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2009-06-30 20:07:57
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Musical Inspiration "Beat It" by Michael Jackson

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2009-06-29 [AROCKY80]: nice music selection. if you do one with thriller im in

2009-06-29 [AROCKY80]: ps i love the pics

2009-06-29 [Cillamoon]: Woohoo!!!! Hoping to get some better ones this week to add on for a second page. I'm not completely satisfied with these quite yet.

2009-06-29 [Hedda]: I must admit that I've never seen this version of goth before.

It looks like Xena - The little warrior princess on the sunny suburban prairie

Well, if Firefly could become something great of western and scifi, I'm sure you can make something out of this. But I don't get the theme just yet. It sort of looks like goth aimed to please your mother.

The photos are well done though!

2009-06-29 [Hedda]: -10 points for a cigarette in the first pictures though.

2009-06-29 [Cillamoon]: LOL Xena, love it! Yeah, this would SO not please my mother! She would spaz out on me for sure for ANY of these pictures! Thank you though, I'd like to take some more as I am not completely satisfied with these. Awww minus 10 points? Really? Just for a smoke? :P XD I thought it added a "tough bitch" bit to it. lol

2009-06-29 [Hedda]: Cigarettes turn tough bitches into coughing smelly trash <img:stuff/modd37-gif.gif>

It's just that I expected something more extreme when I read "goth".

2009-06-29 [Cillamoon]: LOL okay I hear ya. Although my only defense is that I don't cough. still attempting something more "extreme". You know how hard it is for me to do roughness! x_x

2009-06-29 [Hedda]: Corset, leather, spikes, face painting... I can't suggest details, but there is plenty of stuff to try, if you have an unlimited budget. Or just go with the girl-getting-out-of-a-shower look <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

Like this: <img100*0:stuff/z/1/vg59/DSC01691.JPG>

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