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Vampire Photos

Here are some photos of vampires taken by brave Elftowners risking their lives to document these scary creatures. The photos were submitted to ECM Vampire Photo and ordered according to the poll <poll:75945>.

[Tableau Vivant]
Photoshopped a tad, somewhat showing the frustration of Vamps.



[de Morte]

[Artemis Riddle]


[naru bloodwind]

[Lexi. Short and Sweet!]

More vampire photos






[Vampires Anonymous]
Prey targeted


Vampire pretending to be a Halloween guest at the local nightclub. Trying to take a bite of Lilith, without knowing that it's too strong for him. 

Vampire biting [Rochala]'s neck. Neck used with permission, photo taken with self timer.


An infinite gaze, a final breath

Sudden photo shot by prey, though prey was still hit...


[Sir. Robert]

Who said Vampires must be gory and ugly all the time?

[Mania Rage]
Boredom is a curse. A fun, fun curse. (Lyrics - Adema "Immortal")


[Iske] Vampires sometimes appear in the shape of a pet

[Cia_mar] *caught in the act of feeding, she eyes you wondering if you are to be next*

[Mack] You really need to keep them friendly

[Synsae] and [Chrysilla]

^.^ Me likers... no fangs but there's some blood.

[..majo..] and [skittels]
Taken at the Gothic and Fantasy Fair 2007.

[Chrysilla] and [playslashwrite]

[Acronymous] and [Chrysilla]

More information about the pictures can be found on ECM Vampire photo.


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2011-03-26 pookhu: oooooooooooo.i love them

2011-03-26 Вероника: не думаю,что вампиры реальны,доказательств их существования нет,а эти фотографии явно подделка!!!

2011-03-28 @Not logged in user@: i lv vampire i want to become one of them.

2011-04-01 rakshita: ah cool pics bt they r no more with us hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-04-02 nikhil bharat karambalkar: i love vampires

2011-04-02 nikhil bharat karambalkar: hey biood sucker what's your name

2011-04-06 muskan: <img:44166_1164099989.gif><img:stuff/HardRockAngel_heart23x21.png> IAM WITH LOVE WITH VAMPIRES OOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAMMMMM YAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-04-07 vivek: IN think vampire is exicts in this world...i want to like them...

2011-04-12 vampierBa: i love vampiers i wish i could be one "someone come bite me"

2011-04-12 vampierBella: i lovvvve vampiers soo mach i still wish i could be one"someone come bite me"

2011-04-14 stranger: it is not better. you are now better than before days. i wish sexy vampires photos. good luck

2011-04-16 bela: its relly nice..wnt too see more

2011-04-19 sweta: wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i like it nd i luv itttt sssssoooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-04-19 vedang: i like it soooooooo much.............................

2011-04-20 @Not logged in user@: i love vampires and want 2 become like them

2011-04-23 @Not logged in user@: i love vampires because in serial pyar ki ak kahani my faverateis avampire

2011-04-25 deepraj negi: hie me in craze to know abt u

2011-04-25 rick: jhatta vampires bhenchod ghanta

2011-04-28 lidiya: vampires r so beautiful man.................

2011-04-28 arpita: really if we could be a vampire i would be happy about it...............

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