. Does it worry you Kisuke?" Yoruichi asked softly.

"No, I know you'll always come back." he placed a hand on his striped hat and looked up at her from under it, smiling.

"Hee hee. True. But......if I told you that the next time I disappear, I might not come back?" Yoruichi asked quietly.

His face became half mystified, staring at her curiously. "Why would you say something like that to me?"

" reason. Just wondering." Yoruichi replied with a smile.

Kisuke furrowed his eyebrows and gave a light shrug, lowering his head. "If you're sure, Yoruichi."

"Soifon is looking for me. She wants me dead. I just wanted you to know that so that if I didn't come back you'd know what happened." Yoruichi said softly.

He lifted his head slowly, his expression serious. "I thought, after your battle with her while rescuing Miss Kuchiki that she was loyal to you again?"

"She was......until well.....I told her that I wasn't going to stay in Soul Society with her." Yoruichi laughed.

"I see," Kisuke responded, looking downward again and looking as if he were thinking.

"She took the news hard. Now she wants to bring me back or kill me." Yoruichi chuckled.

"And you don't want to go back?" Kisuke asked softly.

"No. I don't. Soul Society doesn't hold anything that I want to go back to." Yoruichi replied.

Kisuke chuckled. "Same here."

"Soifon thinks I'm a fool." Yoruichi said.

"You aren't a fool if you were protecting her, Yoruichi." Kisuke replied almost sharply.

"Protecting her? You know me better than that Kisuke. She doesn't need my protection. She's a big girl now. I just don't see the point in going back to Soul Society. It's a joke." Yoruichi snapped.

Kisuke stared at Yoruichi a moment, then looked back down.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that to you Kisuke. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me." Yoruichi said softly, looking away from him.

Kisuke glanced back up. "Nah, you're just stressed. No big deal."

Yoruichi sighed and thumped her head on the table.

Kisuke blinked and reached across the table, poking her head curiously.

"Whaaaat?" Yoruichi whined with a smile.

Kisuke smiled. "Nothing~"

Yoruichi rolled her eyes.

Kisuke offered a smile and looked at his spoon for a few heartbeats. "Say, Yoruichi..."

"Yes Kisuke?" Yoruichi asked curiously.

He studied her. "You..." At a loss for words, he smiled and shook his head. "Ah, nevermind."

"If you want to say something Kisuke just say it. We've been friends long enough that there's not much we can keep from each other." Yoruichi said softly as she ate another spoonful of ice cream.

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2008-04-08 [Izeiza]: Ish Yoruichi a cat or person right now??

2008-04-08 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: person. only a cat when she feels like being one. and possibly out of character.

2008-04-08 [Izeiza]: Thank you. ^^ I wanted to make sure, that's all.

2008-04-08 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: welcome. so feel free to continue please.

2008-04-08 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: don't Yoruichi and Uruhara get together in the anime?

2008-04-08 [Izeiza]: Not to my knowledge, but it's possible.

2008-04-08 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: hm. I thought that they were together but it was unsaid.

2008-04-08 [Izeiza]: Well, I'm not sure myself, but it could be very possible. ^^;

2008-04-08 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: hee hee. I think they would make an interesting couple.

2008-04-08 [Izeiza]: Yeah, seeing as they tease each other a lot. Not to mention they're old friends. ^^

2008-04-09 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: indeed. So how about it?

2008-04-09 [Izeiza]: Okay~!

2008-04-13 [Vampire Princess Twilight]: ^_^

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