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*Vampires are legendary creatures, mysterious and powerful, and said to come from the ancient eastern Europe, though they are heard about everywhere in the world. They live by night, since they cannot stand sunlight at all. All vampires were once human, and different legends tell different ways of becoming a vampire. The most common ones are neglecting god, being bitten by another vampire, making a pact with the devil, or being the victim of an unavenged murder. Vampires are not truly alive, their body is dead and it's only kept showing signs of life by the will of it's owner and the drinking of human blood, and without it their fake life would fade and their body decay and become a pile of old bones. Since they're dead, they don't grow older any longer, and they keep the looks they had in their last moments of life. They need to hunt humans to drink their blood, and they do it in different ways. The most refined, aristocratic vampires who have chosen following their ancient european noble heritage, like to draw people to themselves, using their incredible charisma, and making their victims letting them drink their blood. More beasty vampires (though they can be as powerful as the others) use to literally hunt humans, finding great joy in the terrified faces of their victims. Vampires, as magical creatures they are, have powers and weaknesses. There are some powers common to all vampires, like being more agile, strong and resistant than humans, and being inmune to most diseases. There are a lot more powers, since each vampire is unique, but some of them are transforming into an animal, communicating with them, change their appearance, hypnotising, flying, spitting acid, fast healing and hiding in the shadows. Their most usual weaknesses is an incredible fear at the sight of the christian cross, fire, daylight (which burns them like fire would do with dry paper), fear of werewolves, mirrors, rivers and garlic. A vampire doesnt *have* to have all of these weaknesses, and could have some others. When dealing with a vampire always be very careful, you're facing a very old, wise creature.
I bet there are some people who would like to have this as their "race"

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2007-02-13 [xido]: "I bet there are some people who would like to have this as their {fantasy race}"

You're right. There are.
Undead Clan from the Elftown Clans. Create away.... I am in the Draconic Clan. I am approaching the Council on this one, to be added to the house description sections.

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