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What are we?
The Damned childer of Caine? 
The grotesque lords of humanity? 
The pitiful wretches of eternal hell? 
We are vampires, and that is enough.
I am vampire, and that is far more than enough. 
I am that which must be feared, 
worshipped and adored. 
The world is mine -- now and forever.

No one holds command over me. 
No man. No god. No prince. 

What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal? 
What is a claim of power for ones who defy death? 
Call your damnable hunt. 
We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me.


Wellcome to the world of the Masquerade. Let this be a tribute to the amazing RPG from White Wolf. And let flow the blood!

This page is still in development, and I'll appreciate a lot any help you can give me. Everything about V:tM will be gladly accepted: art, fanfics, contributions with your own ideas and so on. [Yoruno]

Join the Yahoo group for the 2nd edition setting! A Classic never dies...


<img:> Vampire: the Masquerade began as an experiment... a new, truly diferent way of roleplay. Instead of knights, dragons and alchemists, it used vampires, monsters and the power of raw blood. Thirteen clans, two sects and a gothic-punk setting made the base of the Masquerade, a dance of life among the dead, and dead among the living.



I dream of the first times
the longest memory 
I speak of the first times 
the oldest Father 
I sing of the first times 
and the dawn of Darkness

These are the first words of the Chronicle of Caine, the tale that sings the story of Caine, son of Adam, brother of Abel. First murderer, first immortal. I think everybody knows about him: he slayed his brother out of rage, and became cursed by God.

But this is not the whole truth. In the world of Vampire, Caine slayed his brother out of love. He needed to make an offering to God: the first part of his joy, of his love. So he gave his brother to God. But an uncaring God did not understood, and cursed Caine. He then became the first Vampire, and was cursed to drink only blood.

The Full story of the Kindred, since the very first times, is compilled carefully in
The Book of Nod



The Thirteen Clans

Caine, the First immortal, the First Murderer, breed three children: Enoch, Zillah and Irad. They also embraced children of their own. The result were the Thirtheen Clans and their offsprings: several unknown blood lines and very unique individuals.


The Camarilla

The Camarilla is one of the two main sects of the Vampires. This sect says that every vampire belongs to them... but vampires have a different opinion. Kind of a aristocratic government, it have its soldiers, guards, leaders and a faithfull oposittion. It does even have it´s conspiracyes for power...

Seven clans form the Camarilla:

The Ventrue
The Toreador
The Malkavian
The Gangrel
The Tremere
The Nosferatu
The Brujah


The Sabbat

The Sabbat is the second main sect among the vampires. Freedom, wilderness and the following of your instincts are their rules. Feel it! You're an animal, a beast, no longer a human. You're not human. Remember that... feel it, and let it be. But be careful, the demon within you is not the dangerous one... but all the other demons that surround you.

The Sabbat have a complex structure, with two leader clans, and the feared antitribu, anti-clans that takes the characteristics of their real clan and makes them very unique.

The Tzimisce
The Lasombra
The Gargoyles
The Antitribu


The Independants

These vampires don't really make a sect; instead, they suffer the lack of one. Well, sometimes freedom is well appreciatted, but if you don't have nobody to support you, things may turn very hard. Why these clans don't have a sect? Well, sometimes they don't want to... or the sects don't wanna have them either...

The Ravnos
The Salubri (bloodline)
The Giovanni
The Followers of Set
The Samedi (bloodline)
The Assamites
The Daughters of Cacophony
The True Brujah


The Clanless

Some times, vampires don't really fit into any category. They're nothing but simple blood suckers, abandoned in a world that they don't understand any more. Their sires are unknow, or perhaps their blood is so thin that they don't have the characteristics of a clan anymore. These are the Clanless.

The Camarilla does not recognize them, and could even hunt them, but it's not worth the effort. They call them Caitiff and consider them nothing but disposable soldiers for their dark wars. The Sabbat calls them Panders and offer them a home, a family and protection. They are not like the Camarilla. They like to keep their disposable soldiers close to their hearts.


V:tM Banners This marvelous banners were done by the talented [Moorn].

Fellow Vampires Members of the coven... or pack.

[News from the underground:] This page has decided to dig its way out of the grave, and so do I. The Clan pages are updated, and a new drawing contest is being hosted.


Come and see the art of Vampire: the Masquerade contest... submit your own pics and be embraced in the eternal night.

-- Beasts we are, lest beasts we become --


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