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You can easily protect your GSD from Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, and Kennel Cough. All it takes is yearly injections.

Puppies should be vaccinated between 6 and 9 weeks and again at 10-12 weeks. They will be fully protected 2 weeks after their second injection but I will be totally honest - after Sky's second injection she was walked as soon as she was out of the vets and she's fine.

Dog vaccinations are like ours: they are vaccinated with a small amount of the diseases which stimulates the dog's immune system into making antibodies that are able to fight the diseases if they become exposed to them at a later stage.

If your dog is unwell or has recently been unwell when he/she is due for injections you must tell your vet. They will not give you the injection until your dog is better or your dog will get worse.

Vaccines are given in the scruff of the neck; kennel cough drops are put in the nose.

Regular boosters are necessary to keep your dog's immunity levels high enough to protect him for the rest of his life. You should really vaccinate once a year.

If an unvaccinated pup/dog contracts any of these diseases it could prove to be fatal. Those that recover could be left with long term damage to their organs.

All these diseases, with the exception of kennel cough, manifest as signs of depression, appetite loss and a high temperature.



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2009-08-01 [de Morte]: The first round of DHPP-CVK or distemper parvo is given when they are 3-4months old, then they get their next two rounds 3-4 weeks apart the final shot is usually when they get their rabies Vx. The first shots last a year, then after that the shots last 3 years. THe rabies and DHPP-CVK shots are given at the loose skin on the shoulder. (Rabies right, DHPP-CVK left)
Bordetella is giving up the nose so it isn't technically a shot and it only lasts 6 months. The bordetella shot takes 2-7 days before it kicks in properly.

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: When you first get a dog you want to make sure to see your vet as soon as possible so that the Dr. can help you with your pet and give you ideas on what it is going to be like. We try to make sure that the new owners bring a fresh fecal sample so we can check to make sure your dog doesn't have worms. If worms are found then depending on the type of worm you will get some medication sent home. Some of them are in pill form, and some liquid.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: I'm assuming you're talking about the American vaccinations?

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Yes.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: Ah it's different here. There are 2 vaccinations done (I'm not sure which one covers what but I know they cover all the major diseases) and they're mainly done at 8 and 10 weeks. My girl didn't have a rabies shot, I'm not actually sure why! Maybe it's not as prevalent here?

Puppies are wormed before they go to their homes and if their poo is runny or soft they are not vaccinated until they are well.

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: Well it does depend on where you live and the animal, depending on the dog, the doctor may elect to do a DHPP-CVK only twice, rabies is rare here, but because of the extremely high health risks for the dog as well as for humans, it is best to go ahead and get the vaccines.

2009-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: I might ask if my vets do a rabies jab and get it done when they're due for their boosters.

2009-08-01 [de Morte]: That would be good

2009-09-22 [de Morte]: Ok, I have a Vaccine Protocol brochure in front of me!

7.5-9wks-DHPP-CVK1 Fecal Examination
9-12wks-DHPP-CVK2 (booster)
12-16wks-DHPP-CVK3 (final), 1yr Rabies
(every 3-4 weeks)

1 Year later-DHPP-CVK 3yr, Rabies 3yr, fecal

DHPP-CVK=Distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo, corona

Bordatella vx is recommended in kennel situations and if the animal is going to be in contact with other dogs. The vx is fast acting and will give protection in 2-7 days.

Canine Distemper is a contagious viral disease seen most frequently in puppies, but all dogs are at risk. It affects the respiratory and nervous system and is often fatal.

Hepatitis can lead to liver damage.

Parainfluenza is a viral respiratory disease, and is often partly responsible for "kennel cough".

Parvo is a highly contagious disease that causes severe diarrhea and vomiting. It is especially deadly in puppies.

Corona is another contagious gastro-intestinal diseas, causing diarrhea and vomiting.

Bordatella is a bacterial infection usually involved in "kennel cough".

2009-09-22 [de Morte]: Rabies is very rare, but if and animal is infected rabies is ALWAYS fatal.

2009-09-22 [sequeena_rae]: Thanks! :) You have a lot of injections for the first year don't you :O I don't think we have the rabies injection here.

2009-09-23 [de Morte]: Yup! if it is under 16 weeks it needs the set of three, if it is over then it just needs two!

2009-09-23 [sequeena_rae]: How's that?

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