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This city is a stronghold, controlled by the Nosams. It is here the U.N. fears. The cities beautiful landscaping is as perfect as its defences. The Dark Legion here are well seasoned, and could take on as larg of a force that the U.N. could throw. In such bad times as this, no one could wish to live in a better place.

Return to Crying Destiney

As you come close, you look down, and see your chest covered in red dots. Warriors walk up, and clear you to enter the massive city. As you walk through you see some of the deadliest men you could ever imagine. These Are obviously the Dark Legion that you've heard so much about. They stand ready to fight, with their rifles, and swords as back ups. It becomes clear to you, as you see all the Dark Legion warriors, that they are prepairing for war. You notice these are not like the one's you've seen before, these guys have different markings on them. You realize these warriors are the Elite ones you've heard horror stories about from U.N. Special forces.

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2006-01-13 [G:/enesis~]: * one of the Dark Legion Warriors looks at the Nosams and frowns, as he looks back at his comrads.* "We dont take orders from you...Lords.. do you really think you control us!"

2006-01-13 [G:/enesis~]: *The Nosam in front yelled at him, and closed the doors on them.* "Get out!!!....We have a serious problem.... We need this man alive now! These men do not follow us, and with out their leader, they will break apart, and we will be murdered by the U.N."

2006-01-13 [G:/enesis~]: *the Nosams look at each other and discuss options, before one raises his voice and grasps their attention.* "We do have one option.... One that was was locked up years back. You all know of which I speak... It will take much time, but I know it will work.." *the Nosams nod, and drag Tafia out the back door.*

2006-01-13 [G:/enesis~]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the Nosams stand around a labatory, looking at Tafia's body inside of a big green tube.* "this will be a long process...but.. it will pay off in the end."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *one scientist is reading the stats on a computer, and raises an eye brow.* "holy shit.... not nearly as long as you guys believed...."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the nosams look at the scientist in disbelief.* "what do you mean?"

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist types a little more, before speaking.* "it seems his cells are regrowing at a rapid rate.... his body was somehow regenerating its self...and with the geo-nine project, it just times it by two...he will be ready in a number of minutes!"

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the nosams looked at each other, and were puzzled.* "but I thought half breeds couldnt do that?"

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist nods, looking back at the screen again, not able to believe the information he see's.* "half breeds cant, but... there's not one cell of human DNA left in him... He is completely ancient! I dont know how this happened, it must have cleansed the human cells out of his body and took over.."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *one nosam speaks out as the other seem to be thinking the same thing.* "his ascending..he always spoke of it like a fairy tale.. but it cant be.."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist looks back at the screen, and smirks.* "he is ready...."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the scientist and Nosams stand and watch as the green tube drains the liquid out of it, leaving Tafia laying in the bottem. the men open it, and pull him out. They hook him up to a machine, and shock him, waking him up.*

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *wakes up, and looks at all them standing around him, as he smirks.* "so this is what mother had in mind for me..."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *one Nosam walks forward, and hands Tafia a black envelope.* "Tafia.. we have the war under control for now, but we need you to do two task's for us.. one might be a little difficult.. We need you to regain the order of your soldiers, they are becoming quite restless with us, and two.... We have restarted the exploring of atlantis.. we found a new section to the city, but when our scientist unlocked it... Some form of creatures were unleashed, and killed our scientist.. The creatures have busted through a titanium wall that we set up to stop them, and have spread through out the under ground city.. its only a matter of time until they reach the surface.."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *stands up.* "why dont you send Elite Warriors?"

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the nosam looks down, and then back at Tafia.* "we did.. we sent 12, and they died.. so went managed to steal a version three cyborg from a U.N. lab, and sent that.. it seems even that was no match for them..they destroyed it with one move.."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: Tafia: *walks over to the table and grabs his sword, along with the sheath and strap, putting them on.* "I'll do it.."

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: *the men watch Tafia walk out.*

2006-01-14 [dead~spirit]: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2006-12-07 [dead~spirit]:

A New Hope (the Expansion)

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