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2011-10-12 04:20:08
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Useless Food


<img:> Tomatoes were originally believed to be poisonous but it turned out they were killing people because they were being cooked in lead cookware and the lead was seeping into the tomatoes.

<img:> Every can of Pringles is marked "Potato Crisps" instead of "Potato Chips" due to a lawsuit from a competing company.

<img:> The world's strongest beer, called Sink the Bismark will put you over the legal blood alcohol limit in one gulp.

<img:> "Original" flavored Skittles do not contain the color blue.

<img:> Snapple Apple does not contain apple juice.

<img:> There is a restaurant chain in Japan, called Zauo, where you catch your own fish before it is prepared.


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