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2012-05-31 04:12:38
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Useless Medicine


<img:> Consuming large amounts of sugar does NOT cause diabetes.

<img:> Diphallus is a medical condition where a man has two penises and affects about 1 out of every 5.5 million men.

<img:> Kissing can cause cavities.

<img:> Waking a sleepwalker will not harm them. It may, infact, save their life.

<img:> The Brain cannot feel pain.

<img:> Men can be allergic to their own semen.

<img:> A rare disorder called Surfer's Myelopathy is a disorder that only affects first time surfers and causes paralysis. Most cases are not permanent.

<img:> It has been scientifically proven that the less you know, the more you think you know. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect.

<img:> The two lines that connect the bottom of your nose to you lip are called the philtrum.

<img:> The scientific name for "Morning Wood" is "Nocturnal Penile Tumescence".

<img:> The first name suggested for AIDS was GRID - Gay-Related Immune Deficiency. It was refused because they felt that the name would be misleading making people believe that only gays could get it.

<img:> Redhead's require more anesthesia to get numb.

<img:> Kallmann syndrome or Kallmann’s syndrome is a disease that can slow or even prevent puberty.

<img:> A rare genetic mutation (currently labeled Immigration-Delay Disease) causes people to be born without fingerprints and has only appeared in four families in the world.

<img:> Girls go through puberty at an earlier age, if their father isn't present in their lives.

<img:> Your eye muscles move 100,000 times a day.

<img:> If you fall asleep within five minutes of laying down, you are likely suffering from severe sleep deprivation.

<img:> Reattached fingers will not shrivel up due to prolonged exposure to water.

<img:> The American Psychiatric Assn. lists four different caffeine-related mental disorders.

<img:> Studies show that covering a wart with duct tape is more effective than having a doctor remove it.


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2011-09-29 [Ravenclaw]: *googles diphallus*

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