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Vic Serano






Victoria Serano. Prefers Vic or Vicky






See picture above. Barely reaches 5' and weighs 135 lbs.


When she's not at work she's fun loving and has a great sense of humor. While at work she's working her butt off to try and prove herself. Down to earth and carefree. Isn't afraid to get in the line of fire. Protects the ones she loves.


Vic is a rookie of the Washington Seattle Special Investigative Task Force this year and this is the first big case she has had to work. Her father couldn't be more proud. He was the highest ranking officer for the task force until he was murdered by the very cult that they were investigating. Her mother on the other hand wishes her daughter would pick up a more feminine life style instead of the path she choose but all her life she had wanted to follow in her fathers foot steps. Now was her big chance.


Gets a bit nervous around attractive men. Is quiet when you first get to know her, unless its involved with work.



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