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Valzer Scuro Roleplay


If anyone were to look at the headlines of any newspaper in the state of Washington, it would be plastered with the stories of a serial killer. Seattle, Washington's Special Investigative Task Force was doing everything it could to keep the details under wraps, and for the most part, it was paying off. Every now and then, something would leak and the papers would get wind of it, but so far the state has not yet broken out into mass hysteria.

Shit. The scene was gruesome, but somehow also morbidly clean. The victim was lying sprawled on the master bed, stark naked, his arms out to either side of him, and his feet tied together at the ankles. His head was on the pillow and his eyes were closed, almost like he was blissfully asleep, his head tilted back and his mouth open. There wasn't a lot of blood, other than the slice straight down the victim's body, from throat to navel, the skin cut and peeled back to reveal his ribs and sternum. The furniture had been tarped with vinyl before the body had been laid on it and cut open, obviously. Nothing else in the room was out of place.

Ethan Connors' green eyes moved slowly over the scene as he stood in the room, shifting uncomfortably in the blue surgeon booties he was required to wear over his regulation steel-toed boots. He had bright blue latex gloves on both hands and he was just staring at the body. Another one. Third one this month. he thought to himself solemnly. Who was this guy? Every single murder... the same M.O. He stepped closer and leaned in, trying to closer examine the body before the forensics team would sweep in and start moving things around. They were already setting up markers for evidence photos. "Do we have a name?" he asked no one in particular.

"Lawrence Holson. He was a district attorney," came a gruff voice from behind Ethan. The owner of the voice was an older man with a notepad and a pen, scribbling notes about the crime scene. "He was 33 years old... no wife, no kids... not even a fucking dog." he grumbled. "No friends either. The neighbors didn't seem to think too highly of him. Said he was a grump that never came out."

"Great." Ethan grumbled sarcastically, eyeing the victim slowly as he rounded the bed. He came up on the left side of the bed and leaned down slowly. Something was in his mouth. He leaned closer and with very careful fingers, reached in between the dead man's lips and pinched, pulling a folded note free. The older man regarded Ethan cautiously with a raised eyebrow, staying silent. Ethan swallowed and slowly opened the bloody note.

An old life for a new one?

Of course it was raining, it always rained in Seattle. Luckily the female investigator had worn boots that wouldn't sink into the grass. "Thanks for the lift, Jess." She climbed out of the cruiser and waved at the officer before he took off back on his patrol. Squaring her shoulders, she fastened the buttons on her jacket. Pulling her hood up over her head she hurried down the driveway and up the porch to stand under the canopy. She glanced back at all the people standing around. The rain obviously didn't deter them from being nosey. There were several news stations and what she assumed was neighbors from all around the neighborhood. She turned to enter the house when she was confronted by another investigator. "Shouldn't you still be on leave?" She narrowed her eyes at him before shaking her head, lowering the hood of her jacket. She took the booties he offered her and slipped them over her shoes. "Lay off Joe... There's been another murder, I can grieve later." She said it in a hushed voice so no one else could hear as she passed by him and into the house, taking in the entire scene from a wide vantage point. 

Aw man..why isn't he picking up his phone? He can't seriously be avoiding me this much? Sophie thought with a huff as she gripped the steering wheel of her old impala with one hand and tossed her cell phone back into her bag with the other. "Why can't you just stop being so cold Lawrence.." She sighed and glanced at the large paper bag full of groceries that sat next to her on the passenger seat. "He better answer the door." She pulled up one street over then climbed out of the car, grabbing the bag as she did. This had become a monthly occurrence for Sophie, heading to visit her half brother with a generous bag of groceries while he tried his hardest to discourage her from doing so. He had distanced himself from the family but she wasn't willing to let him go. He was her brother and no matter how cold he could be she still cared about him. She rounded the corner onto his street and her eyes widened at the small crowd gathered ahead. "Wh-what the.." she breathed before her pace quickened as her grip tightened considerably on the bag. "Lawrence.." She whispered as her heart seemed to stop when she realised the crowd was stood outside his building. "H-hey! What's happened? What's going on? Where's Lawrence? Where's my brother?!" She called frantically to one of the cops stood outside.

"Agent Connors, we have a problem... A woman outside claiming she knows the victim." reported one of the beat cops helping secure the scene. Ethan gave a marginally annoyed sound, and offered the bloody note to a forensics member to contain in an evidence pouch. He then removed his gloves, deposited them in the proper receptacle and headed through the house. As he did, he saw the familiar face of a fellow investigator, Victoria Serano. "You," he snapped, raising an accusing finger towards her, "Go home. You're still on leave for another week." He knew she would quip back, but he didn't stop to wait for it. He had to deal with the female family member outside. If she really wanted to fight him about her presence here, she could follow him.

Vic stared after Ethan for a moment, rooted to the spot as he walked past her. One would think that after being assigned as his partner and working with the man for a few days she'd be used to his good looks but no... no she wasn't. After a few seconds she finally snapped out of it as his words settled in. "Bite me..." The words slipped from her lips as he moved away from her. She prayed he didn't hear them because their partnership was already rocky with her being so nervous around him. "No one can force me to be on leave, Connors so everyone needs to let it go." She called after him as she followed him back outside. Removing her booties she tossed them into the nearby trash can. Ethan wasn't always the kindest so she followed him over to the woman. As she passed Joe Sanders, another beat cop on duty, she saw him shake his head at her. He had been close friends with her father, card games on Wednesday nights, went to the bar after work. He was grieving as well so why was everyone hounding her? Oh that's right, her father hadn't been the target, she had. Taking in a deep breath of the chilled Seattle air she finally caught up to Ethan's long strides. "I'm here... so everyone needs to deal with it and let it go, please."

Ethan didn't look at her, if only to keep from scowling at her. "A grieving cop is no good to us if you cannot keep your head in the game, Serano," he scolded quietly, but no less firmly. "If I see you falter even the slightest, I'm sending you home on mandatory leave." His brows furrowed a bit more when he saw Sophie fighting with the cops securing the perimeter of the crime scene and he went and met them there at the yellow police caution tape. "I'm detective Ethan Connors, ma'am, and I need you to step back. This is a crime scene. Do you know the man who lives here?"

"Crime scene.." Sophie breathed as her legs seemed to falter slightly. "H-he's my brother. Lawrence is my brother. He's OK right? T-this is just a burglary right? I have to see him.. I brought him groceries.." Her voice weakened as she looked down at the bag of food then back up at Ethan, her eyes wide. "Is he OK?"

Vic had chosen to wait on finishing their conversation when they neared the woman. As the two exchanged words Vic noticed the woman's knees buckle slightly and stepped forward, wrapping a gentle arm around her. "Maybe you should st down." She figured that was going to be the last thing the woman wanted to do but she felt like she should offer at least.

Ethan glanced between Victoria and the woman, his eyes taking them both in. He was never usually the one to deliver bad news to victims' families because of his particularly blunt attitude. He took a breath and looked at the beat cop beside him and gave a single nod of his head. He watched him lift the police tape to let Sophie pass. "Come inside." he said gently. It was cold out. Being inside might help her be more receptive to the news.

Sophie glanced at Vic then back at Ethan before giving a small nod. She stepped under the police tape with the support of Vic. "Is he hurt? In the hospital?" She pushed further as she was led into the house. "I should have came earlier.." She finished in a guilty voice. "Maybe I could have helped or something."

"Can I get your first and last name, ma'am?" Ethan asked gently, pulling out a notepad and a pen, scribbling out, "victim's sister" at the top. "I'll need any information you can give me about the last time you saw him and anything you know about his personal life."

"Sophie.. Sophie Millar." She replied softly. "It's been a few weeks since I saw Lawrence. He's not the socialable kind. He distanced himself from the family you know. I make an effort to come round every few weeks to see him because no matter what he's still my brother. He doesn't talk much during my visits so.. I don't really know much about him. He's a closed book." She said sadly before she looked between Ethan and Vic. "You haven't told me he's OK.."

Vic had slowly been leading the woman towards the house when she realized she'd have to be the one to break the news. Taking in a deep, steadying breath, she kept a supportive arm around the woman before launching into her speech. "Miss. Millar, I'm extremely sorry to tell you think but your brother has passed away." She gave that a moment to sink in, allow her to process what Vic had just said. Of course they couldn't tell her that he'd been murdered. It hadn't been ruled a homicide yet, but it was only a matter of minutes. "There will be an ongoing investigation into his death and hopefully more will become clear with the evidence we collect." She tried not sounding as if she'd rehearsed the words because telling a loved one that someone they cared for has died, was one of the hardest parts of the job. 

The bag slowly slipped from Sophie's hands as Vic's words sunk in. "Passed away.." She repeated as her hand reached out to grip the wall next to her to stop her crumbling like the bag beneath her. "How..why..This can't be happening..I just..wait..investigation?" She looked between Vic and Ethan suddenly, her eyes flooded with tears. "Did someone kill him? Was he murdered?"

Ethan's face was grim, his lips pulled together thinly. "We cannot confirm that at this time without some more evidence but... It does look that way." he said quietly. "We're very sorry for your loss, Miss Millar, and we have services available to help you in your grief." He dug into his wallet and produced his card. "I am heading this investigation, so if you have any questions or information, please call me. I unfortunately have to get back to work, but detective Serano, here," he said with a wave at her, "will make sure you get home okay."

Vic carefully tightened her arms around the woman and led her to the front porch. She also pulled a card from the breast pocket of her coat and handed it to the woman. "If for some reason you can't get a hold of detective Connors or... just need someone to talk to, please feel free." Glancing up she tried finding the best candidate to drive her home. Spotting Joe she called out to him. "Joe! Can you give someone a ride?" The officer hurried over to her and nodded his head. "Sure thing boss..." Joe looked over the younger woman with saddened eyes before offering her his arm. "Joe will take good care of you, Miss Miller."

Sophie had stared down at the two business cards, her mind numb from the news that her brother had most likely been murdered. At the offer of a ride though she slowly looked up and shook her head as she blinked back into reality. "N-no..I'm car's just round the corner." She protested as she held a hand up. "I can drive myself.."

Vic hesitated for a moment as she looked over the other woman. "Are you sure? I don't mean to push but I know how hard it is... to hear something like this and then be expected to function." She frowned at Joe's stare and shook her head at him. She didn't want to get into it again. She needed to work, it was the only thing that kept her mind off of the incident.

"I just want to be alone.. I need to try and digest this.. " Sophie replied in a distracted tone."And I should call mom and dad.." She pinched the bridge of her nose as she took a steadying breath before looking at Vic. "Thank you. I'll be in touch.. And please as soon as you know anything let me know." She almost pleaded as another police car pulled up and Dominic climbed from it, adjusting his police cap as he did.

Vic gave Sophie a soft nod. "Grab her number for me before she runs off." Joe hurried towards Sophie to get it from her before she could leave and then moments later returned to Vic's side. She hadn't moved, she'd just been staring off into space. Deep in thought. "Come on, lets get you inside." Joe grumbled as Vic attention moved to Dominic. Sighing, Vic allowed Joe to help her back towards the house, slipping on their booties they both walked into the house and towards the crime scene. Only Vic didn't enter the room. Couldn't. Her feet wouldn't move past the door frame.

"Is it really that bad?" Dominic's voice sounded behind Vic after a few moments as he stood watching her with a raised eyebrow. "I thought you were meant to be taking time off anyways.. Maybe this isn't the best place for you to be." He added before kneeling down to adjust the booties over his shoes. "I was told to report here. Who's in charge anyway?"

Vic rolled her eyes. "Not you too, Dom..." Taking a steadying breath she shrugged her shoulders. "Besides... this is better than being left alone for days on end. Work is the only thing that's going to get me through this. Not peace and quiet... or counseling." At his last question she pointed at Ethan. "Technically Ethan is..."

Ethan, who had returned to the crime scene to oversee forensics while Vic saw to Sophie, heard his name be said and turned to find out why. His expression turned down into something displeased when he saw Dominic. He finished up with the lead of the forensics team and then returned to Vic and Dominic. "You're late." he snapped at Dom.

"Unfortunately I can't control traffic boss." Dominic sneered as he looked over at Ethan as he turned to look at him, feeling unamused that he was in charge. "I got here as quick as I could."

Vic glanced back an forth between the two men. Two alphas was never a good thing so she decided to defuse the tension. "I know what you mean, my ride had a hard time getting me here as well." She eyed Ethan for a moment before stuttering through an explanation. "P-people act like they've n-never been through this k-kind of weather before. It's ridiculous." Attractive men made her nervous especially when there was tension in the air. Sighing she ran a shaking hand through her hair, messing it up slightly.

Ethan narrowed his eyes at Dominic a little but Vic's attempt to diffuse the situation did draw him back a little. "Maybe leave a little earlier next time." he suggested more casually and then motioned to the crime scene behind him. "You can take over from here. I have all the information I need and forensics is moving in to do their job now." he explained.

"Whatever." Dominic replied after he had looked back at Ethan and stopped staring at Vic and her sudden outburst. "I figured you wouldn't want to hang around once I got here." He shrugged lightly then looked back at Vic. "I overheard a couple of the guys talking about heading out for drinks tonight. You wanna go?"

Vic looked up at Dom for a moment and nodded her head gently. "Uh... yeah sure. A drink would be nice." God knows she could use one after her emotional roller coaster of a day. It was also get her better acquainted with the men and women on her team. Glancing over at Ethan she frowned slightly. "Any chance I can get a ride back with you?" Most of the guys didn't let her drive anywhere at the moment. They didn't want her spending too much time alone, which was nice.

Ethan tried not to pull a face as she asked him that. He hated driving people home--it racked up miles on his precious car. He glanced at Dom and shrugged though, "Sure. Let's go." He tucked his notepad into the pocket of his shirt and then looked back into the room. "Joe! Dominic is here. He's taking over." The man named Joe, cloaked in a forensics jumpsuit and goggles, looked back at Ethan and gave a thumb up. Ethan turned back to Vic and motioned for her to lead the way out of the crime scene.

"See you later Dom." Vic said over her shoulder as she led the way out of the crime scene. Taking her booties and gloves back off she tossed them into the can outside. "You can just drop me off at the station since it's on the way." She walked over to his car and waited. "Ethan... why don't you join us tonight?" He didn't usually come out with everyone else but maybe she'd be able to convince him.

Ethan followed Vic to his precious red '67 Charger and unlocked the door for her. He opened the door to allow her to slide into the passenger seat, partly out of chivalry, but also partly because he didn't want to risk her scratching the paint. "I don't fraternize with my coworkers," he said plainly, watching her. "It makes things complicated in the office."

Vic waited until he had walked around and climbed into the drives seat. "Maybe that's why our partnership is so warm and fuzzy." She sighed heavily and shook her head. Turning her attention back to the rain outside her window she gently wrapped her arms around her middle. She wasn't sure what she had done to upset Ethan but he hadn't been the most friendly partner she'd had to deal with. But she had decided if he didn't like her that that was his problem.

"Its nothing personal," Ethan said as he started his car and pulled away from the house swarming with cops and forensics. The coroner's van was pulling in just as they left. "I'm sure you're a perfectly nice person, and our co-workers are perfectly nice people. Its just... Something I don't do." he explained vaguely, keeping his eyes ahead on the road.

"Sure..." She whispered softly as she watched everything start to drift by. "Well if you ever change your mind or just want a one on one, the invitation is still open. As partners, would should eventually get to know each other so we can protect one another." Her father and his partner had been best friends. The idea appealed to her greatly, trusting someone that much but she didn't see that happening with Ethan.

Ethan didn't say anything at that. His face instead pulled into a frown, his brows creased lightly in the middle. He gripped his steering wheel with both hands and tried to concentrate on listening to the police radio chattering on his dash. They pulled into the station a few minutes later, and he turned the car off. He waited for her to get out first so he could lock the door and follow her out. He held the door to the station open for her and headed in after her to his office without a word.

As they walked through the bustling building of chattering police officers, investigators, and ringing phones, an older gentleman with strawberry blonde hair and a friendly face blinked at Ethan's brisk and rather standoffish exit to his office. Harlan looked at Vic and smiled warmly. "There she is!" she said cheerfully, his voice ringing with a subtle Irish accent. "How are you, dear?"

Vic's eyes followed after her partner for a moment before she turned for Harlan and gave him a very friendly smile. "Hello Harlan, I'm fine, how are you?" She slipped her arm in his and crossed the room to her desk which she hadn't quite moved into yet. There was however a man that had which caused her to draw up short. "What the hell..."

"Now is that any way to greet an old friend?" A very deep and very sexy voice rumbled throughout the room as the broad shouldered man swiveled around in her chair and greeted her with a very toothy smile. Pushing his sunglasses up onto his head, Derek Draxey toward over Victoria Serano by a good 13 inches. "Victoria Serano as I live and breath..."

"Drax..." For the first time since her father's furneral tears brimmed her eyes. Vic flew across the squad room in a blur and enveloped herself in her childhood best friends arms. 

"I'm sorry kid... I got off assignment as soon as I could. I'm sorry to hear about your old man." Drax held her tightly to him as the entire squad room watch for the first time as she broke down but none of them said anything because they all knew that she hadn't shed a single tear until now.

Harlan had followed Vic to where Drax was standing, but at his own leisurely pace, to give them time and space to greet. He looked around at the onlookers and waved them off gently. "move on, move on, nothing to see 'ere." he said and then stopped and smiled at Drax and Vic. "He had me in on it, but I couldn't lie to you." he chuckled.

Vic swiped the tears off her face and shook her head. "Damnit... way to make me look weak in front of everyone. Now what is Ethan going to think of me?" She sighed heavily and shook her head. "I mean... he probably already hates me already... he didn't want a partner already as it was." She leaned into Drax gently, her arm wrapped gently around his waist as she peered up at Harlan. She'd taken an easy liking to the older man in the short time she'd known him, but how couldn't she, he was easy to like.

Harlan tilted his head at Vic, humoring her with a small, sympathetic smile. "Ethan doesn't hate anyone, Vic. If he did, he would have to hate everyone, and I know for a fact he does not. He's just hard to get close to, is all." he explained encouragingly. "But he appreciates those who try."

Vic reached out and grabbed Harlan's hand and squeezed gently. "Dom has invited me for drinks tonight. I would like the two of you to join us. It's something the precinct does every now and then. They get together and have a drink..." She said this to Drax in explanation. "Please." She said to the two men, not wanting to go alone to her to first drink night. "I tried inviting Ethan but of course he said no..." She gave a slight shrug of her shoulders.

Drax gave her a soft smile and pressed his lips to her forehead. "Of course I'll go." He said after he released her from his hold." He clapped Harlan on the shoulder gently as he looked at the older man. "And you have to join us as well, I insist. I wouldn't be able to control myself with this beautiful of a lady." 

Harlan laughed good-naturedly and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'll have to check with the wifey, but I don't see why not." he shrugged and smiled at them both. "Speaking of Ethan, though, I should probably go check in with him about this new case. He might have some clues for me." He gave the pair a salute and turned, walking to Ethan's office. Where everyone else might have knocked and waited to be addressed, Harlan just strolled right on in.

Before Harlan walked over Vic called, "try to convince him to go." She smiled softly before steering Drax back towards her desk. Plopping down into her chair he perched himself onto the corner and smiled. "So, how's narcotics? Everything you dreamed it would be?"

Derek shook his head slightly before changing the subject. "How's your mom? Huh? I haven't seen her in forever?" He felt kind of guilty for dodging her question so he ducked down and whispered in her ear. "Listen, I can't really talk about the job. Being under cover all the time... so let's just leave it at that..." Kissing her forehead softly he gave her a drop dead gorgeous smile that anyone would forgive, which she of course did and the moved on.

"Mom's doing... uh well... I actually don't know how mom's doing. She's has talked to me since I joined the force. She talks to Joe though so I get tid bits every now and then. You should stop by. I'm sure she'd talk to you. You were always her golden boy." Vic smiled slightly and shrugged her shoulders. It was the sad truth but they both knew that her mother like Drax more than her, her own daughter.

"The team are just finishing up at the crime scene so I thought there wasn't much point me hanging round when I could be dropping off the paperwork.." Dominic's voice drifted from outside the doors before he entered with another police officer, a thick file in his hand. He gave a quick wave towards Vic before he moved on, leaving the other officers side and heading for Ethan's office, where he knocked loudly and abruptly.

Ethan took a moment to breathe and contain his irritation before calling out, "Come in!" He hated being interrupted. Right now, he was scribbling notes in a spiral notebook about the case, any little clues he had or tidbits he had observed about the crime scene while he was there. He looked up and closed the notebook when the door opened though, setting his pen aside. "Dom, what do you need?" he asked, a bit impatiently.

"I brought the updated paperwork for the case.." Dominic answered before he dropped the folder onto Ethans desk with thud. "Shouldn't you be out there with the team? What kind of leader locks himself away in his office.."

"Once again, Dominic, you're getting ahead of yourself," Ethan said, grumbling, grabbing the file and opening it so he could look it over. Naturally, he would want to look for any clues he missed in his notebook and transfer them over. "I was head of the crime scene investigation. The chief hasn't picked anyone to head the cult case yet."

"Oh really? Maybe I'll stand a chance. Even if I'm a lower rank I can still handle it.." Dominic replied with a confident smirk. "Not to mention everyone likes me. You gotta be a team player to be in charge Ethan.."

Ethan raised his brows at Dominic a little from where he was peering down into the file, and quipped back, "You have to take charge to be in charge, Dominic." To make it obvious that he didn't want him sticking around, he added, "Are we done here?"

Vic came to the door just then and poked her head in knocking just for the sake of it. "Ethan, chief wants to see us. Says it's important." She glanced up at Dom for a moment and gave him a friendly smile though her stomach was tightening as she pressed her back against the door. She glanced over her shoulder at Drax who gave her the Alfalfa wave before propping his feet up on her desk.

"Am I included in that us?" Dominic asked with a raised eyebrow, momentarily ignoring Ethans attempt to get rid of him. He looked at Vic and smiled slightly as he folded his arms across his chest and tilted his head.

"Sorry, Dom, Chief said he wanted to talk to the two of us first and then he'd fill in the rest of the team." Vic gently patted his arm, her eyes locking onto his for the first time since they had met before quickly skirting away before she cleared her throat nervously. She was confident in her field but clearly not around men, no matter what her attire said.

Ethan stood from his desk with another shortened sigh, piling the file and his spiral notebook onto each other and then putting them safely into a locked drawer. He straightened and nodded at Vic. "Let's go, then. We shouldn't keep the chief waiting."

Vic gave Dom a nervous smile before leading the way to the chief's office. The chief waited for the door to close behind Ethan before he looked up at the two of them and set his glasses down on his desk. "We have a very serious problem." Handing Vic a evidence bag with a piece paper in it he leaned back against his desk, crossing his arms over his chest. Vic glanced down at the paper and frowned deeply as she read over the note.

We may have gotten the wrong Detective Serano this time...
But it wont happen again.

Vic stared at the note for several long moments the room around her going fuzzy then swaying slightly until she fell against Ethan unexpectedly. Her voice was thick with emotion when she spoke. "Chief..."

Ethan caught her gently, then took the note from her hands and read it over. His face became an expression of confusion and anger and he looked at their chief. "They targeted her? They targeted her and got the wrong guy?!" he asked, livid as he threw the note down onto the desk in its plastic evidence bag. "Who the fuck are these guys, chief?!" Still, despite his yelling, he held onto Vic, his hands tight and anchoring on her shoulders.

"Guy? Ethan, he was her father." Chief's voice was stern but soft as he watched Vic for a few minutes. He'd known the girl her entire life and hoped she could handle this sort of news. But he also knew it was hard after losing someone so close to you and then being put on that case. He watched as her entire body physically stiffen, all except for her eyes and hands which reached up and clasped Ethan's in a gentle thank you. "I can take you off, if you feel you can't handle it." His eyes didn't meet the strong woman in from of him but a 7 year old playing on a jungle gym at the yearly precinct barbecue. "Like hell you are." Her steady gaze locked with his for a moment and he nodded. "Well alright then. We need to bring the rest of the team up to speed." Vic turned to leave from the office when Chief held up his hand. "Ethan, a moment." He waited for Vic to leave and close the door before he said. "That girl means a great deal to several people. You make sure you protect her and that nothing, and I mean nothing, happens to her, do you hear me?" 

Ethan wasn't fond of being a babysitter, and that emotion was very briefly, almost imperceptibly apparent on his face. But he straightened and nodded. "Whoever is targeting her will have an entire force to go through first, chief." he grumbled. He left the office and went to find Vic. If he was going to keep an eye on her, he should start now.

The Chief followed them out into the middle of the squad room where a flat screen TV was used for high profile cases like this. "Listen up people, gather around. Now I know you all have other cases to worry about and I get that but this takes top priority." Taking a clicker out of his pocket he turned on the TV where the note they had just discussed appeared. "He's targeting one of our own." The room was filled with hushed whispered and people began to stare at Vic. "Take her off the case... She has to be protected." Things along those lines could be heard amongst other things.

Drax came up beside Vic and gently wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "I've asked not to be put back into the field for a while until this psycho can be caught. Not with all this shit circling around you..." Chief's voice rang out again, quieting the room down. "I want Ethan and Vic to take lead. They know the most about it and since it's targeting Vic I have a feeling it's going to draw them out and cause them to make mistakes. That'll help us, I believe." Vic looked up at Ethan and nodded her head slightly. "Now that being said if Vic's number shows up on anyone's cell, pager, or work number you answer. She calls you come. Is that understood?" There was an answer that caused the room to vibrate, making Vic blush deeply.

"This is ridiculous... I'm not a god damn baby." Crossing her arms over her chest she shook her head. Clearly she was embarrassed and pissed off about the entire thing. It being the Chief's precinct though, if he said it, you did it. "Complete bullshit." Running a frustrated hand through her hair she headed back to her desk as everyone moved about as Chief adjourned their little meeting. 

Ethan watched Vic head back to her desk. He had heard her complaints, and he sympathized with them. But moving to follow her, he was stopped by Harlan, who gave him a good-natured smile and waved him off to keep doing his work. Harlan instead turned and moved to Vic's desk, waving for Dominic and Drax to join him. He leaned against her desk and folded his hands on his knee. "I think it's time for some fun," he said gently. "Let's pick up some good takeout and drink."

Drax came over and lifted Vic up out of her chair and set her back down on his lap, wrapping his arms around her gently before looking up at her. "I thought Vic mentioned something about going to the bar?" Vic leaned backwards against Drax's chest and looked around at the guys. "Yeah, we did discuss that. We can still do that, can't we?"

"With the best cop in town watching your back, I don't see why we couldn't go out for a while." Dominic grinned as he sat on the edge of Vics desk and winked playfully at her. "Or we can take the party to my apartment if no one else wants to take the risk."

Vic glanced around the group and then over her shoulder at Dragon. He had that glimmer in his eye that she knew so well tat caused her to smile. "We're going to the bar." Drax smiled and patted her on the leg. "That's my girl." Victoria jumped down from his lap and patted Dom on the arm gently, Drax, giving her the small the small bit of confidence she needed for the moment. "Don't worry rook. I'll break the news to Ethan." Crossing the room to Ethan she tapped her knuckles on Ethan's desk and smiled slightly. Pointing over her shoulder to her desk. "We're all heading to the bar, I thought you'd want to know ok not case you wanted to rethink joining us. But that's where we'll be."

"Thats the answer I wanted to hear!" Dominic grinned when Vic confirmed they were going to the bar. He straightened up as she moved to speak to Ethan. "I'm just going to get changed out of my uniform. I'll meet you all out front." He said to Drax and Harlan before he looked back towards Vic he was now standing by Ethan's desk. "Hey Vic..I have my spare helmet, you can ride with me on the bike." He shouted to her with a grin and wink before he turned and headed for the lockers.

Ethan glowered at Dominic and then looked at Vic. He checked his watch. It was a little early in his opinion to be heading to a bar. He sighed. He hated the bar, but the chief had charged him with protecting her. He stood and closed the file and spiral notebook again, this time putting them in his satchel to be taken home and studied. "Alright, let's go."

Vic looked down at her dress clothes and frowned. She was a detective and they were required to wear dressier clothing then the beat cops and frowned. Drax hadn't been far away and came to her rescue. "Dom if you think I'm going to let her ride on the back of a bike in that you're insane. She can ride with me or Ethan. Her choice." Thank you... She mouthed to Drax as she turned her attention back to Ethan her smile a bit shy. "So... you're coming... That's great. Um... do you want me to ride with Drax?" She figured she'd leave that up to him, not wanting the situation to be anymore weird than it had to be.

"Aw man.." Dominic pouted as he appeared in the doorway of the locker room unbuttoning his shirt as he did. "Someone has to ride with me.." He added as he looked at Drax. "I know there's someone in this room who wants to wrap their arms round me." He joked before laughing and disappearing back in to finish getting changed.

Once his satchel was hooked over his head and shoulder, Ethan moved around his desk and ushered Drax and Vic out of his doorway. He closed his door and locked it and looked at them both. "We can all take my car, if you prefer. Less gas used." he said and looked at Harlan. "Are you coming?"

"Oh, only for a bit. I'll take my own car, since I canny stay long." Harlan smiled, his hands in his pockets. He nodded at Vic and Drax and then headed back to his desk to get his keys and other items.

Drax looked at his watched and shook his head. "I need to stop by and talk to my captain about not going back into the field." Leaning over he kissed Vic's forehead and smiled softly. "I'll meet you there."

Vic smiled softly at Drax as he turned and headed away from them. Turning back to Ethan. "I guess it's just us. Let me grab my things..." Hurrying to her desk she unlocked her drawer and fished her purse out and pulled on her leather jacket. She zipped up as she turned back to Ethan, her heels clicking against the floor of the precinct. "Ready?"

"More than ready." Dominic grinned as he appeared behind them, shrugging into his leather jacket as he gripped his motorcycle helmet with one hand. "Time to have a little fun, right Vic?"

Vic arched an eyebrow at Dom before shaking her head. "I'm not so sure fun is the word so much as relax is. Ive been wound pretty tight today so I'd just like to sit and have a drink of... something and relax." The smile Dom received was friendly but didn't quite reach her eyes. Today's events were wearing her thin but she did want to have a drink before she went home. Looking up at Ethan she smiled softly. "Come on, let's go."

Dominic watched Vic closely as a small frown spread across his lips. He had noticed the difference in the smile he had received to the soft one she had shown Ethan. He opened his mouth to give a subtle reminder that this night out had been his idea when his phone began to to ring in his pocket. He sighed heavily and reached for it. The colour seemed to drain from his face when he saw the caller id and he quickly looked up at Vic and Ethan. "I gotta take this.. I'll see you at the bar." He mumbled before he turned and rushed out of the room, pressing the phone to his ear as he did with his final words before he disappeared being heard. "I thought I told you not to call me!" He hissed before the door swung closed behind him.

Ethan watched Dominic rush off, quirking his eyebrow at his strange behavior. "I guess we'll meet him there." he said and then looked at Vic. "It's just you and me." He made doubly sure his door was locked, then turned and led her out of the building and towards where he'd parked his car earlier. The sun was starting to go down. He tossed his bag into the back seat and slid into the driver's seat.

"That was strange..." Vic shook her head as she followed Ethan out to his car, her heels clicking softly against the ground. "Thanks for driving me, I really appreciate it. The Chief... he's a bit over bearing. I actually couldn't tell you where my car keys are at the moment." She sighed heavily as she slipped into the passenger seat, placing her purse on her lap and buckling up. "He was my dad's partner, did you know that?" As she spoke she realized that this was probably the most they'd ever talked to one another.

"No, I didn't," Ethan said honestly, and though his tone might have betrayed it, he was rather interested in that fact. "How long did they work together?" he asked, adjusting his rear view mirror and buckling himself in before staring the car and pulling out of his parking lot. He exited the lot to the station and headed down towards the pub.

Vic felt herself smiling as they found themselves talking about a safe topic. A topic she could talk about without getting nervous around a good looking guy. "My entire life. I can remember my dad teaching me how to ride my bike and there they Chief was by his side helping the entire time... I had to have been... 4... maybe. I think they came out of the academy together. But I can't be sure. I'd ask mom but she isn't talking to me."

"That's cool," Ethan said with a shrug as he drove, shifting gears. "I had no idea the chief and your dad were so close. Though it does explain why the chief is breaking about twenty laws about letting you work on this case." he said in a small mumble.

"Which you don't approve of..." Vic huffed softly and nodded her head. "I'm sorry... I didn't exactly ask for this to happen. I was coming onto the case anyway when all..." Her voice cracked midway through her sentence causing her to have to pause to clear her throat. "when all of this happened. I guess he figured I probably had more drive and more passion than anyone now to get it finished and catch the son of a bitch." She turned in her seat to face Ethan and frowned. "I'm not here to be your enemy Ethan so I'm sorry we started on bad terms."

Ethan stayed silent a moment, just watching the road ahead and switching gears as he drove. They pulled into the parking lot for the pub and he parked the car, then looked at her. "Having a drive and a passion for catching bad guys is one thing," he said in a quiet tone, "but wanting revenge and breaking rules to get it is another. We didn't start off on bad terms.... if you can promise me you're not on this case for revenge."

Vic was startled when he turned to look at her but she got her barrings and nodded her head gently. "I am not on this case to get revenge. I'm not the only one who lost a loved one. In fact we met one of them today. I'm on this case for them." She smiled softly and shrugged her shoulders. "I try not to let my personal things get in the way of my cases even though this one's directly linked, I keep him out of mind as much as possible."

"And what purpose does that serve?" Ethan asked rhetorically as he shut off his car and slid out of the driver's seat to stand. "Sounds kind of self-destructive to try to neglect all thoughts of your father just so you can do your job. It sounds like a bad movie cliche." he shrugged, shutting his car door and heading towards the bar.

Vic climbed out of the car and followed Ethan towards the bar. "So... you're saying I shouldn't do that?" Catching up to his much longer strides, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at him thoughtfully. "I guess I had never thought of that. I just knew that I didn't want me being his daughter to get in the way and hurt the investigation..."

Ethan paused at the entrance to the pub and turned to look at her again. "I think you have plenty of your own demons to wrestle with without this investigation agitating them. It's good to have a purpose, but not if that purpose is distracting from something important... like mental health." he said, then opened the door for her. "But that's just me."

Vic stared up at him for a moment before a smile spread across her face. "Thank you, Ethan." She placed a hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze as she passed in front of him so he knew she meant his words and not the door. Glancing around she noticed Drax in the center of the room at a table for 8 with a pitcher of beer and smiled. "Come on..." He hadn't poured himself a drink which didn't surprise her. "Why hello stranger," She leaned down and kissed his cheek as she came up behind him.

Drax turned to look at the beautiful woman behind him. "Well aren't you two a sight for sore eyes... well Vic is, sorry Ethan." He held out his hand to shake the other man's in a friendly manner.

"No offense taken," Ethan said, shaking Drax's hand, but only for the sake of being polite. He took a seat a few chairs away and waved down a waitress to give his drink order. "Are we the first ones here? Where's Harlan and Dominic?" he asked, leaning back in his seat and crossing his ankle over the opposite knee.

"My ears are burnin'!" Harlan said, his Irish accent rolling his R's. He smiled and waved at Vic and Drax as he clapped a hand on Ethan's shoulder. "Sorry I fell behind. I had to call the wife and tell her where I'll be." he said with a smile. "She said she might join us if she can convince the babysitter to stop by for a couple hours. Hope tha's okay."

"It'll be nice to have another woman around..." Vic smiled at Harlan as Drax pulled her chair out for her, a frown on his face. "Wait, who's a woman?" She rewarded him with a swat but knew he was just teasing. The waitress came up and placed a small glass with hot chocolate in front of Vic and she frowned, giving it a small sniff she could smell the alcohol in it. "Rum chata," Drax said from beside her. "That's what he said you would want." The waitress frowned. "No no, this is great, thank you." She smiled and shook her head and she took a sip. "We've been friends for too long." Vic mumbled appreciatively after she had swallowed.

There was a roar of an engine outside the bar and a few moments after the engine had cut off the door opened and Dominic stepped inside, helmet under his arm. He waved his free hand to the waitress who nodded in return before he moved to Vic and the others and sat down. "I see everyone beat me here.." He yawned. "So what I miss?"

"Not much," Harlan smiled at Dominic as he shook his hand and welcomed him into their space, "we all jus' got here. Who wants drinks? First round s'on me! I see Vic is already set. Drax? Ethan?" he offered.

"We're all driving tonight," Ethan reminded him with a frown. "Well, Vic isn't. But the rest of us are. And we're cops. And you're asking us if we want drinks?" he asked, folding his arms. "What kind of example are you leading, Kovitz?"

Harlan held up a finger and said, correcting him, "I am not a cop. I'm forensics. Big difference." he winked. "Plus, haven't you heard o' a cab? Dinny be a sour puss, Connors. Drink! Be merry! I'm getting you a pint. Dominic? Your drink of choice?"

Vic gives Dom a warm welcoming smile as he joins them, her hands wrapped around her drink. When Harlan and Ethan have there little banter she purses her lips together to hide her impending laughter and shakes her head. "I also didn't see Drax's car, did you walk?"

Drax looked up as he poured himself a glass from the pitcher of beer on the table and sat back in his chair. "I did. Walking is good for you." He smiled as he took a sip from his glass. "Besides the bar tender won't let any of us drive after drinking. It's part of his job. This is a regular cop joint so he tends to keep an eye on us all." His eyes rested on Ethan a but giving him a reassuring smile. "Relax a bit. We don't plan on getting shit faced drunk."

"Speak for yourself, I got a day off tomorrow. I plan on having some fun." Dominic grinned then looked at Harlan. "I'll take a beer thanks, it'll wash this down nicely." He said as the waitress he had motioned to on entrance walked over carrying a glass of whiskey. He winked playfully at her making her smile and blush before hurrying off, glancing back at him. He chuckled and grabbed the glass and drained it back in one gulp. "I'm beating you by one drink going to pass on a challenge?" He said playfully to the other man as he tipped his empty glass at him before setting it down and stretching.

Ethan's eyes narrowed on Dominic an imperceptible fraction. He was never one to back down from Dominic, but a drinking contest was not something he was interested in. Ethan had always been a straight-shooter--he didn't start drinking until the legal age of twenty-one, and even after he was old enough to drink, he never drank past a comfortable buzz. And he certainly never gave in to peer pressure. "I'll pass, yes," he commented dryly, adding, "I'll be the chaperone tonight, since it seems that's what you all need."

Harlan heard this as he returned to the table with a few beers in hand. He slid one towards Drax and another towards Vic, then offered Dominic his. He wiggled one towards Ethan enticingly, a grin on his face. "C'mon now, Connors," he drawled, "you're starting to sound older'n me!" He jiggled the unopen bottle at Ethan a couple more times, but Ethan didn't take the bait, so Harlan shrugged, popped the top off, and took a hearty swig. "To us young'uns!" he cheered with a laugh.

Vic giggled softly at Harlan and shook her head. "It's okay Ethan this will be my one and only and it doesn't do much of anything." Out of the corner of her eye she saw Drax roll his eyes and she elbowed him in the ribs. "You know I don't like getting drunk so hush it." Her elbow caused him to groan and rub himself like a dog would lick his wounds. "Besides I'd rather have a safe ride home."

"Not you too.." Dominic groaned after he had taken a large mouthful of beer. "You've been spending to much time with him.." He said with a nod towards Ethan. "Next thing you know you'll have forgotten how to smile." He teased before laughing and taking another drink and looking at Ethan. "I don't need you being a chaperone. I can take care of myself."

Ethan narrowed his eyes on Dominic again, once again barely capable of being seen unless someone was watching him as it happened. "That remains to be seen," he commented in an almost bored tone. He looked down into his own glass of water.

Harlan laughed a little, trying to ease the tension that seemed ever present between the two detectives. "Alright, I'mma break into that pint, Drax." he said and grabbed the pitcher of beer from the middle of the table, pouring himself a refill.

Drax smiled at Harlan and nodded his head. "Have at it, that's what its there for." He took a drink from his own glass as he rubbed circles into Vic's back, watching her closely. He wasn't sure her mind was with them as they sat there, that or she wasn't comfortable with her squad yet.

"Believe me Dom, you do not want to have to carry me out of here because I've drank to much. Well..." She blushed deeply and shook her head. "What I mean... I don't want anyone to have to do that..." Her face darkened a bit as Drax chuckled from beside her, clearly getting enjoyment from her discomfort. "I prefer to keep control of myself when I'm the only woman..." She realized how that sounded as well and groaned. "I'm just going to shut up..." 

"What? Don't you trust us?" Dominic replied in mock horror before grinning. "Oh OK then if you don't want to drink.. But I want you to be my chaperone then instead of Ethan?" He joked with a wink before laughing and grabbing for his bottle.

Lucy sat down in the little coffee shop and sighed. She pulled one of her law textbooks from her backpack and set it on the table in front of her, flipping it open to the chapter she needed to read while she waited for her coffee. She was distracted though, the meeting had gone well, but something about the Doctor had been troubling her lately. She started at the text, deep in thought but not really reading.

The door to the coffee shop opened and after a moment Sophie entered. Her eyes were red and she looked tired from the days events. She moved up to the counter and ordered a coffee and a slice of cake before glancing round in search of somewhere to sit.

Lucy sat with her elbows on the table, chin in her hands as she stared at her textbook with a puzzled expression on her face. She heard her drink order called and looked up and nearly bumped into Sophie as she stepped away from the counter, "Oh, I'm sorry." She said quietly

Clyde slipped silently into one of the open seats at Lucy's table reading her book and smirking. "Hmm." He could see clearly that Lucy had gotten into the beginning of her law schooling. The truly borin start of her courses made Clyde happy he had just studied the law on his own time. He heard Lucy say sorry then a crooked little smile crossed his face. It was cocky and arrogant. The sister of the dead ADA. He wondered what she might do if she saw him. 

"I-its ok..don't worry about it." Sophie replied as se glanced at Lucy with a weak smile. "It's a little crowded in here so.." She shrugged then turned her attention back to looking round the coffee shop, a small frown pulling at her lips when she couldn't find any empty seats. "I guess I should have got this to go.." She mumbled lightly.

Usually, Lucy would have just apologised again and excused herself, but the other young woman looked...sad, "I'm doing homework, but there's room at my table." She offered, gesturing behind her at the table, she hadn't seen Clyde sitting there yet.

Sophie looked back at Lucy, a little surprised before she smiled gratefully. "Thank you. That's very kind.." She replied then moved towards the table, pausing when she saw Clyde. "Oh..hello." She said with an awkward smile. "Your friend said I could sit with you. Is that ok?"

Clyde pulled out a chair for Sophie. "That was kind of her." Clyde said with that same smirk. He then turned back to his book and read a bit more on the chapter about the basics of law and it's workings.

Lucy saw Clyde and her face lit up, "When did you get here?" She asked with a smile, sitting across from him, "This is my brother-in-law. Clyde, this is..." Sge paused, realizing she had never even introduced herself, "Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I'm Lucy, what was ypur name?"

"Sophie." She replied with a polite smile after she had slid into the chair Clyde had pulled out for her. "It's nice to meet you both."


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