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2005-06-20 19:53:08
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Welcome to vampireteen


this is all about: Vampires!!!

____V.T News_____

yeah, and members..... I really dont get this stuff...
well, you can tell about books, films, stories..
well, to start, I am [Artemis Riddle], I haven't relly put so much work into these pages, but it will come, thats a promise. If you have any suggestions on how to make things better, just message me, and I'll consither it! Thanks for your attention, now ,enjoy!

well, about everything that has anything to do with vampires....
as long as you are not a vampire hunter, cause I wouldn't like that!!!



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vampireteen art

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2005-06-19 [Artemis Riddle]: Dying my hair like armands (in the vampire chronicles^_O)

2005-06-21 [sita14]: thats kool

2005-06-22 [Heart-Strain]: I made my hair blonder....

2005-06-26 [Artemis Riddle]: was dark blond before.....

2005-06-28 [Rowan Gabrielle Alexandria]: I'm colouring my hair red again

2005-06-28 [Artemis Riddle]: yay, go red!

2005-08-08 [back by nonpopular demand]: helo Gabriella and every one else

2005-08-18 [Artemis Riddle]: hey^_^

2005-08-25 [back by nonpopular demand]: so its 8:00pm over hear whats for diner

2005-08-31 [sita14]: I've got red highlights

2005-08-31 [Artemis Riddle]: yay, red hair rocks^_^

2005-09-09 [sita14]: I know!!! I need it done over though.

2005-09-10 [Artemis Riddle]: hm, me to, it's orange/pink now^_^

2005-09-12 [sita14]: lol :) Mine's going away

2005-09-12 [Heart-Strain]: I'm dying my hair black :O

2005-09-13 [sita14]: cool

2005-09-13 [Heart-Strain]: Yeah I think so too... I'll put up a picture when I like dyed it for one day(I don't know what thats calles in english) and then you'll all have to vote ok?

2005-09-15 [sita14]: Okay, I will

2005-09-15 [Heart-Strain]: k awesome!!

2005-09-15 [sita14]: yay :) lol

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