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This information is universal enough that it should work whether you're using the java applet or some real IRC client to chat.

Using Elfchat

You may want to chat privately with someone. To do that, type:
/query {nick of the person you want to chat privately}
double-clicking with your mouse on the person's nick on the list of nicks.

In both cases a new window will open without any column on the right or any topics or anything like what happened when you entered #Elftown. This is called a Query Window. In the title of this window you can see the nick with the person you are chatting privately with. Whatever you type in that window will appear only to that specific person.

(Note: in the title bar, next to the nick, there is also something else written. This is called a hostmask.)

If someone harasses you or floods the channel, you can type (anywhere)
/ignore {nick that harasses you}
This will block any messages from that person in private queries and in any public channel.

If you want to block only private messages from that nick, type
/ignore -p {nick that harasses you}
If you want to block someone in a public channel but still receive private messages from that person, type
/ignore -c {nick that harasses you}

If someone is being an asshole and needs to be disciplined (kicked/banned), you can:
1) Notify a channel operator (@ in front of their nicks) in the IRC channel if any are present.
2) Send a message to any active member of the Elfchat Bosses, comment on one of these wikipages, or post in the forum (<joinforum:312:irc> (Elfchat - Questions and Reports)) containing at least the user's nick and a copy of the harassing dialogue. It would be nice if you could also include that user's hostmask (and Elftown nick if you are aware of it).

If you find it hard to rewrite the hostmask by just looking at it, you can:
Double-click the nick that harasses you anywhere in the query window, preferably where the dialogue text appears. Or you can type:
/whois {harasser's nick}
Then go back to the status window where further info about that nick will appear. In the first line of this new info, next to the nick, is the hostmask (in the form of nick!name@hostname.hostextension). Copy the hostmask and include it in the message.

If you are an asshole
... fear [Isilando].


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