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User Name: [Ms. Steel]

Character name: Valerie Katharine Sprouse.

Mutant Name: Snapdragon.

Classification: X-Men.

Abilities/powers: In the simplest terms, Valerie has the ability to manipulate her skeleton, and her body is largely resistant to skeletal, vascular, muscular or nerve trauma as a result of this capability. (If she was, let's say, shot with a bullet, electrocuted or sawed in half, she'd suffer the normal effects of a person who was injured in such ways.) Depending upon the situation, her mutation is both voluntary and involuntary.

For instance, long, straight bones, such as the femur, humerus, or ulna, can be bent anywhere along their length and in any direction. The newly formed angle is fixed, not hinged, and is accompanied by a very noticeable pop or snap as the bone is being put in its place. Her spinal column is a particular anomaly in this, seeing as she can snap into almost any angle manageable without any injury to her spinal cord.

In addition to the obvious aspect of her mutation, her kinesthetic aptitude presented itself much earlier in her childhood, but Val was simply considered highly talented by her dance instructors in that respect, and nothing more. She has a preternatural ability to moderate her body's balance, movements, positions and reflexes, generally lending her heightened athletic qualities (not endurance).

Val is currently working with a couple other students to discover how to use her body and ability together in a productive manner and to figure out useful applications for her mutation for offensive and defensive means (See also Special Skills).

Sex: Female.

Age/Date of Birth: 19; born on November 24th.

General appearance: Valerie is a lifelong dancer, and she looks like one, with her long, lean muscled-limbs, flat chest and unattractive feet. Otherwise, standing at 5'6", she looks like a typical 'All-American' teenager, with a cute little turned-up button nose, blue-eyes and long, straight, dirty blonde hair that is usually worn down and kept out of her face with a headband or barrettes.

Additional appearance: Valerie always looks pulled-together in appearance: hair neat, make-up on, nails painted, clothes pressed and tidy. She fancies crisp button-up shirts, crew-necked sweaters and the like. A little on the preppy side, if you will.

Personality: Be positive is Valerie's mantra. And if you can't be positive...pretend to be! Most of the time, she is quite friendly and outgoing. She is used to being very popular and having a large group of friends. Val can tend to run at the mouth when nervous, however, and may also share more information than she should at any given moment, putting herself in unintentionally embarrassing situations. She is trusting, can be a little obsessive, optimistic to a fault and, unfortunately, gullible. Valerie can be a little self-conscious about her pronounced Wisconsin dialect if someone points it out and the fact she snorts when she laughs.

In light of the last few weeks at the mansion, Val's pervasive cheeriness has become a little subdued, but she still does her best to be a friend, or at least friendly, to those around her.

Special Skills: As previously mentioned, Valerie is a dancer. She has studied in all general facets of dance: ballet, tap, modern, jazz.

Val's past weeks in the mansion have also been spent, among other things, studying and practicing a grab-bag of martial arts skills, depending on which students she's spending time with, and what their preference is. She has also been dutifully studying gymnastics, parkour and free running, though, with her recent, very busy schedule, she hasn't had time to actually practice outside of the mansion's gym.

Place of birth: Madison, Wisconsin.

Weapon(s) of choice: N/A

Medical information: Valerie's body has never shown most of the normal course of wear-and-tear that the average dancer's body does: broken toes, pulled or strained muscles. This was always a curiosity to her parents, doctor and coaches, but never a concern.

Brief History: It was always thought that Valerie's amazing kinesthetic abilities were simply a natural talent, but the truth was that since she lacked the susceptibility to certain, typical injuries suffered by her peers, she was willing to push the envelope in terms of movement from an early age. She started dancing at age six; at age twelve, her parents divorced, causing Val to fling herself fully, almost obsessively, into her art form. It was either perfection or nothing, in her eyes, a coping mechanism for dealing with the parental situation. Val also thought it would be beneficial for her younger sister Cynthia (then six years old) to have such a positive and solid role model.

Valerie graduated valedictorian of her high school class and was granted a scholarship to study dance at The University of Wisconsin-Steven's Point. During rehearsal for an upcoming performance, she was executing a tricky move involving a handspring over a fellow member of the dance piece. Unfortunately, because of spacing and timing misjudgments, Valerie ended-up off the stage and landing in the orchestra pit.

It would appear that Valerie had survived unscathed, except for a few bruises and superficial cuts-- and the fact that her long, shapely neck was at a clean ninety- degree angle, her right ear touching the respective shoulder. Gasps of concern and panic turned to gasps of disbelief when she sat-up, popped her neck back into place like she didn't realize what had happened, and climbed out of the pit.

Despite her insistence that she felt fine, she went to the doctor, who was frankly dumbfounded that she wasn't dead. After x-rays and numerous tests declared there was, in fact, nothing wrong with her, further testing was performed, and it came to light that she possessed the X Gene.

This information sent her into paroxysms of involuntary and grotesque skeletal manipulations, and the true depth of her ability of brought to light. After she calmed down (which required both sedation and restraints), it was thought best (i.e. her parents made her) that she put her college education on hold to be sent to Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters so she could learn to manage her condition.

Relatives: Mother-- Katharine; Father-- Aaron (divorced); younger sister Cynthia (aged twelve years).

How long your character has been in the mansion: About eight months.

Current Attire: Val is currently clad in a simple, light blue tank top with a bit of lace around the neckline and a pair of white, cuffed denim shorts. Upon her feet are white Keds, and her hair is down.

Dormitory 315

<img300*0:stuff/vally2.jpg><img:>By [Duredhel]. :-) <img100*0:stuff/lilval.png>

Relation chart (1: bad; 10: good)

Daniela Morgan -- 8; Daniela is a little introspective, but otherwise very pleasant to hang out with. Her comments and observations can be quite funny, even if it is at her own expense. 

Shana Grace Tilar -- 8; Val really appreciates Shana's positive attitude and outgoing nature. She is charming, funny, and there is no pretense with her-- she's not afraid to tell it like it is.

Light Blackburn -- 7; Val probably wouldn't have ever imagined it so, but, from her point of view, she and Light have fallen into a friendlier rapport.

Anthony Havelock -- 7; Even if his self-esteem could use some work, Anthony's a darling and Val does like spending time with him.

Kobayashi Hisoka -- 7; Even if he did take her down, it was only to prove a point. Val's quite fond of the younger student.

Sasaiya Moscoso-- 7; Valerie is quite fond of Sasaiya, having embarked on a friendship with the woman after their mission in Oregon.

Olexis Solnes-- 7; Valerie feels a certain... sisterly duty to her roommate. While she likes the younger girl well enough, she's probably experiencing a bit of transference in light of the fact she misses her own sister.

Adrianne Wagner -- 7; After the poor girl's ordeal, Val hopes that Addy can get back into the swing of things at the mansion.

Justin Alphar-- 6; He's nice enough, although he does seems a bit girl-crazy.

Maria Bortolotto-- 6; They haven't hung-out too much, yet, but val would further like to pursue their budding friendship.

Elizabeth Charms -- 6; Valerie and Flame have met a few times in passing, but with little meaty interaction betwixt the two of them. During their formal introduction, however, the older student was quite pleasant, thus allaying some of Val's trepidation in regards to the scaly mutant.

René Chastain-- 6; René is a nice, funny guy.
Victoria Adelaide Deveau-- 6; She is a darling, and Val hopes that there is time in Tory's busy schedule for them to hang out a little more often.

Luloah Esther Akins-- 5; There's really very little Val can say one way or the other in regards to Lu, although her behaviour in the presence of others seems to be a little... off.

Kyle Bedlington -- 5; Val is reluctant to admit it, but Kyle's really giving her a run for her money with his lack of responsiveness to her attempts at friendship.

Atsila -- 5; Val isn't sure what to make of him, anymore.

Shade -- 5; Shade never did anything to personally affront Val-- in fact, in some ways he was quiet helpful. She hasn't really spoken with him since he disappeared at the Halloween party, though.

X-Men Characters

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2014-05-15 [ancienteye]: Mixed media is awesome for cool effects~ :3

2014-07-15 [Duredhel]: Val likes everyone XD

2014-07-15 [Ms. Steel]: ...also true.

2014-07-15 [Flisky]: Rook is the same. He doesn't dislike anyone.

2014-07-15 [Figgy]: I think Val and Shade should be plotted out to have spoken, since he and Light are married now 8>

2014-07-15 [Duredhel]: Val is one of the few people who does not automatically dislike Light, yes XD.

2014-07-15 [Figgy]: FRIENDS

2014-07-15 [Ms. Steel]: DONE AND DONE

2014-07-15 [Ms. Steel]: Yeah, that last chart update was after the Halloween party, and Val was more frightened than anything. She and Shade would likely have spoken since then, since she hangs out with Light and stuff.

2015-01-09 [Ms. Steel]: Is Val: A) Intoxicated; B) Sleepy; C) Pretending like she didn't just accidentally pass gas; or D) Trying to see straight after getting hit in the face because her lip is apparently fat

2015-01-09 [Ms. Steel]: I guess there's always: E) All of the above.

2015-01-09 [Figgy]: E :I

2015-01-09 [ancienteye]: ...I do not see any "fat lip", so I disagree with D and consequentially E. However, A through C seem like they would go well together. If that's not an option, I choose C for comedic purposes.

2015-01-09 [CuteCommander]: F) Smiling proudly after letting out the loudest fart to ever grace the mansion

2015-01-09 [Ms. Steel]: Naaaah, Val probably pretends like she never farts or burps.


2015-01-09 [Ms. Steel]: Yeah... she probably farts and dances around in her underwear when she's alone in her room...

2015-01-11 [CuteCommander]: And nobody guesses where that foul stench in the girls' dorm is coming from!

2015-05-20 [Ms. Steel]: <img300*0:stuff/Screen%20Shot%202015-05-20%20at%207.44.22%20PM.png> :-I

2015-05-21 [Figgy]: Perfect.

2015-05-21 [ancienteye]: XD

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