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User Name: [Flisky]

Character name: Victoria Adelaide Deveau

Mutant Name: Firefly

Classification: X-Men (Team Leader), Staff

Abilities/powers: Victoria has a double pair of wings attached at her shoulders that extend her full arm length outward. They are see-through and iridescent, much like an insects, and she is able to fold them flat against her body so they can be hidden under a layer of clothing. Her wings are strong enough to just lift herself into the air, but that is it. She can also only fly for short periods of time before she becomes tired and must land. The longest she has been able to keep herself in the air has been twenty minutes, and after that she was grounded for half an hour.

The tips of her fingers also have a sort of bioluminescence, much like that of a firefly. The light can only be sustained for short periods; if all ten fingertips are alight at once, it is enough to easily see by in complete darkness. The light can last from one minute to ten, depending upon the brightness, however, if kept blinking, can last much longer. High energy foods can also extend the life of the light.

Weaknesses: Because her wings are sensitive, moderate to high winds make it impossible for Victoria to fly. Also, her light is not visible in daylight or strong indoor lights. Victoria cannot carry much more than herself and what is on her body when she flies, and if she uses her lights at the same time, both energies are more quickly drained.

Sex: Female

Age/Date of Birth: 21, October 31st

General appearance: Standing only 5'2", she looks the part of a pixie. She is very thin. If people did not see her eat, they would call Victoria anorexic. She could easily pass as a child, though, with her height and build. Her eyes are a light hazel, almond shaped and fringed with dark lashes. She keeps her black hair long and brushes it straight every morning. Victoria likes to wear it down, though she will pin it up when there is a need to do so. Although she is considered pretty, Victoria does not wear makeup or attempt to accentuate what is already naturally there.

Additional Appearance: A small, horizontal scar above her left eyebrow. She is (again) painfully thin and very pale. Often wears backless tops and always wears lightweight pants. Over that she tends to wear long sweaters, jackets, or coats.

Personality: The one word most people use to describe Victoria is cautious. She is cautious about clothes, her food, and mostly her powers. Victoria has a definite can't do attitude. She lacks any sort of confidence in herself or in others. To top it all off, since her family abandoned her when they found out what she was, she has little faith in people, and she knows that she must learn to trust or be left on her own. What she lacks in confidence, however, she makes up for in every other aspect. Victoria is mostly kind to people she has gotten to know, and she is easy to get along with. Her belief is that she does not have to trust someone completely in order to be nice. This has led many to the belief that Victoria is easy to take advantage of. Which is, for the most part, very true. Victoria's passion lays mainly in the arts. She is very eclectic when it comes to fine and performing arts. Because of her lack of confidence in herself, she was never able to follow her passion for singing, so she settled with writing instead. Victoria wanted to be an English teacher at a high school, and still does. Though she is a poor fighter and very bad at math or science, she is an excellent tactician because of her love of the written word and unique imagination.
Special Skills: Is a decent singer. Has an overactive imagination.

Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
Weapon(s) of choice: None
Medical information: Slight malnutrition due to her body mass.
Brief History: Born to a family in New Orleans on Halloween, Victoria was an average baby, if a little underweight. She grew up mainly unaffected by the world around her. Her parents, both teachers, moved out of the city when their daughter turned five, not wanting her to grow up in a place where mutants might inhabit. This, of course, led to Victoria not having a clue as to the real world around her. Both her parents kept her sheltered from the existence of mutants, and refused to acknowledge anything mutant related.

Other than that, Victoria grew up a pretty normal existence. She attended school, grew up, and generally had a good childhood. Up until the age of seventeen, nothing extraordinary happened to Victoria. A month before graduation from high school, strange things started to happen. Her back ached horribly, and every once and a while, Victoria would swear she saw something glowing out of the corner of her eye, near her hands.

Her power emerged not long after that. Not yet eighteen, she was on the stage at graduation, receiving her diploma, when her wings erupted from her back. They were hidden under her graduation gown, but she knew that something horrible had happened. There was no more back pain, and no one could see her fingertips lighting up, but she knew something was different. It would not be until she returned home and took off her gown that she saw what the problem was.

Her parents at first did not know what to do. Because they still had a son several years younger who they did not want exposed to her abilities, they gave her an hour to pack and threw her out, disowning her because of her mutation. Victoria, heartbroken, took what she could and hitched her way to the city she was enrolled in college at, Point Lookout, Montana. She worked through that summer, ignoring her powers, and ignoring the mutant world at large. She refused to acknowledge her own abilities and instead focused on hiding them. Since her parents had cut her off, and her college offered work study, she found herself working through school.

Victoria found herself enrolled in Xavier's institute during the summers in between her college semesters. There, Xavier taught her some of the finer aspects of power control and tested her abilities to their fullest. She met others with powers, and found herself a home. She only went back for the first two summers, however, opting to stay in college to complete her degree early.
Relatives: Parents, Adian and Jessica Deveau, younger brother, Shawn Adian Deveau

How long your character has been in the mansion: Six months broken up over two summers, left for a year and a half, recently returned. Six months currently.

<img300*0:> <img300*0:stuff/2013ss.jpg>
Thanks Figgs! Tory pin-up.
Christmas gift from Ix. ^_^

Relationship Chart
1-bad, 5-neutral, 10-good

Character Rating Comments
Shawn Adian Deveau 10 Her younger brother will always have all of Tory's love and devotion, even if she hasn't seen him in a few years. She never lost faith in him.
Light Blackburn 8 The girl was actually not that bad. And very pretty. Tory thinks that she might just make a friend of some kind.
Anthony Havelock 7 Tory doesn't mind playing tour guide for a little while. And Anthony is nice enough about it.
Luloah Esther Akins 7 There sessions have opened Tory up to the reality that is Halo.
Sasaiya Moscoso 6 After the surprise that she has a roommate, Tory is bound and determined to not make this an awkward sort of living situation.
Elizabeth Charms 5 She remembers the girl from her time at the mansion, but hasn't really interacted with her.
X-Men Rp Shade 5 Someone else she knew from before. At least he's familiar.
Timothy Maxwell 5 Hmmm...skull kid...fascinating. She wants to help Tim out as best she can.
René Chastain 4 She wouldn't be adverse to getting to know him a little better.

Tory has literally an opinion on everyone in the mansion, but I'll only be keeping track of people she's actually stopped to talk to for a length of time.

Current Clothing: Dark wash blue jeans with black leather high heeled boots that tie up the back. On the top she is wearing a v-neck wrap around shirt with a red floral pattern on a black backdrop. Her hair is braided straight down her back and her wings are clearly visible.

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2013-01-08 [Dwarf Ronin]: Weird interesting fact, male fireflies can only fly. I read that on a back of a Snapple led. :D

2013-08-22 [CuteCommander]: Hah! We'll see what she thinks after they've reunited :P

2013-08-22 [Flisky]: She'll love him regardless. ^_^

2013-12-25 [Ms. Steel]: hehe, hope you don't mind the artistic license...

2013-12-26 [Flisky]: I don't. Love it.

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