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Vampire Knight review

<img150*0:stuff/aj/179797/vampire_Knight1.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/aj/179797/vampire_knight2.jpg>

Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino

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Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, was rescued from a mad vampire by another vampire! But this vampire is Kaname, a student of the Night Class at Cross Academy. The Night Class has a deadly secret: they're all vampires! The Day Class cannot interfere with the Night Class so the Guardians, Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu (childhood friend of Yuki), must "keep the peace" and keep the Night Class from exposing themselves.
Zero Kiryu's family was attacked by a vampire, and Zero, the only survivor, was brought to Cross Academy to be under the care of the Headmaster. His hatred for vampires tears him up inside as Yuki finds out his terrible secret....

My friend was bugging me to read this series so I borrow the first two and found that they were actually really good! Some of it was hard to see because it's dark in color and has so much detail. Must have good lighting to read this manga!

I would recommend it to anyone who loves vampires and romance twists!
/ [*Phoenix*]

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