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Valzer Scuro



There is a serial Killer on the loose... mirroring the deaths of various True Life Cult members. The True Life Cult, in an attempt to save face and be spared humiliation by this copycat killer, has begun some extreme tactics to gain infamy all over Washington, most namely Seattle.... There's no guess to how much farther they're willing to go. Now investigators in Washington's Special Investigative Task Force are fighting for time, for witnesses, for clues, and for survivors. Will they catch the copycat Killer in time?


Valzer Scuro Roleplay
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True Life Cult
Still a work in progress but getting there.

True Life House - True life rp page


Calendar Info
April/Wednesday/Early Evening


November 18, 2016
Open for posting!!!

November 14, 2016
We have decided to re-open this and are more than willing to take new or old applications. Let us know if you still want to play or want to make a character! We'd love to have you!!!

∞ Also all applications will go through both Gms for approval or disapproval. There is a very limited number of people allowed in this rp so first come first serve.


A roleplay by [Celtore] (GM) & [The Black Cat in Your Path] (Co-GM)

Disclaimer: This is a rated R role play. If offensive language or sexual content offends you in any way, please leave now.

Username (or number or email):


2016-11-14 [ancienteye]: ...I believe I already have two characters submitted for this that I never got to actually play. I'd like to be them, please. :3

2016-11-14 [Celtore]: Of course! *Jumps up and down, clapping my hands* I haven't removed or moved anything so if you want to look them over and change anything feel free.

2016-11-14 [ancienteye]: Will do, right now. :D

2016-11-14 [Eyelash-Wishes]: I'll be up for rejoining with my old characters

2016-11-15 [Kbird]: I might join, want to see how well I juggle the rps I'm currently in first though..

2016-11-15 [Celtore]: Yay [Eyelash-Wishes]!!! And Otay [Kbird] just let me know!

2016-11-16 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: YAY!

2016-11-17 [Artsy]: I'm-! ah-! *trips* *falls* *attempts to shake off brambles* Wait- I'm- Just- Hang on- *scrambles around, finally frees self, gets up, limps over, leaves in hair dirtied and clothes ripped up a bit* I'm here. I'm doing the thing. I'm here. o.o;;;

2016-11-17 [Celtore]: *Giggles from the other side of the room and shakes head* I can totally picture you doing that in real life

2016-11-17 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Lol!! Silly artsy. *hugs and starts to clean you up a bit*

2016-11-17 [Artsy]: I am graceful, like the majestic water buffalo. *transfers head leaf onto Cat-chan* so when are we restarting? Or are we trying to continue?

2016-11-20 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: *blows leaf off head and tries to catch it on head again* We're restarting from the beginning.

2016-11-20 [Celtore]: Sorry Artsy I didn't see your question or else I would have responded

2017-01-06 [Asdroth]: Meow?

2017-01-07 [Artsy]: What question?

2017-01-07 [~Valkyrie~]: If I put Lucy in a coffee shop, will anyone join her?

2017-01-07 [ancienteye]: Leala might be there...can't see a reason for her to approach Lucy, though.

2017-01-07 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Hold please, we're discussing multiple page options.

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